Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Finally, got the Memo, I have been waiting for.

..and then I crawled out of my bunker.


Buzzz: Hey!,I am promoting this book, "The diary of a wimpy kid". You should read this.

Sorcerer: Autobiography?

Buzzz: Nooooo

Sorcerer: Biography!!! ???!!! ...Like in, you actually paid someone to write about your life?

Buzzz: :-|


Harmless_Guy: Hey, Do you know any websites where you can compare cost and facts of washing machines?



Sup: So watcha doing?

Sorcerer: Err...Fixing something on the computer.

Sup: Don't get blown in the process.LOL.

Sorcerer: It's a computer..I said I am fixing a "computer".


Sorcerer: Wassup Sam?

Sam: nothing much mate.trying to hack my own program;.

Sorcerer: hack your own program? thats incest in technology.


Buzzz: You know I look way too young for my age.

Sorcerer: Sorry to hear that you accidentally snoozed your biology.

Buzzz: Ahem.

Sorcerer: Yeah..Oh..Thats Legendary, I have  heard legends on it.

Buzz: So this..happened at one time. Me and my friends were walking around in the mall. There was this promotion happening for JUNIOR HORLICKS.
One of the woman comes in, pointed at me and ask my friend, would you
like your daughter  to participate in the JUNIOR HORLICKS Quiz Competition?

Sorcerer:Did you tell them that, you used to spent hours at the Fountain of Youth at NIFT and this is one of the side effects?

Buzzz:No. I told them that I can't promote their product, cuz I am promoting PONDS AGE MIRACLE.