Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Most of us, know what blogging is and most of us blogs, who contribute our ideas to the world. Those who have read my Awesome Blog speech knows what I intend to do with my blog.

Today, I was thinking how all the things evolved. Let me tell you what reminded me to contemplate on such an universal issue. A simple Tyre burst and I was thinking about big bang and things, Adam and Eve, how Eve ate us out of apples and our home,human evolution etc etc.

I have my own theory and, yes my own discovery, which I am going to reveal through this blog post.

"Cavemen", let's begin from there. They blogged. They didn't have awesome blogspot or Google servers. Cavemen had 'Cavespot', where they post their blogs. Those days, when greed and lust was only towards food, they had acres and acres of caves and hills were where they wrote, or rather drew their daily posts.

By these paintings or drawings or in today's terms, called as blogging they wrote about their, awesome hunt, they together did with their friends. Those days, the machoism was not in the number of posts but in the number of animals they killed.

Now, let's see the Egyptian people. They were wonderful bloggers. They made pyramids to blog. Lt me reveal what I found, in my travel through time. Yes, I can read pictures better than words. NO!!! please don't call me smart, anyone can recognize the loo sign,. stop sign etc etc.

This image was found in some undisclosed location in the deserts of Egypt. I can decode it for you.
This image talks about an Egyptian blogger. According to me, this Egyptian Blogger is a bachelor, and a guy who likes to party and who shamelessly hit on Egyptian girls.

Ps: Please refer the picture as you read this.
Please note that the guy is having a beer bottle in his hands. We conclude that this incident happened in an Egyptian pub and the Egyptian blogger is blogging about his 'hitting chicks' adventure.

He says :"Hey Pink pigeon[The bird], Let us get drunk[The Drink thingy], Let us get high,[The Steps] dance like Egyptians, and... err...hmmm.. I want to see.[The eyes].your cat..[The cat]or something.err..and Lets Screw!!". I mean, may be this blogger is a veterinary guy, who has a liking to animals.

The Girl who is hitting on has 2 bottles of beer in her hands.

She goes like "Duh!"
Unfortunately, "duh" was not discovered until after they discovered America. So the blogger didnt write the "Duh!!" part.
She says:" You Monkey!!Male Chauvinist Pig, I will Tell [Ear] my mummy.

This makes us conclude that, even those days girls had the "freedom of expression" and MCP [ Also stands for Microsoft Certified Pig..err Professional], was there even before Microsoft and she was close to her mummy.

Then the Egyptian blogger says that, she used her knees on his crotch. Since the beer bottle in his hand is still intact, means he managed to save the beer bottle.

Ps:Refer picture.

Then he writes :" The Tip of his pyramid was broken, He saw the star, The eggs got broken, he thinks he won't be able to hatch any more eggs with such a twisted sperm. Then he moved slowly like a snail to the doctor where the tip was tied with a string and he was given a helmet. "

The old paper era, oldies use diaries to blog, exposing their deep and dark secret without password protection, but kept hidden in a box locked with Chinese lock.
Which is later, after years, discovered by grandchildren and then they have a huge laugh over how their great great grand dad got hit by chicks.

And now today, we have all means to aid blogging. Wowwiee!! We!!
That's how my friends, blogging evolved out into what is today.


I heard about this Contest from Mayur's blog I think I will nominate my 'Anamika Story.' for the contest. I still don't know if it classifies as a story or article or something or something else. Anyway. I am nominating it.



Mayur said...

Sorcy, there are some important rules :).

Rule 1 - 250 words max.
Rule 2 - The story should be an original work and NOT published anywhere before.
Rule 3 - The story should revolve around the picture on the face of that blog in the link :).
Rule 4 - The contest ends tom.

Try, I want to see your entry.


Mayur said...

Now reading your post. :P


Sorcerer said...

Ouch!! okay.
thank you buddy for the info.

SindhuBhairavi said...

adipoli translation! :)

thanks for the "awsome" blogging history! :)

Anonymous said...

