Sunday, July 25, 2010


Another Monsoon Trekking in progress and that explains my absence from this wired (Read weird)world. We always choose the wilderness for our trekking expeditions. This time we chose the Silent Valley and the wilderness around it for trekking. 

Shiruvani is the place that we visited first.This place is near the Kanhirappuzha Dam, [Near Mannarkkad] in Palakkad District of Kerala. Almost 22 KM scenic drive from the base of Kanhirappuzha Dam!
Monsoon, is when the nature is at its awesome prime. I loooove it!!! Beauty it is!!! The weather is sooooooooooooooooooo amaaaaaaaaaazing!

The winding road on the way to the Shiruvani Dam area is a wonderful way to unwind from your nagging boss and those nagging feelings. Be careful while you are cruising along this road.
Keep your eyes open for domestic animals like humans and cows without directional coordinates, wild animals like elephants and also the killer iron nails on the road which are strategically placed so that the tyres wont miss it. 
The road is narrow, but quiet good and well maintained, which is enough reason for biker dudes to attempt and break land speed record or what ever they can break.
Unlike us geniuses, do keep a spare tyre and do make sure that the spare tyre has air in it. keep Sodium Chloride also called Common salt [ A WHOLE LOTS OF PACKETS OF IT] if you are planning to swim 

This is the wild stream where we took our first break.Brrrrr......Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..the water was soooo brrrr...coooolllddd!! The stream water is so clear and see through like the Victoria Secret Lingerie. We took off our shoes and dived into the ice cold water. Took some good snaps.A few primates in our group managed to find a fallen tree trunk in the stream and climbed on top of it,George of the Jungle style. 
Check yourself for 'politicians' clinging on to your body.Errr..I mean leeches.Here we have the cute dotted variety leeches.Unlike politicians, they won't kill you . Common salt is a good remedy for leeches.

"An idle wall is any guy's awesome canvas" So sayz the Sorcerer. Some great personality [no..Not me] has said that, we should always leave our mark on this planet. That explains why many people shoo shoo out in the streets, leaving their scent marks. But when its soo sooo cold and fog comes out through your nose while you breathe, it's not a great idea to shoo shoo in such extreme climate and have a 'system malfunction' cuz of ice factor.
So I decided to do it the caveman way and wrote my name on the fern infested stone wall with another stone.[Shamelessly! Yes!]

The climate is great. Even after mid-noon, the climate its unbelievably cold. If you ask me to choose between Ooty and this place, I will definitely choose this place. Cuz, this is scenic, untouched by dirty human  hands and unexplainably beautiful if you have patience to stay and cherish it.

Every time the sunlight changes its ambiance,the light pattern bathes our surroundings with a different color filter.In the horizon, you can see the fog drifting with the upwind and below the earth like a beautiful carpet in green. The valley way below changes it's appearance every moment with the fading lights and the retracted light from the clouds above.
With the fog settling around you, the whole setting feels like heaven!!!

The valley way below, looks beautiful every time.The whole of it is thick forest![ The last of the reserved forests trying to keep us humans alive] . That hill at that distance is a beauty. The cliff face bald and steep gives it an impressive and bold look.

As we stood there waiting for the tyre change, nature cycled through the  many awesome light show.You are way..way above the sea level and you could hear the wind howling [Loud!!!!!] in your ears. Instances like these puts you on an entirely different emotional level. Somewhere deep within you, it kick starts your respect and fear for the unpredictable nature.

Do notice the trees that stand tall on both side of the road.The trees those bare to the elements are beautifully sculpted, always! so are those humans !


Mission Briefing:

If you are planning for a trek along these roads


Be sure to pack enough ration, and drinking water while you are on these roads. There are no hotels in these parts and very rarely you find another of your own species[humans] on these roads.Means..roads are almost deserted. There is always curves and blind spots! respect your commonsense while you are driving on these parts.
Blaring music too loud will attract unwanted attention from humans and animals,.If you are there to see the nature, use all your senses to feel the views.

Vodafone has a decent network on these parts.[Muaahahahahah!!!] .Make sure you fill your vehicle with enough fuel at the base of the hills or else be prepared to buy fuel with a proportion of 80% kerosene 20% petrol from people who 'refine' own oil.

Apart from gravity that sucks around these parts, there are leeches. Carrying common salt is common sense.NO!! Beer does not work!

