Thursday, April 14, 2011


After a month of warfare , me and my awesome buddies from war front [Thiranthoram payals], having nothing more to do to keep our pea-brains occupied decided to do an escapade to Kovalam beach.

Seriously, a month of diplomatic pole dancing had exhausted us beeeg time.
We were supposed to reach there at mid-noon. But some zombie friends of mine wanted to hug their pillow and went to sleep dreaming of fairies in 36D. [38 D would have been more appropriate, but who would want to suffocate in their sleep and have an orgasmic death.]

Deepak, a machan was our driver. He was multi talented.He could drive, smoke,talk on phone,drive, swear at other drivers and crack jokes and laugh with his eyes closed.
For me, ,he resembled the ferryman on the river Styx with the attitude of Genghis khan.Even Genghis would need a diaper in such situations.

For the unfortunate drivers on the road, we were trying to achieve a land speed record in a brand new Hyundai i10 chick. The horn was just an underused attraction.He preferred to squeak the tires to get other driver's attention.

Kannan, a trained criminologist reminded Deepak of his impending doctorate at JNU, as a psychological bargain to spare his life from the roller-coaster ride.

The people at the backseat were pinned to the backseat.Sheer physics in motion. I heard someone checking the model number and the dual air-bag feature..just in case.

Thanks to our wonderful timing. By the time we reached there most firangi chicks had cocooned themselves in blankets to protect themselves from the cold wind and possible androgens that could have tried their kung-fu on them.
So we were left with our CANON EOS 1000 D Cam. [My first stint with DSLR's] . 
This is what our balls...I meant...eyeballs focused on next.












The beautiful clouds..the beautiful sea..

By the time we decided to strip our cloths off  and run down towards the waves... the lifeguard asked us to pull up our pants and scoot...cuz it was getting really dark and most of us would be visible only when we smiled. With his beer belly beer beer beer belly belly belly beer belly, he looked like an inverted question mark.

Intelligence reports suggested us that some coffee bars are serving BEER on an election day, which is served in coffee mugs under cover. So innocently we consumed enough brewed malt and made Vijay Mallya even richer.


Driving back was requiem of a dream which we had a few hours back. Well, we reached our den safe and in one piece.