Sunday, January 10, 2010

.:: HERO ::.

Legal Stuff:

"He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at me first."

That statement was for my own safety; for those who got the 'awesome' twisted tale, I am gonna blog today and want to go Kung-fu on me.

I really wanted to name the hero of this story. I was thinking of many names; but really didn't get a suitable name for his 'awesomeness'. Let us call him 'Paula'. It's not that I hate this guy or something. I want a global name, you see.

Paula, was coming home riding his fave pink cycle. He was sitting at the beach for more than 5 hours with a bottle of beer. It's his usual routine, to drink a bottle of beer every night before he goes home. He would sit at the beach, counting waves till its around 12:00 am.Then he throws the beer bottle at the sea and happily, merrily jumps on his pink cycle and would be on his way home.

This night was no different. Same Beer, Same Beach, Same Paula

He whistled a tune as he rode his cycle down the empty road. He felt like a cuckoo riding a bicycle. The sounds of nocturnal insects and frogs, filled the air. The air was bit damp like a wet towel.


"Heellp...Heellp me..please...anyone."

He heard a cry in the distance. He thought he heard the voice of a femme fatale, whose gonna be fatale.

The voice seemed to move closer towards him. He saw the silhouette of a woman, at a distance.
He slowed down his cycle. He saw her coming, running towards him.

Paula was *gulp.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. There was only one problem, she was stark naked like a pealed orange.

"Please help me, some bad guys are after me..They are trying to.."*sniff *sniff *sob *sob... me

Soon he heard footsteps in the distance.

Though Paula knows, how to say Kung-fu , he really didn't want to Fu with the people who were after her. He wanted to save his ass and errr.. hers too.

"Jump in." Said Paula to the woman.


Paula, doubled his effort and cycled away, with the naked woman in front.



They were in the clear.

Paula:I think, I will take you to my home. You can change....
Duh!! Change what? Skin?

She:Thank you..I have never seen such a fine gentleman in my life. You saved my dignity. Thank you soo much..

Paula: hmmm..

His face blushed like the tail lights of a scooter, when he heard her complement.

She: You know, I mean...Errr..I am without clothes have never touched my body or you know..misbehaved while you were alone with me.You are a man of substance.

Paula:Err!! You are sitting in front of *ladies cycle madam.

He said that in complete innocence of dumbness.

On hearing that she fainted.


This is how a ladies cycle look like in case you haven't noticed.


"I sit back in contemplation, my eyes closed, contemplating at the vastness of the universe"-Sorcerer


Quirky said...

Don tell me...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorcerer said...


Don ask me...!!!!

I plead not guilty

Quirky said...

Lol.Nyan parajandalle..ninnakku muzhu vatta..!

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) hmmmmmmmmm :)what to say!

Nona said...

Paula is a girl's name! :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chocolate Lover said...

hehehe! Nice LOL!

Sakshi said...

Good one...!! An yes Paula is a girls name, and Pink cycle...hmmm...

Meenakshi said...

Sor-sir-errr and his fantasy... :P

and the name Paula for 'him'?? He on a pink ladies cycle??? seems to be 'some' guy.

theschmuck said...

LOL...thats alll.and um LOL and LOL again you surpass the wierd.In a good way :P

bondgal_rulz said...

Some "hero" there. :D

санжог said...

wow saucer...

he didn't want to fu with those men!!


But i have to ask WHY did she faint?"

the guy was clearly gay! and he calls himself Paula, and he saved the woman's life!

Although what I was wondering is that Where was she sitting on the bicycle!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Is this inspired from an SMS?
I guessed it... coz...
Well a pink cycle can only be a ladies cycle... (My cleverness is overflowing)

Anonymous said...

Pathetic...1st copied story on this blog, you can do better than this I'm sure

Barbie Jones said...

What's the reaason he felt like a cuckoo,I wonder,I wonder?Cuckold is derived from the French word cucuault,it means that a husband that has been cheated on by his wife and the poor guy is the last one to know.I wonder if it's true that husbands back in old Europe,France especially I believe, would have to wear horns if the wives cheated on them,but perhaps only if the unfaithful wives got pregnant by the guys they were cheating with.Now there would be just court room drama unless the husband has a Viking girl he can wear on his arm a la Elizabeth Hurley to show off her aassets,lol.As I see it,the cuckooled husband does have a legit-i-maate complaint to take the case to court.

By the by it looks like Paula does not want to go home,yet,he knows that no one will care that he brings home a naked girl,mighty strange that.I can't wait to go to my home where it's always cozy and warm even though I live alnoe,but of course I don't live in Charleston and neither at Myrtle Beach.

funkyrave said...

LMAO :-)
Oh! man super scripted!!

Anonymous said...

@ sorcy,

funny story.

cheers !

Jon said...

nicely written. kind of reminds me of a novel by beckett, molloy. part of the unnamable series. thought his bike was surely not pink!

hope you're well

Renu said...

but I thought Paula is a girl's name?

Sorcerer said...

njanum paranjille ... athu e-lokathine prasnam anu nnu.

@sindhu bhairavi

hmm...its alright .no?

@Wicked Witch of the West
thanks for the comment

@Chocolate Lover
thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

to err is human
thanks for the comment



hmm... the red phone will start ringing in t-5 mins

yeah.this story has been doing rounds..thought i would put it on blog. "twisted way"

guilty as charged..the concept is shamelessly copied for those who has not heard this one.

thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

thank you for the comment

thank you for the comment


SindhuBhairavi said...

am glad that u shared this.. and thats why many here could add an extra smile to their day..

have a nice day!

Me said...

oh! devastated i am. :D

Sorcerer said...

@sindhu bhairavi
thank you


Little Lamb said...

This is all very interesting.

angelshair said...

LOL!! Very funny!!!
Happy new year to you. I hope this year will be filled with peace and joy!

Swetha Guptha said...

just can someone sit in front of a ladies cycle?

Megha said...

ok..m dumb...i couldnt understand...why she fainted and how she sat on that cycle...

sorcerer said...

@megha and swetha Guptha
nope..I am not telling you that..
seee.. if x=1.3 and y=7
thats how she sat in front of the cycle

:) thank you for the wishes and the comment

@little lamb
hey little lamb
thank you for the visit and the comment

susie said...

@ comment to megha and swetha gupta :sorcy u r bad at mathematics..:P

Megha said...

nonveg ?

D said...

Paula huh? hoooookaaay....

Y would she faint? Wats so faintworthy abt tht? She should be happy tht the guy who saved her isn't what he seems to be... raite?

Sorcerer said...

see....nw megha thnks its NON VEG?

Gwad..its Math MEgha..pure math and Iam bad at it

see D... see...
read your old bio text.