The natives here is quiet friendly and always ready to help. seriously. These people rely on agriculture for their living and most of them doesn't have 'corporate' human emotions.So treat em right and they will go that extra mile to make you comfortable and help you.

If you are coming down hill on the same day, make your way  back down before its too late in the evening, as fog could limit the visibility  beeeeeeeg time, combining that situations  it with HUGE wild animals on the narrow strip of road gives you limited chance to say your prayers.

Ps: "OH FUCK!!"  Doesnt work .[Darn!! it rhymes too!!]

Unlike humans who put a different face and act entirely different from what is shown on face, you can trust wild animals.Don't panic.Stay calm, don't fiddle with your headlight beams; nor switch it off or try to scare[annoy] a many tonne animal with your air horn and impress your fellow traveler with your low I.Q.

Remember that animals don't read news paper and won't have the information that you have 'connections' with people in power and the animals need to get their arse off the road for you, cuz your uncle has opium farm..

Give the animal the priority on the road. Have patience and wait. They would move off the road and give you ample space to drive off.


While passing that animal , make sure that you howl, throw stone/beer bottle at it and try to touch it; just to make sure who is the BOSS!! around those parts.Do remember to blare music soo loud that astronauts in space stations can dance to it. can know attain your terminal velocity!

Remember..It's the wild and we humans are sooo way down the food chain and they don't speak human nor ASCII



There are many, many, places in our own country that's so amazing with breathe taking views.
The second part of the Monsoon trek is scheduled this weekend..will keep you posted!


Sunday, July 18, 2010


The campus became monochromatic as the months passed by. The cute chicks in campus shed their colorful feathers. The heart and soul of the many alpha males, who found solace in the wild life reserve, also called college campus, the 'Open Season' had hit it's all time peak and now showed signs of withdrawal like hyperactive dandruff getting cured.

During the previous weeks, many 'Proud Single' guys had found their 'Campus Partner' and sat together for melodrama under the mango trees, jack fruit trees and banyan trees which stood tall like some men wished they too could.

The classes were empty as it should be but the canteen showed full attendance, just like in any other campus across the world. The profit of the canteen was reflected in the frown of the canteen manager. Like that frown, the graph of the canteen was on a negative curve. The 'DEBT BOOK' was opened more times those days than the cash box by the canteen manager as the 'Guys' tried to please their 'Campus Partner' with awesome food like, idli, dosa, vada, tea, biscuits. The fundamental theory in commerce "Debit is what comes in" At Large!!!

As Mr.Time hitched the ride with the phase of the sun, the awesoming [Ofcourse it's correct English] star in our solar system, the "campus foreplay" became numb and everyone was feeling the fatigue.

Like the sunshine on a rainy day, a cute girl, ISO 9001:2000, organically synthesized with the natures best proteins  and aerodynamically crafted walks down the knowledge trodden campus walk way. If I were an aero engineerm I would have given her 10 on 10 for wind tunnel test.
Her strides resembled programming in old BASIC. Short and progressive. 
The heads of many techno saints, techno monks, techno preachers and techno peasants[ Those so below the food chain] turned their heads like SAM[Surface to Air Missile] tracking an aircraft,guided by radar.
In simple words of mine-"She became the campus equivalent of the English word  HUSH!!!!!"

With the limited knowledge of my Biology, I came to the conclusion that she could even give a pacemaker a heart attack.
She would measure a moderate earthquake if her height is measured on Richter scale-A standard 5-5.For all us guys in the campus, when she moved, she moved at a slow frame rate.

She touched my more creative side and came up with these outbreak of poetic words to describe her...
"....If only the river Nile was blessed with so many curves, the Egyptian monkeys would jump and  drown in it with lust..."
[Thank you..Thank you!!!]
Being a Lab-Coordinator has lots of potential. Lab-Coordinators are licensed to technically flirt with chicks.Apart from social services, I do like downloading "Cool Stuff", I sharpen my skills by screwing up the network.
Please don't take me wrong when I said "Cool Stuff". These "Cool Stuffs" I have downloaded had saved many Hardcore Unix lovers from slipping into the state of impotency. I myself looooooooooooooove UNIX a lot because the commands in Unix match my perverted vocabulary.[ Date,Unzip,Touch, Finger,Strip,Mount,Head,Clean,Sleep..Such are commands in Unix!]

Let's call the new awesoming chick in the campus as "Dips". I was so happy that she was to be  "mentored" by me, during her lab session. I felt like a boot sector infected by a virus.

