Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wiseguy:Is there anything in this house that's ready to eat?

Sorcerer:Go look in the kitchen.

Wiseguy: Wow!! Found it..

Sorcerer:Kill it and share it.


Genius: What happened, down and depressed?

Wiseguy: I blame it on gravity.

Genius: Is orgasm spelled with U? [He meant orgasm or orgasum]

Sorcerer: F[beep] off! I pray NOT!

Sorcerer: I am considering a pet other than my hairy leg
may be i should have a gold fish or a rat.

DD: wat would a rat do with a rat?

Genius: My girl friend loves chess.

Sorcerer: Probably the only chance you get to mate with her.


Sorcerer:Check mate, mate.

J****: So your cousin is vegetarian?

Sorcerer: Yeah he loves veg food and non veg jokes.

Sorcerer: What you doing?

Genius:Saving the world.

Sorcerer: You have enough disk space?



sulagna said...
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Chocolate Lover said...

hahahaha! LOL! :D

sulagna said...

is genius also a Mallu??expalins the confusion with "U featuring in orgasm" You there is confusions over the O'S and U's??

Four Dinners said...

check mate! Like it!

Sorcerer said...

Yeah all mallus. thats the problemo no?

@chocolate lover changed Display pic
thanks for the comment

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment your blog post words ..awesome!

Saadi said...

Hahahaha....'kill it & share it'....ur pet leg hs become sooooo famous, even Paris Hilton is begging fr one! ;)

Great post, Sorcy!!!

supriya said...

i loved the "check mate"...he he he...

NoFaIrYtAlE said...
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Sorcerer said...

hahaha..shes gonna color my leg pink.
how scary!!

thanks :)

WOW!!! thats great one.. got enough firepower!! for a war of words!
nice one :)

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

Thnku...U give me the sparkle :)

Neethu said...

sorcere in tutu?lol :P

NoFaIrYtAlE said...
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NoFaIrYtAlE said...

@ Neethu : OMG...I dint notice that!!! I meant his GIRLFRIEND!!!
Gr8 now...That's juz makin me imagine a guy(wid awesome hairy legs)in a tutu!!!

susie said...

sorc in tutu?? :O whats the world coming to?

Barbie Jones said...

I'll have you know NoFairYtAIE that you are talking about ME here.

Prats said...

loved them all !!!! :)

Insignia said...

:-) Funny!!

Liked the check mate thing :-)

Anonymous said...

@ sorcy,


cheers !

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

@Barbie Jones..omg..sry..i dint knw.i juz made up a fictional character.

Sorcerer said...

Yeah!! its all fictional characters.No worries!!

thank you for the comment buddy

thanks for the comment.

thanks for the comment

@susie in TUTU? where does that come from

hahaha.. yeah yeah..blame it on Typos

Farila said...

You have wonderful sense of humor... I loved your angil jokes too... Care to connect?

Renu said...

good sense of humour..first one is the best:)

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment,madam

thank you madam, for the comment

Barbie Jones said...

Newsflash, Sorcerer has a girl friend she is not a fictional character.Yes,I agree with my Sorcerer,where did this rumor get started that my boy friend wears a TUTU?That's pretty heavy duty springing it on me here about my newfound boy-friend.I would not be surprised if it would not have some negative emotional effect on me and do some psychological damage.

Me said...

kudos to check mate and enough disk space :)

D said...

Sorcy in a TuTu,... sorcy in a TuTu....can u imagine that Susie...khi khi...a pink frilly one....Sorcy the ballerinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Sorcerer said...

you are really.,.'capitalizing' on the situation..aint ya?

thanks for the comment

Uncommon Sense said...

saving the world and check mate stuff awesome

Sorcerer said...

thankyou buddy

Anonymous said...

the only chance you get to mate with her........atthu idivatayirunnu...nee annu puli mone
Yeah he loves veg food and non veg well it is a fact with a lot of people :)

Meenakshi said...

the first convo got me thinking.. Dude, by any chance you a dudess?? the convo was word to word matching with a convo I had with my crazier-than-me homemate some months back..

as usual, a post that makes me smile.

Farila said...

You did not answer my question though... ?

Sid said...

Dude ur conversations posts are d best of d lot :)

சக்தியின் மனம் said...

அம்மா ஒரே இங்கிலிஷு

Sorcerer said...

thank you Sid!!

I was reading through your blog.
nice ones..and quiet touching stories

nope..Iam 100% male Mallu.
thanks for the comment

thank you for your comments dude

Sorcerer said...

@!சக்தியின் மனம்
thank you for the comment