Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Well! I got Tagged today by my friend;
I thought tagging is all about the game Lions and Deer play on Animal planet. Never knew humans do that too, that too in the blogs.

Nyway..Its my first tag and yeah; theres always some perfection issues the first time[ Project Chandrayan was an exception ], so do excuse my confessions.


1. What am I wearing?


Am I supposed to wear something when I blog?

Jeans, blue shirt.

Blue is my fave color. Any Shades of blue, except fluorescent blue.[ If exists ]
*Excuse the movies outta it."

2.I really don't like shopping, for me shopping is equivalent to capital punishment.

3. What have I just eaten?

I forgot...hmmm..Let me think...Since I had lunch a few hours back...[AAWWWWW!!! FEW HOURS!!!..Time for next feasting]

Chicken Biryani!! I think..I smell like one and if it was really chicken.

4.What am I thinking right now?

[ Content Suppressed ]

Its in here!!Global Warming..Melting Polar Ice.. *gulp

5. My fave music at the moment-

Green Day: I walk alone
Matchbox20: Bent

6.Last bollywood movie:
Dostana; Well, I don’t watch movies much, other than what is aired on channels.or pirated copies are out in the streets. I love watching animated movies than ya know stuffs.

7. The most satisfying thing I did this week?

Took a vacation.

8. The most romantic thing I did this week?

Wow!!Cool!Treated myself with a vacation.

Ps:This blogger is single and hence the above said conditions don't apply in its perspective; and I believe that I wont end up in the 'selfish' bracket.

9.The worst thing I did this week??

Don't ask...actually, I do things and mostly, its kinda worse for the better [ Occupational Hazard].So the question would be;"Have you done anything this week?"

Proud Winner of Heights of Stupidity 8 times in a row.

10.My favorite drink?

Coffee! Yeah..They serve all the cool coffee in Transit Mall, 8 different varities,Don't ask me whats the difference, [ Me and D.D once tried to figure out and was told its the molecular difference in sugar and coffee powder] still tryin to find the difference at a macro level.I love that bitter in the coffee.

11.My favorite time of the day-

Early morning when the dew is fresh and there is dogs barking everywhere, just listening to the vendors chirpping and cabs honking.
Well in reality I love the early morning with the dew and the cold wind through the open window, the birds chirpping and the song from a far away temple, with the fading sound of cricket and insects.


12.I read, can read anything except blank pages .Currently reading "Flirting with Disaster" by Marc Gerstein.[ Thought the book was about "Flirting with a Femme Fatale" and how to avoid disasters; but turned out to be totally different one.].The Alchemist is my 'Feel good" book. Calvin and Hobbes ..amazing, Godfather the Bible.

13.Dream of owning own Private jet someday and a yatch. [ Makes sense owning both.Aint it?]

14.I love to cook and I tried making Biryani which well came out nice and colorfull. Cheers boys!! We did it; We broke the Spell!!

15.I am a game Freak, So I game when I am not the game!! noooo..not the couch potatoe thing, I walk, go for joggin, yeah..thats enough exercise for a me; and I hate lasagna.

16.I love traveling, trekking is my craze. Has camped in almost all South Indian Forests. Its soo much fun.

17.I love bugging my friends; Its something that keeps them away from me.

18.I sleep past 1:00 am. Classified "Class A Nocturnal." So what Do I do till then?, Listen to FM and read blogs or novels.

19.I don't dance. But learned the classic "8 steps ritual" for any dance clubs.[Survival Instinct]

20.Most people who know me think I am organized very unorganized way. They don’t know why??? Heard about chaotic order? I am a living proof of it
PS: You would need a map to navigate my room.I sell them for $50.

22.I love blogging. Started blogging an year back, when I saw my buddies doin it. Wow! Then my online mentor gave me strength and explained to me simple terms what a blog is.

My guru, renowned 'Sri Sri Maharishi Mahabloggi Sanjogi' said this to me; he defined blog as

"People write blog because they provide their frustrated creator with the delusional outlet of being a published author. sort of like how the prison warden lets the psychotic inmate scribble "poetry" on the cell wall so doesn't beat his bunk mate with a toilet seat."