"One Small Doubt!!" she said raising her hands. I thanked the kernel for flashing the error message, thus arousing the "doubt butterfly" in her. 
I grabbed a chair, pulled it closer.I metamorphed into a rocket surgeon."Yeah...Tell me!" I replied in smooth voice,which never came out.
Soon..... Very soon, I realised that she was hungry.....hungry for knowledge and her technical knowledge was just in the single cell state, like an amoeba.But!! If you ask me to draw her, I would draw her like a "Question Mark" with A.K 47 in its hand.She was asking questions after questions, raping the Unix Kernel and in the process raping the gray cells, lasagna, and neurons inside my head.

"Cease Fire!!! Cease Fire!!!" cried my inner conscious, reminding me that the door to my freedom is just a chair throw away.
To scare her, I sizzled my answers in high technical fat content, but she seemed to take no notice of the calories.
The A.C in the room was on full swing, making noise like a rebelling colon of an old man.But...
I was sweating, my mouth felt dry after so much talking...I slow frame rate....experiencing those..Near..dea..I could see angels..The Golden wheat farm...over the hills...the ribbons of sunlight, shining gold.. slanting low from the left....over to the right, I could see the high wall, with green climber plants on it..the wooden door in the middle...I walk passing my hands over the wheat crop, feeling its tenderness..I push the door which is carved artistically in wood and adorned with awesome things and wood work..I step inside..There I see my Unix Screen, blinking at me..prompting for my password......

"One Small Doubt"  I feared that tone, which reminds me of a fire alarm. "Well!! What is it?" I asked her that question from a 100 feet away.
Lucky Me! The faculty waked in.I passed the pink pigeon to his mercy or the other way round on the mercy part.

2 hours later, the faculty was experiencing neural break down.A complete disarray of hope and dejection of all good things in life reflected on his face. His eyebrows pleaded..."Freedom...Freedom..."
With Dips in the lab, the lab virtually turned into a Nazi Camp.
A week later Deepak, my wing man and another usual suspect in network screw ups came back after his "Break" from mumbai.
Dips passed us with a semi colon smile on her face, [Somehow reminded me of calmness before the tempest] on her way to the library.As we looked on gasping for breathe, she disappear down the corridor.
"WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!Whhoooooooos Dat man?" 
"Lot's happen when I aint here."
"Is she taken?"
"Which batch  Dude?"
As expected an enema of questions flowed from him.
I should have warned, but..I believe in the theory that "Gold is tested in four ways by rubbing, cutting, heating and beating -- so a man should be tested by these four things and Small doubts"

He became Duracell bunny defying the rules of reality, commonsense and physics.
"Dude!! you people should learn from me on how to hit on a girl." He said that and walked towards the library.
I said a small prayer for him.
I was having my lunch and Deepak came in, his shoulders drooping, hair in a mess [because of trying to activate gray cells by pulling on hair] and dropped on the chair near me. He looked like a soda bottle left open for long with  no gas.
I promptly poured a glass of cold water for him.He went bottoms up on that.

"You want food?" I interrupted him
"No.....I don't feel hungry any more.It all died in there."

His gaze was fixed on the many samosa, laddu, vadas kept in the glass shelf..
I know what he was thinking....He was thinking about the golden wheat farm....the wall...the door...

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Monday, July 12, 2010



A few conversations that happened during the past few days

Finally, all the inmates of T.C.eSh Asylum planned to meet up and f.i.n.a.l.l.y, the plan worked! 
As usual, everyone forgot to take the medication and we were this ("")close, from gettin thrown out of, otherwise which used to be a very silent K.F.C 

D:Man!!! The girls in our P.G was sooo..hungry!![ She was saying about her plans to buy her friends some K.F.C thingies]

Sorcerer:Dude!!!!!!! Did you hear that?Did You hear that guys!!! The "G.I.R.L.S" are HUNGRY!!! D, Oooohhhhhhh!!!!Tell us about it!![That was the catalyst!I likez to add the catalyst, the rest follows!! ]

Juggie:[n his baritone, started singing]

If there's hungry chicks!!
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

If there's some need
and you don't find 'nything "good"
Who ya gonna call?

Kyato:For the hunger needs of all you gals..DIAL 1800-H.U.N.G.R.Y. Please note that we don't take deliveries.

D:Gwad!! Why did I ever open my mouth?


