Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sruthi:*Picks up the book from the floor and gives to 'De guy'

De Guy:Thanks dork

Sruthi:What? DORK? Don't you know how to respect girls?

De Guy:Err..I treat them equal.

Sruthi:So, YOU are telling that you are a dork

De Guy:Thanks for acknowledging

Sanju: was busy

Sorcerer: i know..i Know

Sanju:I work work work

Sorcerer: we will meet some place, i can understand MR.SLAVE

Sanju: i am going to gate crash at your place some time

Sorcerer: you have become slave of Mr.Time,you trade time for money

Sanju: I get SEX,who is lucky now

Sorcerer:Score 1-0
.. all crap.

Sorcerer:A wise man never argues with a female- Confucius.

Sooozie:He never said that; okay..I get it, its your way of saying you dont wanna argue because you are wise

Sorcerer:blah blah blah,,yada..yada..yada..

[Arguement continues]


Dame: Is the flood control work, done?

me: err..its done.wanna know if it works and it stops raining once the work is done..Damn!
I could have had many biryanis and awesome things with that money

Dame: but you did what needed to be done

me: conscious thinks biryani is still better

Gurl: duh
let's play Q and A

me: yeah yeah ,journlist's fave game ,ask me..grill me
12:50 PM

Gurl: be honest, ok?

me: kinda,Err..You are the boss

Gurl: so whom do u want to date?
12:51 PM

me: Angelia Jolly and Jennifer Lopez at the same time

Gurl: bwahahahahaha

me: c'mon...

Gurl: what?

me: why didja laugh?
12:52 PM

Gurl: nothing

me: next question please

Gurl:ur turn to ask me ,we take turns

me: jeez..
so whom do u want to date?

12:53 PM

Gurl:why do u have to ask me my question? that's against the rules

me: Not fair,You make the game, you make the rules and get all good questions,
12:54 PM