Thank you 'Sri Sri Maharishi Mahabloggi Sanjogi..Thank you for your enlightenment

Well, then I thought this blog can be used to spout all nonsense and put all my weird laws and rules I make and still get out unharmed; I planned to use my blog for the betterment of the world and create a new world order.

21.How am I feeling right now?

Hungry!! Really hungry! I discovered that I type faster when I am hungry.

23.My first love was

err!!! It was an April Fool's Joke and I fell for it.

Object Lost in compilation.

24.Languages I speak

English, Malayalam(Hence I am Classified "Type A MALLU"),Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and yeah the one with 0s and 1s..Yeah..Thats what I was taught in college simbly called Binary.

[ NOTE: Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil are spoken and understood by me in Bits not in Bytes]

25.I have a few crazy friends online and offline; well as my friend Darthy defined us as "village clowns"; who keeps the insanity in us alive. Well. .Its better to live a part of daily life in momentary madness(Ps: No Drugs/alcohol), to keep some neurons and morons alive.


O K I am done,
Never took an Exam for Quiet a long time.

Patience..Patience.... Never thought soo hard, something burned way deep in the brain.

[Note: Burning gray cells generate zero carbon foot print; in my case]

This is the first time I am getting tagged and I loved it. Wow! Cool thingy.
I love filling up those survey forms, its soo fun to fill em up. Kinda felt like it.
Now I wanna know how much my friends can confess.

Jaycee..I owe this to you; BABY!![ Har har har]

I tag few of those fortunate(*ahem *ahem) regular readers of my blog.



[ I owe you one!! AAArrrgghhh ]




[Your blog link looks like encrypted..Funny!]


Hey! I see that you are tagged by CutestAngel Already! Waiting for your updates in your blog.

Arun George


Comfortaby Numb




Sorcerer: Did you read my blog update? The Tag thing.I have tagged you

Darthy: er.....Yeah! :O is that a confession? :O ur sins are forgiven my child
u can go free today


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"There I was standing by the side of muddy village road a range of low barren hills at the blue, clear horizon, scattered stands of stumped trees crowned the heights.
To my right was a beautiful green field; what kind of a crop it is – I don’t know. It was all green and the leaves so fresh. A gentle breeze swept across the field, the plants tilted in wave formation.
A breathe taking sight it was. I was feeling calm; the inner self was at peace.

Seemed like one of the old days; I was a small kid then, going to visit my grand parents. It is still a scenic place, many heroes with their lovers run through the fields and around the palm trees, the courtship dance for movies that are shot at that place.

Hmm…The field…The green field….

I stood there forgetting everything, lost in the beauty of the whole setting.
There was a beautiful tree on the other side of the field that caught my attention. It had red flowers on it. A tree crowned with rubies. The tree looked young. I kept looking at it. It had no leaves or was it totally covered by the flowers that shone bright?

I wanted to go neat that tree. I stepped towards my right; there was a narrow muddy and wet path that leads through the green field to the other side of it.
I started walking..Wow!! The field is so huge. For me time moved real slow.
My hands touched the plants on either side of the field. Did I feel the coldness of it? I can’t remember.

What was that I was seeing?
Damn! A railway track through the middle of the field.
I never knew it was there, I was not able to see it from the distance because the plants obstructed my view.

Who the heck in the sane world would think of ruining such a beautiful place with a railway track?

I crossed the track and continued walking through the narrow muddy path to the other side, towards the tree with ruby red flowers.

I reached under the tree and was standing by the side of it. The sunlight shone through the thick canopy of the tree, the flowers were beautiful, red flowers with orange lining on its petals.
I didn’t know where the old man came from. Was he there before? Did I fail to notice him? I don’t know. I was lost in the delusion of the nature.

This old man, he was having fluffy beard and white hair, and he was wearing white too. No! It wasn’t Santa; this guy was a bit lean.


My heart started to hurt a bit. Something was really bothering me at that time. My breathe was heavy, so was my feelings. I was uncomfortable.


