Friday, January 29, 2010

.::LOO ::.

Yeah! you would say, the title of this blog post is disgusting. But think about this, if it was not for the loo we would all be disgusting.No?

Many great thinkers and philosophers (Including Sorcerer, that would be me) considered loo as a place where they get enlightenment. Remember the great guy Archimedes? He found Eureka when he was in a bathtub. It all depends upon where you actually look for things. You too can find things.Loo is a place where people can look for things and find it as proved by Archimedes [Hand-lens recommended for some people].

In modern times, loo has become more social. Some major corporate had plans on e-loo; an electronic loo where you can connect to internet. You can stay connected with your loved ones, even in the loo.

Internet Baby: Did I hear a Godzilla?

Guy from e-loo:No!! I am talking to you from the e-loo baby.

Today even they don't call it Loo any more they are called 'Men's Room'. This is a place where many men are 'looked down upon' shamelessly by some others with wickid mind.
Now, just like meeting a friend in market place,[ Stink stink] some of you may meet your friends, ex colleagues etc in this loocial setting . Most of them acknowledge each other with a simple nod of their heads just like what kings and queen do in the 1800s.

Most of them accomplish the mission by fixating their eye in the horizon of the wall in front, humming a tune.
Looking at the walls have its own awesome advantage. These walls are where some people manage to flow their creativity.
Most of the time, toilet walls are filled with awesome one liners, equivalent to a comic strip or much better than that.

The common statement that you would find on the walls of toilet is
" What the f are you looking at?"
Reading this, most readers would be swearing up the family chain of the person who wrote those lines and would say to themselves "You who wrote it, got lucky that you didn't end up being flushed down."

There are those who seem to provide a bit of social service by writing on the toilet walls, It would read "BE GENTLE".
It could be a caution from some one who was not gentle and lost his nuts in the bowl. [Poor Thing.No? Think about spending those cold winters without nuts.]

Then there are great thinkers and philosophers who write their awesome thoughts on toilet walls
"Small things amuse small minds.Amuse Yourself."

Then there are these RAP artists. They always rap. Rap is in their mind and in the soul.Such Rap artists write

Wanna make it bigger
Look at it in Mirror

Yes! This rap artist believes in the universal theory that "Objects in the mirror appear larger,"

These can be found in corporates that try to motivate employees using every square inch of the office.
A bit of warning like
" If you Fart here, you are Fired"

Major corporates practices this method of strategically placing 'MEN'S ROOM' very far away from human civilization. If you want a loo break, you need to start walking to the loo 5 minutes before you feel like going to take a leak.

Manager: Where you going?

Slave: Sir, I think, I will need to use the loo in 5 minutes.

Such toilets will have " You made it!!" written on the toilet wall.

Historians have excavated a loo which was supposedly used by Julius Caesar. They came to this conclusion because,carved on one a Tree Trunk was these words "I came I shit and I conquer".

Too much NDTV and you feel like writing this on the toilet wall.
"What you doing here? Your assh*le is in parliament".

Then there are smart ones wearing smarty pants they strike up conversations with the nearest guy in the loo. These are those who would even say sorry to the spoon before they dip them in the hot soup.

Guy 1:Wassup?

Guy 2:Mine is. How about you?


Guy 1:How you doing?

Guy 2:Nothing much, it does everything by itself.

Guy 1: Hot weather...oooofff...

Guy 2:Mexican food?


Some people are soo Ipod Fetish.I think the guy who said was talking about Ipod when he said about "going to the grave with the song still in me."
These ipoded humans come to the loo and they whistle and sing song, as they accomplish the mission, but the thing which gives me those eeek is when they add effects while they sing like....aaaa and oooh ooooh oooh... and move their body as if they are humping the toilet bowl.
"Yo Man!! It's Cool yo". Yo no?


In a way, I like to call these people compulsive bloggers or twitters. Twitting on the toilet walls are actually done by real twits with wits before they poop like birds. I think that each loo should be declared 'Source of awesomeness' and their walls with inscriptions protected.


Me said...

lol! a very sorcer-ish write..

санжог said...

there was one like written on the toilet paper dispenser.... " Caution : The toilet paper infact is a toushi belongs to your boss"

санжог said...

and also " Don't's really cold in in here"

Sneha said...

Creative and hilarious post.:)

Nice word 'Loocial'.

D said...

u ever write one? if u did, it would be something like "Sorcy was here" or "Been there. done that" no?

khi khi loved the post :)

Sorcerer said...

