Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am going to write about human brain.


Because, my readers ask me, "SORCY!!!How do you write such blog posts everyday?"

Since I wanted to give an honest answer to my blog readers; I thought I would discuss the question with Sanjog,
whom I consider my bologonomist( If there is no such word!! I invented it. I claim it in the name of Blogosphere! ).He with his awesome analytical and grammatical skill, dramatically told me:"Sorcy! I will rephrase it for you."
He rephrased the question as "SORCY!! How do you manage to run onto walls everyday?"

It's not only me who run onto walls, most of us do. Right?(C'mon!! be honest!!). But unlike you, I want to make it into a professi
on. Yes! A profession, just like my whistling skills.
Wow!! May be I can combine it both, whistle and run onto walls.What an Idea!


Has anyone asked you.. "Why you so stupid?" and I know, you must have kept quiet, just like me because its an essay answer.

I will tell you, why some people sound intelligent till you read their blog posts.[ Please feel free to quote this anywhere, I wont charge you for my awesome one-liners spread through out this blog like acne on a teenager's forehead.]

To explain this phenomenon, it would be easy to understand if we get into the 'heart' of the situation, which is our brain.

As you can see, it is a picture of human brain. Like many of you, I too assume that, It is there, inside our head.Human brain is mysterious as the smile of Monalisa.

Human brain has 3 kinds of cells. White Cells, Gray Cells and Black Cells, as depicted from the picture. We all know that everything is made up of cells. So, it makes perfect sense; seeing is believing folks.

Ever wondered why we have racism? Because..It's all in our head.(huh!..No?).I don't really care, what scientists say cuz they always has a way of changing their theories (Consider the plight of poor planet Pluto!! They messed its identity)

We are more concerned about Gray cells.When you think or is taking a decision, these gray cells help you to jump into conclusion, actually gallop into conclusion in my case.Gray cells are actually called Neurons, kinda like a scientific nick name that rhymes with morons.

When humans are born, we are actually born with all the neurons or gray cells we are "supposed to use" through out our life, yeah kinda like the offer given by pubs "Drink all beer you can tonight thingy!!".When these neurons die because of various reasons, they are lost forever and they are buried deep inside the brain.(RIP). Neurons, are programmed to die.

Everyday morning the neurons wake up, and they brush their teeth, get dressed and sit on the bench, thinking that, today it will be used/called. Kinda like a benched software programmer during recession times.

Unfortunately, most of us don't use brain and use Google instead. This is the reason why we don't use our neurons and become morons. Poor, neurons.They get so bored of sitting idle, everyday and they cannot live that way any more .Then they commit suicide by hanging on a hook from the cell wall, out of sheer boredom.Doctors call it apoptosis.(Spelled as A-pop-to-sis, sounds incest.No?).

But, "inappropriate neuron cell deaths" can occur from traumatic injury, environmental toxins.This is called necrotic cell death.

This is what I am interested in.
Most of us people, hit on the back of the head of the person who says something stupid, kinda like hitting on the Television set when it gives bad reception. Well!! in reality such hitting on the head causes necrotic cell death, because it's traumatic injury, thereby making the awesome person more stupid.

I think my math teacher and most of my teachers was not aware of this, awesome scientific finding. They used to hit me every time on my head, trying to get a good reception from me; my poor neurons. They were forced to commit suicide, at an early stage like a nervous suicide bomber, who pees and short circuits the wires in his underwear, thus blowing up and creating damage to the toilet walls. I think I must have lost at least 60% of my gray cells during my school days.

Because of my wing-man, and the football, I must have lost another 10% of the neurons. I also play cricket and at times, I used to be declared out for being HBW.(Head Before Wicket).That's what happens when you try and impress the folk of pink pigeons watching the cricket match, by accidentally hitting the retard fast bowler for a six. The bowler will fail to get your joke and throw the next ball straight at your head; which results in a loss of consciousness and many number of neurons.