I have to thank the K.F.C people for playing the song  Hotel California ;[Do note the sarcasm here] the whole gang (-me) suddenly burst into singing the Mallu Version of Hotel California..[Hotel Keralafornia].singing it aloud..very loud!!!

Thank God that I had Juggie's IPod with me to fiddle with it and pretend that, I don't belong that gang!!


Online_Chick: :(

Sorcerer: Errr... Why the frown?

Online_chick: All guys who break a woman's heart should be declared a terrorist.

Sorcerer:Yeah! If you are large enough to declare yourself as a sovereign state..I don't see any reason otherwise.

Cousin: My computer is getting restarted, it says "Loading Windows" then reboots..Whats the problem with it?

Sorcerer: hmmm....Obsessive compulsive disorder! that's all I can say.


Wiseguy:Installing Ubuntu is simple.Even Srij can do that.

Srij:Yeah! I am a simple guy.


Friday, July 9, 2010


Don't let the years kill the kid in you!!!

Sorcerer: Hi Guys!! Whats the conversation about?

Wiseguy: Nothing much...just small talks.

Sorcerer: Huh!! Stop talking about your genitals


Genius:My friend, also a client, from Italy is coming over to Bangalore!!

Sorcerer:Does she come with sub titles?

Wiseguy: That explains the Italian Dictionary in the cupboard.


Wiseguy:Hmmm..Messi is faster..

Genius:C'mon...No one can run faster than my nose!.


Online_Buddy:My code ain't working!! I need a break!!

Sorcerer:I can spare a few!! Here..Take this " ; "


Lost_Chick:My cousin  got into Bachelors in journalism..

Wiseguy: So you gonna gift her new shoes?

Sorcerer:I think, just like they offer Laptops for some courses, they would soon give out shoes with Mass Media courses.I see business potential boys!!

Genius:My Girl has weird way of punishing me..

Wiseguy:Like...taking you along for shopping..

Genius:Naa..she mixed up all my CD's.

Wiseguy: That's too much!


"God was doodling when he made octopus"- Sorcerer on Octopus "Paul"


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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Argentina got PWNED..and the after effects are still in the air around me.First it was the Brazilians to exit.Naturally, the Argentine fans were be so so happy. For us, who are Argentine fans, the Brazil team is like our in-laws.

I am missing a lot of action and hungama from my state, that is Kerala. Over there, football is a religion.

During the summers, the fields become active with football matches. Football clubs become active and will have flood light matches, in some parts.Some clubs will even bring in players from abroad. So summer becomes a carnival!

Well, I have been supporting Argentina since I was the size of a mustard seed.

Day before yesterday, I was kicking the bum bums of Brazil fans; the simple reason why I had to skip my breakfast today.

The mallu restaurant in Bangalore, from where I have my food most of the time, is a Brazil Strong hold. Day before yesterday, some  pavam Argentine fan(s) were verbally raping the Brazil fans, that included the hotel owner.[ He was sitting with his head in his hands, with a beeg frown!! I likezd it ...then]
When the happy Argentina fans were about to leave, the restaurant owner just said..."hmmmmm...."

We never knew that hmmm... it will have such a deeper meaning.

So naturally, when My team, Argentina lost, It's better to avoid that restaurant and road altogether for a few days.

This  is one flex board that came up in Kerala, with Maradona in Mallu version of Gladiator and Messi as the wing man.
Still we lost. 

Yeah! that's Messi in Mundu or Mallu Messi. Don't get confused, We mallus can do anything wearing mundu, even go to mars.

After the match and we getting pwned by Germany, I telephoned my fellow inmates back in Kerala.
Back in Kerala, in my neighborhood ,the Brazil fans were able to ambush our pavam Argentina fans, they managed to get hold of one, threw him into the back seat of a car, locked him in and was driving around the street looking for a 'hair cutting saloon'.

Soon Kerala will be balds own country! in a few days!



Larissa Riquelme was my last ray of hope for the world cup.
[The 24-year-old beauty told Globoesporte that she would shed her clothes and run 'with my body painted with the colors of Paraguay.']

Adum poyi!!! :(

Gwad!! Thoo si too much ho!!


Genius: Sorcy! Messi played well ..but the goal post was too small for him.

Genius: Maradonna venuma...Riquelme venuma?

Genius:ZERO -4 Sorcy ZERO-4.Can I take that potato chips?