Tuesday, January 5, 2010


санжог: A well settled IT professional looking for an open source Linux

5:20 PM
me: wow!!

санжог: platform no bar

me: sex, bar bar
[Translation: In Hindi, bar bar means again and again]

Sam: i'll see..
i have this nasty habit of not paying for any games.
is the CIA recording this?

me: nope

4:14 PM

Sam: good.
i borrow all my gaming needs from friends.

me: unless you say BOMB, white house and president in single sentence, CIA is not interested in recording this chat conversation.

Sam: hahahaha, like you just did.

me: A..ho!!

Sam: NOW the CIA is recording this.

Genius: Hey!! My girl friend gifted me this book."God of small things."

Sorcerer: Wow!! Finally she said "that". I told you she is a genius girl.

Genius: What?

Sorcerer:Its a clue to your greater mystery.


me: what's the difference between outlook and outlook express

4:51 PM

санжог: the latter can send spam and change your outlook of every one that know you


Sam: okay, let me see what the forums say
do you use any of those?

me: nope. I don't want to contract STD's

Sam: okay.

me: *takes a gun

Susie: u r going to shoot me??
*puppy eyes
would u shoot me sorcy??

me: I won't
, I wont hurt animals, you know that.

6:06 PM

Susie: *phew for a moment I thought u were gng to commit suicide


Genius: ..and my girlfriend gave me options....

Wiseguy:And you said "All of the above."

Sorcerer: And that's the reason why he is sitting here, on a Sat.

Some_person: Hey!! I think, I know you, I can't seem to recall your name.
Sorcerer: A case of Deja You?



Anonymous said...

hehe!Coversations are alwasy fun!

Me said...

god of small things !! lol!! god! girls cant gift a book these days due to perverts :)
and susie...love ya

Saurabh Panshikar said...

LOL @ God of small things!

NesQuarX said...

Gems! Gems, all of them!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

yeah!! See..these days..We just cant tell the truth..we get called pervs!!

Susie..yeah that was one in a million kinda hit from susie in conv.

yeah..i gave it the true meaning..
aint you proud of me?

thank you thank you
pst..pst: I would like to trade em..wanna buy?(gems)

Sid said...

Did u see all prev including this 1 luvd the "God of small things"...laugh at others misery nay :D

Four Dinners said...

were these conversations before or after lots of vodka?

And were you horizontal or perpendicular?....;-)

Saadi said...

Susie is probably the only one who can play fire with fire....fierce! :D

N yea...great convos, man!

Sakshi said...

God of Small things..!!! Jesus!!! Hilarious ... great going guys..!!

Anya said...

funny written ....


KrystalKitty. said...

I reckon Susie has taken a regal position,a thought occurs to me that she may be a friend of an opera star,that's pretty high up.It looks like she has a brilliant mind and plays it to the hilt,a very clever idea comes to her as she speaks I see.I regard persons that outwit me very highly.As far as I'm concerned she must have the IQ of a genius.If you don't mind me saying so,watch out for her slick moves and cleverness,don't let it outfox you.And if she is a cute girl on top of that,bamboozle you and curl your toes, she might, sorcy.Hopefully she respects sorcy and shows him dencency despite she having such clever mind.Watch out for some people for instance that ruin reputations by slanting and twisting the truth.Be ready like a boxer-soldier at all times and on your toes ready for your opponents next manure-maneuver,like my ex who was trained in the militry as a boxer and became quite sufficient at it, and I would spar with him for fun and he'd be so fast I never saw it coming,he'd beat me bad every time but never punched a hole in my stomach, lol.He gained both my dignity and respect for him because of that and he having an absolute common sense every single time when anything came up to the forefront,amazing.I still respect him,I will never loose my respect for him,that's a gift from our good God.

Ria said...

lol!!tht was funny...especially the god of small things bit. :P

Smita said...

Smart ones :D Specially BOMB & above all ;-)

санжог said...

sorcy bro you are not a pervert, actually you are an open person, who thinks loudly.

thanx for adding me on your post.

Sorcerer said...

yeah!! we think aloud..dont we?

thank you smita for the comment

yeah..small things are always funny.aint it?

thanks for the comment

wow! that was something..
I agree with you :)

thanks for the comment


thanks for the comment

yeah!! fire with fire?
muaahahahahaha!! hmm..

that was just without vodka.
well..Iam perpendicular and horizontal...at the same time.. ya got my drift?

thank you mate :)
thanks for the comment

Uncommon Sense said...

perversion is going literal

Sorcerer said...

@uncommon sense

yeah!! we rwak!

Meenakshi said...

hehehe.. oh i regret not reading this earlier..i needed a good laugh yesterday.. but a laugh is good anyday!!!


D said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Susie....:)

Sorcerer said...

do come to my blog everyday!

yeah Susie!! yay!! susie..
you know..its just the one in a million thingy.. D..just a one in a million phenomenon at work.
cornered me just once..
Iam soo gonna bug her