Let us put all the other known and unknown hits under "The MISCellaneous" category, just like my cousin who puts all porn he couldn't classify as American or Spanish or Arabic in Misc Folder.
So Neuron deaths via Misc equals 10%

I think I lost a great deal of neurons, when during my first time. I think this event must have caused me to loose. another 25% of my awesome neurons.

See! this is the problem with life. I really wanted to use my neurons, but I lost a good percentage of it to premature ...errr...premature suicide thingy.

When I think of necrotic cell death which happened to me due to environmental toxins, I think of that old man, who farted in the elevator. I had no place to run, I was like a caged lab rat smelling cabbage. I would have had lost a quiet a percentage of Neurons that way too.

All those guys who are feeling bad, about their
necrotic cell deaths. There is actually a good news.
A real good news. See, a survivor actually turns all major bull crap into his advantage. This is when I say "When life gives you bull crap..dry it and sell it to NASA as solid fuel."-Sorcerer

I will tell you an easy way to 'patch up' with your girl friend when you 'forgot' her birthday.

Girl:You forgot my birthday stupid..Donkey!!

Guy: I blame it on the pollution?


Guy:[ You explain about all the awesome things you learn from "my blog", and tell her that you learned it all by yourself, and you are a genius.!I I forgive you..Its to save your rear.Right?]..and that's how necrotic cell deaths occur and people forget birthdays.

Girl:Awwwww!! I didn't know that darling.Won't you forgive my stupid ignorance? Sorry for calling you donkey, you monkey.

Guy:It's alright! I am going to sue the companies that pollute the environment , that caused neuron death in my brain, made me forget your birthday to get huge amount of money.

Girl:Really!! MAAAAUUUUYY HERRRRROO!!! Then you will buy me a diamond ring.Right?

Guy:[Smile!! BUT don't ever say!! you will buy her diamond ring straight away!! Bluff it as if you are planning things ahead]: Hmm... I will buy lots of camels and oil wells for our great future, then with the change I will get you the biggest diamond, you can ever imagine.

Girl:Honey!! You want coffee? Oh No!! Baby..I think I got something in my eyes...Can you help me?
[Its equivalent of her saying : phool ke peeche chalthey hey]
[Translation:C'mon! Let''s go behind that flower]

[*** Advisory:Moving the bed two feet from the wall so your girl doesn't get a concussion; can save her many neurons]

See!! That's how guys, we pay homage to our
necrotically dead cells; by turning things on our advantage even in death of our Hombre Senor neurons.


So, that's pretty much the reason why, I post every day, and I am on top of the food chain.



NoFaIrYtAlE said...

damn funny!!!
i want ur damaged,hypo-necrotic brain!!!

Acha tell me u got any problems 4 ur advise (advice,i dunno wot, i still cnt differentiate between dem..) column yet???

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

damn funny!!!
i want ur damaged,hypo-necrotic brain!!!

Acha tell me u got any problems 4 ur advise (advice,i dunno wot, i still cnt differentiate between dem..) column yet???

Sorcerer said...

:( Noone actually had any problems..

I think the super man and all the spiderman thingies will have their job cut out!!

Hyponecrotic brain!!
err..yeah!! I am planning to market it with Uniliver

Saadi said...

Lol...loved the shorted suicide bomber input and advice!!

Thumbs up!!!

N yea..I won't be thanking u fr this post!!! The thanks fr this post goes to Sanjog!!!

Sorcerer said...

even I was laughing while I was typing that.
I kinda rememberd a cartoon animation about a nervous suicide bomber.

yeah..sanjog..he helps me with my awesome thoughts.

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) cells loss aayittu inganeyaanengil.. loose cheythillayirunnel enthaayirunnene!.

neurons and morons.. funny u are!:)

Sorcerer said...


hmm..ellarudem samshayam athanu.
pinne..electric shock okke ulla karanam..ellarum enne ingane pedippichu nirthunnu

thanks for the comment

Insignia said...

Oh my Neurons!! It was really so funny...I havent thought this way about the brain and the neurons...Awesome!!

Keep writing!

