Friday, November 18, 2011


Most Some of the time our intellectual conversations wander off to serious business discussions which can harvest billions of dollars.

Ed: How far is *Thiruvananthapuram from Cochin?
[*Also Spelled :ThironthoaaaRum]

Sorcy: Far...very far...really really far 5 hours on the road which feels like eternity.Why? ARE YOU COMING DOWN ^&@#^@*&$^#*&$?

Ed: Nope.My friend is coming down to Kerala for some Yoga classes for 2 weeks.

Sorcy: Hmm...They sell Yoga in packets these days.

Ed :I am convincing him not to go for yoga.Trying to scare him off saying he can lock-up his body in awkward positions.

Sorcy: Fuel prices are on the hike..may be he wants to learn levitation. Red bull does not really give you wings.Does it?

Sorcy:  !:)

Ed: What was that? Got hit by a Baseball Bat?

Sorcy: huh!! Thats an smiley for "!dea".

Ed: Oh! Thank you for explaining.

Sorcy: Ya know..We can be the "Yoga Brokers" for Kerala.We bring in people for yoga, which we call Raw Materials in Pure  Business Terminology [P.B.T]. We sell them to Yoga Factory. They all get Yogified.and we become filthy rich.We Mass produce Yogis.To summarize We corporotize Yoga and in turn world peace.

Ed: hmmm...and

Sorcy: 3 years down the line..we can call ourself the "Yoga Mafia" or "Yoga Syndicate". We can also export it to foreign lands in bling bling packing and bring in some FDI [Foren -> Desi Investment].

Ed: ya know what *She [*She=Gwakus_Busyus_Thesisus]would call us?

Sorcy: Hmm..."Yoga Pimps"?


Sorcy:She prefer to use her words with an overdose of her artistic vocabulary mixed with a bit of vinegar.


Sorcy: Ya know..I even thought of a Logo for our Yoga Company. The logo will be "A Paper Clip" . That's how our clients will be able to bend their body after learning YOGA. Call it B.E [ Business Ethics ]

Ed:Now we need a caption.Not what Gwakus_Busyus_Thesisisus would call us.

Sorcy:What ever...Just make me the Treasurer.Alright?


Sorcy: So.. Kapish?

Ed: Nope.I will handle all our female clients..and you handle the rest.

Sorcy: I wont even touch the rest.Huh! Smarty pants. Your handle will break off after all those handling?

Ed:That's a sacrifice I would gladly make.


Sorcy: aha!!Talking nonsense to Cyber chics. Eh?

Prj: Nope. Saving the environment from lead batteries.

Sorcy: oh..yeah..Giving Organic Orgasms?

Prj: That's just a side effect. Actually saving the world market from Chinese Toys with toxic plastic.

Sorcy: A few years down the line you can float a company and call it "Harmless_Guy and Sons- Giving Organic Orgasms since 2010". Since your company is organic and environmental friendly, you get Tax Exemption too.


Friday, November 4, 2011


Ed:Ya know..I kinda have a good repute in college..


Ed:I come out in 7 minutes.

Sorcerer:Say that to a girl and you die a virgin.

Ed:I meant..I come out of the exam hall in 7 minutes.


Hot H.R Chick:What are your interests?

Ed:I play games.

Hot H.R Chick:So what kinda games do you play?

Ed:Physical games.


Ed: Hmm...'Detachment', that's some subject I am working on.May be we can co-Author a book...Like.."Art of Detachment from Universal Pleasures."

Sorcerer: I mean the book should be titled-"The Sutra after the Kamasutra." That title will be the best seller.


Ed:Mom called and asked me to take good care of my health.

Sorcerer:What a lovely way of putting "Stay out of trouble, stupid".


Ed:Unlike,you perverts I am a Mechanical Engineer.

Sorcerer:Eeeewwwwwww...Thats worse than being a pervert.


San:So they brought me clothes worth a lot of money.How freaking is that man!!

Sorcerer:You are gonna get married and they brought you clothes? What the heck!


San:Guess what! I learned to play guitar.Now I can fiddle with it.

Sorcerer:hmmm..Anyway you are getting married and you will need something to fiddle with from now on.Classic example for irony.