Friday, January 1, 2010



As you know I believe in the power of conversation.


Genius: Oye!! Do you know, any girls whose names don't contain .jpeg, .mpg, or .gif?

Genius: How do I impress her.
Sorcerer: Tell her you got all 'A's in gym.


Genius: Sorcy!! What is death?

Sorcerer:Human version of ping time out.


Sorcerer: Over a 3 million in race and you won?Can't believe it.

n00b: I never race anything.Okay?

[ on seeing wiseguy]: Here comes the dork.
Wiseguy: Afraid of competition. eh?


Chocolate Lover said...

a VERY happy happy happy new year Sorcy :))

Saadi said...

Great start, man!! :)

Meenakshi said...

ping time out??? lol

Gosh, there would be a time when Kids would go to school after a days leave and say " Mam couldn't come to class, my grandfather had his ping time out." Thanks to you, I won't be surprised then.
Have a kewl 2010..

theschmuck said...

Cracked me up :)
Happy new year!
New reader.Love your blog :)

Rishi said...


buzzzzzzzzz... said...

hehehehe...happy new year to you too.
mr. regular blogger!! i jus cnt commnt "lols" on evry post,, can i???

Rex Venom said...

Happy New Year.
What strange experiences and wonderful moments will it bring...?
Rock on!

P. Venugopal said...

wrong with the numbers, sorcy. thirty million you have meant, but 15 million is more the real number, giving 15 million to the other side.

Karthik said...

Wonderful start, Sorcy. Loved it as usual. Ping time out?? lol.. :D

Once again, a very Happy New Year! Have a marvelous year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

Megha said...

I see more competition there ;)

санжог said...

coversations with Sorcirator: ( sorcy, I'll kill you if you delete this)

Sorcerer Ryudo: whats the english word for that thing the horses do

Sorcerer Ryudo: when...irritated.

Sorcerer Ryudo: like..they raise their front feets and go heeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa"

me: ha ha ha ha ha ha

Sorcerer Ryudo: what
me: thats what they say i suppose
me: heeeeeeeeaaaaaa

Sorcerer Ryudo: I dont want to know what they say

Sorcerer Ryudo: i want to know the english word
me: well u made one right now, and wrote it in English

Sorcerer Ryudo: hmm

Sorcerer said...

thank GOD!! you didnt ask me was there a female horse in front of it.

When are you planning to come to Bangalore, mate?
We need to talk, in person!!

KrystalKitty. said...

Cahxor they Buck,if you meant to ask what it's called in Icelandic they Prjona(in Barcelona) which means they Knit,no don't ask me to rhyme that one.

They used to fold down the sidewalks in Reykjavik like in Mayberry at night when I lived there,I got that joke from Barney Fife on the The Andy Griffith Show.How about Bangalore?

By the way I think the green crowberries mean the premature statement that Peter made to Jesus before he denied knowing Him before the cock CROWED 3 times.How it must hve broken Jesus' heart.

санжог said...

I was just worried about sorcirator, he's been thinking about horses a lot lately!!

i stopped worrying about horses after I saw one of the episodes of Dirty jobs, when Mike Rowe is milking the horse!! Oh yes the horse not a mare!!

Sorcerer said...

@sanjog not thinking of horse.
I just wanted that word.."neigh" which i conviniently forgot.

U conspirator theorist.

ya know the solgan for animal lovers(lovers as not "in that love" case:
they say: In goats we thrust)

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment

yeah!! welcome to the club

thank you and you too

technology it is..

Sir, I think that was just for december sale or the new year thing I suppose. I think I saw 5000 crore in some channel on TV. I think I counted the 0s right.

I know its not something good to boast about.
but then again..truth is

@rex venom
thanks for the comment

long see
where you been?

thanks for the comment


thanks for droppin the comment

yeah the IT generation

thank you mate for the comment

thanks for the comment there:)

Ode Writer said...

Happyyyyyyyy new year, and a fun start for the year !

loved the 'dork-got-competition' line :D

have fun ahead !

Angels Never Lie said...

happy new year dear.....

Sid said...

For me this 1 was d best "I never race anything"..

Happy new year dude :)

Anonymous said...

i liked it the post and the coves ration in the comment form b/w u n sanjog.

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

@angels never lie
thank you :)

thanks for visiting and the comment

hmm..birds of same feather poop together :)

rohini said...

happy new year...

Sorcerer said...

thank you:)