Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 "Assumption is the mother of all Fuckups" -Travis Dane

The event of India - US diplomatic stand off is now a split more than wide open.
Marie Harf made me laugh out loud today morning with her responses to the media personnels.

In her own words  "Our Diplomatic Security folks followed our standard procedures, which I'm assuming are standard for diplomats because that's who our Diplomatic Security deals with," Harf said. 
Wow! A State Department is "Assuming" stances when they deal with matters, larger like country-country relations.  Quiet hilarious.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Monsoon pics from around my home. 


Monday, May 27, 2013

.::WET PICS::.

A few pics from around my natural habitat after the first shower of the season.



Saturday, May 25, 2013


The monsoon has arrived...It looks like that. Usually the Meteorological department jinx the clouds . This time, the cloud meant business and it ended up in a downpour, which is still at large.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

.::Blah Blah Blah::.

2013 is onto me. My whole schedule got fucked up. I hope everything gets settled by the end of March.

"Ladies first..Some guys just forget this cardinal rule in the bed. "-Sorcerer on Bed

"It will take more than your trigonometry to bring me down"- Sorcerer after getting high

Har:Hey, Cant unzip, some error.
Harmless_Guy: Pull harder.
Har:Vaaaary Funny.


Hot_Chick:Is it wise to incest in MF now?
Sorcerer:Oh.Hmm..quiet a fantasy.Who is MF?
Hot_Chick:Mutual Fund?
Hot_Chick:Invest..not incest.yuck typo.
Sorcerer:For a moment,I thought we are gonna have some meaningful conversation.
Hot_Chick: :D

Chicka: So Math genius eh? Whats 64+79
Sorcerer: Huh! Any numbers other than 4 and 7 in it.
Chicka:  LOL.Too hard?
Sorcerer: Nope.The right side of the keypad on my mobilephone is paralyzed.No 4 and 7.
Chicka:  What if you have to calculate with 4 and 7?
Sorcerer: I add 3.99..Eaaaaasy.
Chicka: 9 and 9..??
Sorcerer: aaaah..Just to be doubly sure.
Chicka: Either you are genius or stupid.
Sorcerer: I belive you are an optimist.

This conversation happened with my Yoga Roomie on an awesome Monday Morning.
Ya know.."Monday Morning!!!",The beginning of a new week..a whole new week for DAFUQs..

I wake up one morning to find my friend, lets say Mr.PYoga, standing on his head. He called it
Shirshasana. I call it Mr.PYoga Inverse.

Picture for Tube-light Public on Shirshasana.

Sorcerer:Trying to get a better world view?
Mr.PYoga: No!
Sorcerer: I know, you want to drain all the blood back into the brain for the oncoming week. Continue..Continue.

That is when he fell down with a *Thud.


Saturday, February 9, 2013


 Finally, got the Memo, I have been waiting for.

..and then I crawled out of my bunker.


Buzzz: Hey!,I am promoting this book, "The diary of a wimpy kid". You should read this.

Sorcerer: Autobiography?

Buzzz: Nooooo

Sorcerer: Biography!!! ???!!! ...Like in, you actually paid someone to write about your life?

Buzzz: :-|


Harmless_Guy: Hey, Do you know any websites where you can compare cost and facts of washing machines?

Sorcerer: www.bh@r@thmatrimon3y.com


Sup: So watcha doing?

Sorcerer: Err...Fixing something on the computer.

Sup: Don't get blown in the process.LOL.

Sorcerer: It's a computer..I said I am fixing a "computer".


Sorcerer: Wassup Sam?

Sam: nothing much mate.trying to hack my own program;.

Sorcerer: hack your own program? thats incest in technology.


Buzzz: You know I look way too young for my age.

Sorcerer: Sorry to hear that you accidentally snoozed your biology.

Buzzz: Ahem.

Sorcerer: Yeah..Oh..Thats Legendary, I have  heard legends on it.

Buzz: So this..happened at one time. Me and my friends were walking around in the mall. There was this promotion happening for JUNIOR HORLICKS.
One of the woman comes in, pointed at me and ask my friend, would you
like your daughter  to participate in the JUNIOR HORLICKS Quiz Competition?

Sorcerer:Did you tell them that, you used to spent hours at the Fountain of Youth at NIFT and this is one of the side effects?

Buzzz:No. I told them that I can't promote their product, cuz I am promoting PONDS AGE MIRACLE.