Yeah!!and you are very right about what i wrote.

thank you

thank you mr.creative compulsive writer

thank you for the comment

NoFaIrYtAlE said...


supriya said...

And here we exceptional P.hD degree holder on loo-ology...!!!
PS-Mexican Food...was a real lol..!!!

Sorcerer said...

thank you.thank you

wow!!I took a phd in lollogy.

thanks for reading and commenting..

Uncommon Sense said...

har loo kuch kehta hai

asian paints

Sorcerer said...

wah wah!!
sheer brilliance...

Tarun Mitra said...

sara India ...1 hai jahan chahe khare ho jao..

what a looish most on the most needful thing in this world

Sheer Brilliance

Sorcerer said...

and you know the worlds longest loo

Anonymous said...

*I Bow to thee*

Is there anything in the world Sorcy can't make a joke out of?

Jokes apart, LMAO! :)

Tara said...

where in the world you are getting such topics !! hihi enjoyed !!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

@tara should read my blog post on Gray Cells

Tripat "Prerna" said...

hilarious..wah wah...really njoyed ur post

Saadi said...

Indeed some ppl do blog at rest-stops....they come, they let it rip and they leave!!


Awesome post!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment buddy

@tripat prerna
thank you for the comment!

Queenmatrai said...

I did something *special* for you wrt Tutus on my blog ;)

Sorcerer said...

oh!! I am honored.
*bathes in axe deo spray!

Anonymous said...

@ sorcy,

one can only go to a loo, when 'nature' gives a call to him/her ... unless one gets that call, why would one want to simple go to a loo.

so, one would wonder, when he would get the nature's call, to which he would oblige in kind and merryment.

its nature's call that is important, afterall.

cheers !

Chocolate Lover said...

hahaha! ROFL!

chitra said...

I felt your post something different from usual kind of stuff we read related to life, travel etc. I liked the last one 'source of awesomeness'

Anonymous said...


lostworld said...

Very funny! Gave me an 'insight' into what goes on in loos. Thank God you aren't a lady!;-D

Insignia said...

Oh boy!! It was funny..You do reveal untold secrets huh!!

Are corporate Men's room any different from others? :-P

Sakshi said...

Thanks for an insight into the Mens Room. Something that, I am SO sure- would have have come from nowhere else.
BTW- You and caxor have similar blog titles. You both are obsessed with Loos!!

Meenakshi said...

Thanks. I would never in my life had known these mens room secrets..

Oh sorcy, what would have I done without your daily dose of posts.. helped me laugh even between those bitter medicines :)

Nipun said...

There are things which are not meant to go public sorcy...



Ashley said...

Your mind does work awesomely on weird topics..Where did you write this one again? :p

Farila said...

Hey Sorcerer .. Your are a wonderful writer and I am soon becoming a great fan of you.. So funny and stinking post but to think about it .. it is so true.
Thanks for visiting my blog but I think you should connect with me on rather than discovering myself which is just about my childhood experiences. Chapters are all kind of mixture from my life .. present past and may be future. Keep blogging ...

sulagna ™ said...

sorci after our conversation last evening,i say you have been "up and about" with regular business..or like you prefer to say "nothing much,it does everything by itself"

i like the words"looked down upon" yeah like the mighty pythons spit :)

санжог said...

@ Sakshi

thank you for your insight... you spelled obsessed but it pronounces as smart...very smart...thank you thank you.

Sorcerer said...

Aye aye..about Smart..Aye aye

It does everything by itself, i see that no one oversee it.

yes,i have reada few posts and they are wonderful madam.

hahahaha... I wrote it not from a loo..(got your drift)..
This was miles away from a loo.

Ouch!! But... I wanna be the wikiepedia of Sorcerer

hmm...Thank you for that inspiring comment

well...err..yeah we were kinda discussing the other day about toilet etiquette ,.I know..a very.. intelligent topic..and it turned out that we both had "incidents"to share to the world'

yeah!! Biggest Secrets Reveald

hmm...yeah..these toilet writings should be preserved

@anish thomas
thank you thank you

yeah..its my travelogue on life..

thank you for the comment

thank you for the comment

paramveer said... topic mere dimag m kyuu nahin aya??...

Sorcerer said...

thank you buddy for the comment!

SindhuBhairavi said...

archemedes found Eureka?!! :)

awsome topic to write about!! :)

Sorcerer said...


yeah..he found Eurekha!

Megha said... made it...

Sorcerer said...

haha.thank you:)