The old man started to walk away from the tree through a narrow path and I was following him.
I forgot all about the ruby red tree.
I felt like Alice In Wonderland, following the white rabbit but here, the old man seems to have all the time in the world.
I was following him. We didn’t exchange a word.


He entered through a small metal swing gate. I followed him.
The pain inside my chest was becoming more intense.
The house, a small house, tiled roof and painted off white.
I was surprised by the way it was maintained. It was small but clean and tidy.

We entered the house. A small room and I saw four cribs lined up in neat row on to my left. Small beautiful babies slept peacefully in each one, covered with fluffy blanket.

I stood there watching them.

I looked at the old man and he was looking back at me, giving me a questioning look like.
“Hey are you gonna follow me or not?”

I moved forward to the small narrow corridor, in which he was standing.
We reached another room.
There were three more cribs, with babies sleeping in each one. One crib was special. It was made out of some costly wood, carved with floral designs on its side, polished, light reflecting off the wood.
The baby inside that crib was covered with a red velvet.
Hmm…Someone special?

The old man and I stood there watching the kid.
The old man took the baby in his arms and gave it to me.


The old man started walking again, crossed a few rooms, all empty and opened the back door of the home.
I was expecting a backyard with overgrown grass or the field I saw before.

NO!!! There stood a mighty, beautiful palatial house.
The sun felt a bit hot on my skin. The courtyard was tiled, sunlight reflected of it. I squinted my eyes.
I turned back to see the old man, there was no old man, there was no small home. It all had disappeared. Yeah! The kid. I don’t remember anything about the kid too.

I moved forward. Looked at the beautiful balcony of that home with creepers and well manicured garden.
Four beautiful pillars, stood like giants, supporting the structure.


My heart was full of joy! I was happy.


I stood in front of the heavy door. The doors were thick and heavy. It had art work on it. Horses, Lions and Elephants.

I pushed open the door.
The floor was white marble, a huge canvas and sunlight drew long shadows of the balcony railing on it.

There was nobody in it. Me alone.

I walked inside and I was standing in a long hall. There was a beautiful cushioned chair.
I walked, quickened my steps and sat on it.


There I felt happy, elated and in control.


I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it. Then again I had the sick feeling. I felt like rust in my mouth. Cautiously I went and opened the door.
Well! I didn’t see who it was, but somebody stabbed me with a knife on my stomach.”

The dream faded out into blackness.
I woke up. "

"Hmmm..Your name is Daniel; it’s been said that Daniel, in bible, deciphered a king’s dream. Let me see, if you could decipher my dream. What do you make of it?" I asked the interpreter

Daniel sat silent for sometime. He looked out side.

I sat there waiting for an answer.

Well! At the green fields you were happy and confident , meaning something you are comfortable with. Your career now.
The tree with red flowers could be your chance of a new opportunity which awaits you.

The seven kids you saw would be the options, or chances you would receive in the future.
You were sad and felt pain at that time because you will work against the odds to grab that opportunity. I could be very demanding on you.

The kid with the velvet blanket would be the best option you receive.

The palace is the new reputation and power you achieve.

The stabbing is an abrupt twist, if you like it or not, someone would stab you dear, it’s inevitable. Someone whom you share the achievements with would stab you happy.

The railway track, it could mean, a caution when you go towards a new beginning."-said Daniel and stopped.

Interesting,I said. But I never told you about me planning a major change in my career

I was a bit disturbed.Why do you say, it’s ‘inevitable’? It made me feel ‘not in control’.

Because, you didn’t scream for help or try to runaway or kick back. There was no reaction from your side, which only meant someone whom you trusted or care for stabbing you where you are powerless to act against it.” replied Daniel.


After two years, some incidents unfolded, reminding of this dream and conversation I had with the Interpreter- The Daniel.

He was damn right. Coincidence, Intuition or Chance, you call it any name; I got call from some few major corporate; I decided to take things my way and partnered with a very major corporate. It was really a fight against all odds.

I ruled
I was careful
I was stabbed by someone so close, anyway.
It was inevitable.


I believe in Omens and Dreams.
When you want something, the universe conspires in your favor. It communicates with you in mysterious ways- dreams and omens.;Only if we take time to listen to it.