Sunday, January 3, 2010


From the R&D labs of Sorcerer:

I thought, I would give me awesome technical advisory service to, the most endangered species on this planet "THE IT PROFESSIONALS". Years of studying and understanding the 0s and 1s and no where in the manuals is a decent paragraph to pick up chicks, or write a letter to them. There is not a single paragraph or lines in the technical manual to technically fall in love.[ Well!! we Indians of course are from the land of Kamasutra that doesn't mean, we will get laid 'by default'] Imagine the chaos, that will happen if the IT people can't multiply? Who will make software that fly air planes? Who will write programs to render cheeky MMS on your phones? Who will check your back end and front ends? The world will be in total chaos.

This is the beginning of Save the IT Species Campaign.

This is my humble service to the 'geek kind' to get them a girl and help them contribute to the gene pool.


<< Hello There

In the life called Google, I have been searching for a perfect girl; My search yielded (1 ) result, highlighting you; My eyes scanf ();you when, you were on the shopping mall yesterday; My heart missed a hop; With you, I could be a dot with a com; I kinda have this feeling that you are my ctype.h; You looked so beautiful in that template, the other day.

I was like a stand alone machine, in the wilderness called real world; I had no one to ping to;
My lonliness has been bugging me for quiet long; You can be my debugger; Without, you, as my compiler, I have no hope of executing the codes; With you I will never have to use Autoexec.bat; with you my life will never be cfloat.h

It's not just you interface, that attracted me; You are like ubantu, size zero.;I just love all your modules; Your smile is like the Solaris log on screen; Welcoming and mysterious; Your smile drives me crazy even without driver files for craziness; Your face is having a high resolution, which adds to your smilies;

I just want to say to you that, we objects could link together; I have all the environmental parameters for our one to one relationship and live an error free real life; I have enough cache in paypal;I know you would be worried about the firewall set by our coders /* parents*/ ;

If (They know this)
(they could put limits.h) on you;

Don't worry!;

Trust my hacking capabilities; with time and effort we can break their firewall and make them give a trust certificate and they would give signal.h for the union in no ctime.h;
If you believe in the 'Counter Strike'; I am even ready for setjmp.h if our coders are having a strong encryption which is hard to crack;

I believe that my connection script will not fail, and I believe that your are not Listen() to any other socket calls. I hope that you would accept() my system call;

If your input is Yes, let's hang out at "C:\Cd\" /* Cafe Coffee Day */ this weekend; You can reply with your 10 bit phone number in response to this message. I would be glad to ping back;

If this connection string fails, remember that I come with No error_handlers and I will simply crash beyond recovery.

Do accept this connection script and grant me access to your root.


[ Input Geek Name here]

Wow!! that was weird!!

Okay!! now you geeks,(anyone..someone..), do try this, and I am pretty sure, your connection string will get executed. Do mail me on my email address , if this awesome letter is a success. Its good to get feed backs. No?



Chocolate Lover said...


LOOOL sorcy!

I can't stop laughing LOL!!

Chocolate Lover said...


LOOOL sorcy!

I can't stop laughing LOL!!

Nipun said...

One more line to add..
100% CPU usage wenever i c u..
Dat was by me..
Sir sorcy is great..


Oxymoron said...

hilarious.....was really fun to read....
happy new year friend..

Sorcerer said...

yeah..i should add a bit more..
well onto the edit!

Quirky said...

Phew.. it took me a while to get thru that but lol inducing it was :)

Sorcerer said...

@chocolate lover
thank you for the regular visits and the comments

thank you for the commet

thanks for the comment

theschmuck said...

HILARIOUS!LOL-ping back?!hehehehe
CANT.GET.OVER.THIS.Thanks for the laugh!

jerry said...

lol!the post was funny.
How on earth are you writing humorous thingies every other day,really great!and I signed out and thought of signing in as 100th but missed so signed in again as 102,anyways this is a super cool blog!"Highly refrigerated!" I say.
have fun!

rohini said...

really entertaining of my IT frnd had earlier mailed me smthing similar years back...its really nice to read similar type again

rohini said...

really entertaining of my IT frnd had earlier mailed me smthing similar years back...its really nice to read similar type again

Saadi said...

