Wednesday, April 8, 2009


"What happened to your leg dude?" I asked pointing to the bandaged leg of my friend Nikhil.

"I mean I was here last night, we were partyin,shoutin and you went to sleep like a "good guy" wanting to kick of the "evil habits"before you get married; less than 24 hours and you end up like this...see.." A pleading look silenced me from continuing my verbal charade.

[Yeah I always do that when I am hungry and high on coffee.]

I looked at his room mate Aslam for a possible explanation. Aslam pointed to broken wooden crate where the boys put their books and stuffs ya know.[.the box which is the frame of reference when we say "Livin outta de box" ]

"What happened to his leg? Open up..Speak!!" I asked Aslam

"Okay!!All I know is this, I was woken up by a scream today mornin and all I see is Mr.Romeo sitting in his bed lookin and clutchin his legs with his hands" said Aslam

"And" I asked him

"And I asked him what was it all about and he said that he was driving his car on the Mysore- Bangalore Highway and he slammed the brake to avoid an oncoming truck." Aslam finished the sentence trying hard to control his laughter.

[ Let here be high decibel laugh]


"When did this guy learn to dream dude?" I asked Aslam

"Just after he got engaged to his girl"

"Hmm...Another bites the dust!! So dude..errr... Let's leave this family man here and go out and do something productive!" I said

We both walked out!