People have always blogged some way.

Rishi said...

at least they didn't have spammers back then...

Me said...

thigh slapping one, this! im tryng to imagine the way ur mind works..how u draw in subjects for ur posts..wat all nerve wracking things might be there in that mighty reservoir..i dread i dread :P

crouch? crotch u mean?

Sorcerer said...

@sindhu Bhairavi
thank you for the comment

long time ..no see

thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment buddy
haha..they had graffitti ppl.
i think

Firt of all.Thanks for the correction :)
thank you

haha...thank you for the comment..

Meenakshi said...

Egyptians would be doing their bowing dance in front of you (if they were around) for unraveling and popularizing their pyramidspot (??)..

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

Neethu said...

very informative:P
u made those 'interpreting pics'? weird indeed the way the human mind works!

bondgal_rulz said...

I feel proud to be a part of such an ancient and rich culture. ;)

divya said...

Oh wow. Loved 'Anamika', actually was surprised with it, because I seem to have covered only your lighter posts so far! Guess I need to spend some more time on your blog! :)

theschmuck said...

Wow,this rocks!Interesting,humourous...no scratch that...hilarious!:)
Kudos Sorcy!!!!

cup and saucer said...

I wonder,What has god kept inside your skulls?..........

Quirky said...

Highly creative Sorcy..clap clap..(Idhu sms inu iskidh alello alle? :(

Saadi said...

Naiiiceee!!! :D

It's crazy how you create posts...evolution of blogging!!!!

Great work deciphering the Eygptian bloggers!

Sakshi said...

Waah mere historian, waah... aapne toh bade bade archeologists ko maat dedi. The hieroglyphics that they have trying to decipher for ages, you did them in two minutes.. !!! Ever considered yourself for that job??

Funny man.

Saurabh Panshikar said...

I heard Dan Brown is gonna call you to get some Gyaan! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sorcy,
Brilliant post! You are full of so many ideas. And I like the way you express them in such a creative and innovative way.
Thanks for the story of our gr8 gr8 grand grand ....grand great fathers.
Nice knowing it ;~)


Barbie Jones said...

Big Bang Tyre BURST haha,that's funny.

I guess the cavemen only lusted after food because there was nothing to lust after but that and they ate it RAW.I would have missed not having a crush on a specific target,I've got to have that, it makes life so interesting,I haven't changed much since 8 I guess when I became guy crazy.When did you become hot chick crazy Sore-See-Rare?Or is it a secret you hold closed?Namely because you play a mad thrilling basketball game with the hot chicks?What about cold chicks,you don't touch them?

Four Dinners said...

If you don't send me some of whatever you're on I will sulk.

So there.

Lemonade? WTF???

'Walk Like An Egyptian'...;-)

Anonymous said...


Pratik Gupta said...

dude how you managed to get something of this no-logical (as they appear to me) pics and that too something so awesomely hilarious....its really amazing....

BK Chowla said...

I can see a lot of research has been done

Sorcerer said...

@B.K Chowla
yeah!! sir.I did a lot of awesome research.

@pratik Gupta
Watch Egypt week this week on Discovery channel
ting ding di ding

thank you for the comment

@four dinners
i dreenk mineral water and pepsi and vodka.that at times only..with lemon.

@baribe jones
i like all chicks..including KFC

thank you for the comment

@saurabh panishkar
muaaahaha!! I wish Angelina called for some Gyan!! ;)

yeah..iam a compuslsive heiro thingy reader..
you should have read my Chemistry answer sheets.

thank you buddy..thanks for the comment and inspiration

angine oru SMS (Small Moronic Sin) cheythu poi.ini melal njan ee bloggil... athu cheyyilla.

thanks for the comment

@cup and saucer
I think he kept void main()
/* here there be dragons */

ha ha..thank you for your comment

thank you for reading my "Anamika Story"
yeah.I do write some things like dat..nice to know that you liked my story.

thank you for the visit and the comment

yeah!! yousaid it and I agree..the human mind is so weird . no?