F-U-N-N-Y, man!! Template, dot with a com, hacking abilities, drive without drivers....hahahahaha...u got the making of a really crazy awesome comedian!!

Great going, man!! Ur really starting the new year with a BANG BANG BANG!

SindhuBhairavi said...

crashing beyond recovery !! :)
hmm not the code.. but u will be executed.. ! :)marannu poyo.. chop chop!:)

access to the rooot thanne venam alle ?:)

nannayittundu.. its nice to read ur posts.. kurachu neram ella thalavedhanagalum marannu chirikkam :)

KrystalKitty. said...

Highly entertaining post I must say,and it should work I believe and heard will be pitter patter of little feet.

Jon said...

hahaha... love the IF-THEN clause... hope that your campaign to save this species goes well... sure i'm not going to be writing the code any time soon!

BBC said...

I suppose every male geek wants a member of THE INSANE CHICKS SOCIETY (TICS).

Until he gets one, then he wonders, WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING ???

Sid said...

Well written dude... u hv highlighted the pain suffered by us IT professionals... :'(

Am getting senti now :P

санжог said...

Nice one dude, you are aweshome

susie said...

HAHAHa..... "Trust my hacking capabilities; with time and effort we ....." hahahahhaha

Me said...

seriously..u r all twisted ha? i mean so funnily twisted..god, im so happy..this person is tremendously helping me to increase my lifespan,by laughing ofcourse! So God, give him 100 yrs more to his current lifespan.make him even more wicked,crooked,twisted..

u see im going to send this post's link to my mail list. i have a strong hunch this one particularly is gonna click( we'll share the royalty, will have a detailed talk abt dat later.)

p.s. i mean P.S .>> u have any doubt sorcy i brought in luck and nothing else...see see the number of ur followers shooting through d rooftop..*wicked laugh to match*

Sorcerer said...

Actually, when I finished the post, i was wondering,,errr.... was it too technical..a few comments flew in and *sigh!! this will be good..
thanks for the comment

@jerry are the one who gave me threat as anony?
haha...okay. its alright, 100th or 102nd. you are all the persons who really make me blog every day with your inputs..thanks for the inspiration.

yeah!! i read something like that too.. but I thought I would technify it a bit more..

Hey!!my music man!! thank you for coming here and commenting..dude, i love the effort you put in your blog reviews..awesome!!

hmm... nope..but we are not from chop chop republic. muaahahahaha!!
thank you for the comments

thank you for coming into my blog regularly, reading it and giving me feedbacks..thank you :)

hmm... yeah..if ..then... the code of it species!

Sorcerer said...

ouch!! you are right..but what to do.. thats how life goes... no?

dont get emosnal... we IT professionals will survive,another ice age...
chin up soldier!!

"May the Gods keep the wolves in the hills and the women in our heads! .err..beds.."

Thank you guru!!

thanks for the comment...

first of all thank you for praying to god to keep me alive on this polluted planet for 100+years..

Secondly, thank you for sending my post link on your mail list..
*sniff *sniff

(*khushi ke ansoo!you thought you can see that only on Ekta Kapoor Episodes?)

Yeah!! about that talk!! Im a looking forward to.
I always wanted to say this to some one :" I am going to make you an offer, you can't refuse"

Nope!! My 100th follower did sprinkle the magic dust on my blog.

ps..I mean P.S:: I have no doubt

Anonymous said...

Must have taken lot of time to type all this na?
But enjoyed it so very much!

Anonymous said...

loll! This is hilarious!

Sorcerer said...

yeah!! it takes time.but the comments are rewarding enough :)

thank you for the comment

Megha said...


btw, IT people don't like IT, u know

Pratik Gupta said...

I took the special services of an IT specialist friend and trust me we both literally fall from our chair laughing....grt grt post!!

Sorcerer said...

Well..I am an IT Guy myself, but who dont like analysing games all day long?

thanks for the comment.I think my save the IT species campaign will succeed

Megha said...

yea, u had told the story of the CDs before ;)