санжог said...

when Sorcer sees a wall he thinks " I wish the wall's gender was female, I'd really enjoy running into the wall, how romantic"

You say you are stupid than I am on crazy pills!!

Four Dinners said...

Great stuff old bean!!!

er...what do old farts like me do though?

You know..when I've lost more brain cells than I started out with. I've a sort of negative brain cell level.

Mind you. That could explain a lot...;-)

Most racists I know are racist cause their parents were. Perhaps it's genetic?

One of my best pals at school was Asian - I spent a whole year thinking he was Spanish cause he had a suntan.

He was actually the son of Sonny Ramadin who, whilst Asian, played cricket for The West Indies in the late 60's. Great spinner as I recall.

Keep posting madness!!!!!

Sid said...

Came back here after some time...and i think u certainly hv some damaged neurons. This was funny in parts, u hv done better. Sound like a critic :D

Mr.Poo said...

Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?
"Homor Simpson"

Wicked Witch of the West said... I have an excellent excuse as to why I can never make an intelligent reply to your posts (that are just too damn clever for me a lot of the I am always impressed by your patience to keep writing...) is my more advanced age which means that my neurons have suffered so many more traumas and are so sadly diminished. So from now I shall feel quite justified in limiting myself to a 'lol' or :) :D

sulagna said...

sorcy...come lets do some brain sharing..i'd love to have a day of that brain..see what miracles i work with the male species

Uncommon Sense said...

i was wondering is it really true that neurons die if you keep beating on head. is it a fact or just a joke?

Meenakshi said...

I read that, I laughed. My neurons must surely have committed suicide reading this. :P

Oxymoron said...

after writing this comment i am going out to buy a titanium head gear complete with a mask containing nano filters to save whatever little neurons i have left....i hope it's not too late...perhaps i should get a ct scan done.... :D

susie said...

i was waiting for this post..:P but still sorc, i think u lost ur neurons cuz ur mum might have dropped u a lot many times head end.. :P

Queenmatrai said...

I don't think its that head that you write with though...

That'll Be All


the_ego_has_landed said...

hey here for the first time... and must say this is a very entertaining blog! :) fun posts

Sorcerer said...

@the ego has landed
wow!! Thats a cool nick..
thank you for landing on my blog and..leaving the footprint

@queenmatrai are right..i write with my fingers..i mean...type with my fingers.

yeah yeah!! susie..yeah yeah!

I think.. you better start wearing helmet.yeah!! a leel bit will be left

yeah..take care of that sensitive gray cells.:)

Its naked truth..take care of that awesome head of yours

brain sharing!!
yes!! atleast..someobody recognized my awesome brain power

I told ya..reading my blog is equivalent to reading encyclopedia or wiki

@mr poo
haha..awesome..i liked that one

nice to see you back here
thanks for the comment

lol@ negative brain cells

nice nice

aye aye..Roger that commander

see..eye opening post.right?

geeta said...

neurons committing suicide...btw how many neurons are still alive....
it was fun reading your post

Sorcerer said...

I dont know how many are left.I am pretty sure those that are left must be terribly depressed

Nipun said...

I think now I need to check the number of neurons I have.
The one liners are awesome dude!
Lets share this brainy thing...:)
What are these cells (I am bad at bio)? Are we talking about the AA cells or AAA cells? LOLZ
Think u got what I want to say..:)



Sorcerer said...

haha!! lol on cells
Cells are actually where the cells are kept

good one..good one!

Anonymous said...

LMAOF , athu kalaki feministgalude ellam idiyil , u have shown the guts

i also want a damaged hypo-necrotic brain!!! like yours :)

Sorcerer said...

haha..thanks for the comment

Chocolate Lover said...

hahahaha! LOL
sorcy!! :D

Sorcerer said...

@chocolate lover
thanks for the comment

Megha said...

LOL....another awesome post :)
hitting really works, i used to hit my monitor whenever it turned red & blue. But after hitting, it turned normal, seems grey cells are everywhere :)

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment!

Neethu said...

wow that was too good!

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment