Saturday, March 19, 2011


Sorcerer: I The King of This world and beyond... FREE YOU FROM THE BONDS OF FLU


Sorcerer: You are thus healed.

Susie: was all the caps supposed to give the effect?

Sorcerer: har har har..yes

Susie: for a person who is down with flu, do u realise, it makes no difference.. for their ear has lost its capacity to differentiate the decibel levels

Susie: I'm awesome

Sorcerer: nice to know that you are reading through your ears

Sorcerer: Well..That explains the magnitude of your FLU


OfficeSlave:Dude..Help me get outta her.
Sorcerer:Sure thing...Tell me what weird position did you try on her.


Wiseguy:Flirting with cyberchicks?
Genius:Shaping up a beautiful world actually.
Sorcerer:Orgasm or Obesity...That's the question...Right?

Geek:..So after that I am gonna get my Phd.
Sorcerer:Gwad..Cant believe believe in Spam mails and pr0n?
Geek:What are you talking about.
Sorcerer:The question is.."what exactly do you mean by 'Phd'".
Geek:What is Phd?

Ps:*sigh..This Geek Guy got pushed down the evolution tree..or may be he broke the branch cuz he was over weight or somethin.


Genius: When you'd be with a girl you'd not even mention words that would start with 's'.

Really_Harmless_Guy: like...Sleep? Well..I have better things to do..unlike you..

Genius:Can you believe it...That color is a major turn off on such a hot girl.

Sorcerer:Absolutely..It's like the pop up blocker on Internet explorer.


Siji: ..So the little monster kids didn't even bother me on my way back.

Sorcerer: That's something..The kids these days are well behaved.*sigh.What is the world turning into?

Siji: Nope..It's because of the Aura around me.See..even the TTE [Travelling Ticket Examiner] didn't ask me for the ticket.

Sorcerer: Soo..If I don't take bath for like 2 days..I get same Aura like you.Right?Poor T.TE..what all things they gotta put up with.

Genius:...I have to go to this party and my girl friend said..I better be presentable.Lots of hot chicks in there I presume!!

Sorcerer:She must have should be  wearing your straight jacket.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Thought I would get my hands dirty [Mind already is..A fact my regular blog readers would agree without even a second thought].
Yeah..So...Where was I..Yeah..okay...I thought I would get my hands dirty and come up with something Wickid for my awesome blog readers..[Yes...You..I  am talking about you]
So I made this Wickid horse out of Plaster of Paris...I even gave it a name.
"Smoky Tail".
Thank you, I know it's an awesome name.

When I first started making it..I was unsure of what animal it would turn out to be.So...I kept  working on it..shaping it; dirtying the table cloth , the floor and myself in the process.That is when I realized the 'humor sense' of my mom which is very dry and sarcastic [Must be the summer ..It better be the summer climate]  and how much my family appreciates 'Creative thingies.' Finally, it started looking like a horse than an ass [Thanks to the]

Talking about my art..where did I get the inspiration.Nope..It was not gas or Crazy Horse show from FTv.[I don't eat potatoes much these days but thanks again for understanding me in detail] .When I was a little kid, I always wanted a horse,a  dragon and a girl in Tutu. I think it's the little kid in me who always wanted a horse made this horse.

I searched for inspiration on Google and came up with some awesome stunning pics of horse  [Ps:Not Horse Pr0n] and that was the beginning of a whole week of getting my hands dirty with Plaster of Paris
Now..if you are getting an inspiration to get your hands dirty, stop Google pr0n and  start Google 'Plaster of Paris' thingies.

All you need is 

1)Lots of Plaster of Paris [The darn things gets harder faster than..ya know what ..guyzzz.So be prepared before you make it 'wet'.]
2) Brushes [I had a medium sized brush and a normal water color painting brush..Yes..those kind which you can steal from a school going kid]
 3)Patience [Exactly the same amount where in you wait for your parents to go to sleep before you put on 'awesome movies'/Channels.]

4) Sculpting tools like..Scissors, kitchen knife, nail, Blade , Spoon Handle etc.

5)Plastic Container to mix the Plaster of Paris.

6)Paper pulp.

How to make a Plaster of Paris Sculpture thingy

1)Wear your work cloths.If you are an IT professional, wear any crap .If you are not sure.. strip down naked.

2) Draw the outline of the sculpture you want to make on a piece of hard wood.

If you can't find a hard wood, try using a hard board or something hard as a base which is flat of course. 

3)Apply thin layer of paper pulp and shape it according to the image.

4)Apply the mix of Plaster of Paris on it using the brush. 

Of-course..its that easy..All you gotta do is just try it.

Thank you my 'Black File Folder' without you, my horse would never get its awesome black background.

Thank you..your highmess Siji  for giving awesome inputs on Plaster of Paris sculpting.