Thursday, August 14, 2008


This incident happened a few days back when I was sitting at The Transit with a cup of coffee and a magazine, waiting for my friend to show up.

A guy with, his cute girl friend was sitting opposite to me and their conversation was a bit loud.
Can't blame them, cuz the continuous chatter of coffeetors (something like commuters, if such a word is not in the dictionary...I invented it.) was well above tolerable Decibel Level.

Suddenly the guy ducks his head, as if to allow a Boeing 747 to pass over his head and says "Oh Christ..My H.R!!.."

The expression on the girls face was awesome in response to that.

Suddenly I turned my head in the direction where the girl was looking.

Eyes..Eyes..What do you see..?

I see a cute charming female, with her silky hair flowing down her shoulders and a fashionable goggle neatly tucked on her forehead.. errr...., wearing jeans well below the SEE LEVEL and a short shirt coming down the escalator like a Versace Angel..Desi breed.


The Femme "Fatal H.R" (for the Hero) mingled up with the crowd, didnt notice them or look in our direction. Thankfully "The Hero" is saved of some -ve appraisal points.

The Hero : Phew! That was close.

The Chic : Yeah! You scared me, who was it, again?

The Hero :Oh! Shes the Lead H.R of my company.

The Chic : It Shows.

The Hero :(Gives a Grin ) Yeah It does.

The Chic : I mean I didnt mean that..I meant..

The Hero :Err..Yeah!

The Chic : Hmmm..

The Hero: Hmmm...


I went back to my cup of hot coffee.


Saturday, August 2, 2008


Yeah! The Weekly Cleaning program began,sometime in the mornin at a random time predetermined.I'm not keen on throwing away things I don't need or use unless they're well and truly broken/useless for me, and I will probably give some of the stuff to "charity". However, extra cash would be wonderful, so I'd like to try to sell as much of it as I can.Found lots of collectible items which Iam glad to sell it to you people.

1) 6 Nos of Empty shampoo bottles [Labels Intact,Makes hissing sound when squeezed.].

2) 30 Nos of Used Vodafone Recharge coupons with cute elephant pic with a stick figure on it [In Good Condition]

3)2 Empty tooth paste tubes.[Really Empty,NULL,Void]

4)2 Shoe boxes [Most wanted items for people who live out of the box.Available at a % discount .]

5)3 Corrupt Mp3 CD's [Only for sale to Corrupt Politicians.]

6)4 Siezed Carrom Coins,Yeah one is The Queen Coin [Arun..This is your last chance to get it back from me.SAY "YES".AND YOU GET YOURSELF A FAIR DEAL? or Say 'Adios'/' Das VeDanya' to your Queen]

7)13 Mineral Water Bottles. [Labels Intact]

8)8 Empty AXE Deo Spray bottles.['8'..'8' of them, and still single .The Ad's are misleading the public.]

9)Magazines..errr...For Rent [Caution Deposit: INR 500.00 * Non refundable]

As much as I want/need to get rid of all my crap..OOPS...Priceless Items(Pun Intended), I'd rather not deal with the aggravation of going through hundreds of e-mails and post it on eBay auctions and Amazon storefront and sorting the legit deals from the fakes.So..for my friends and fans...Iam posting it here so that they can have the privilege of buying it directly from THE SORCERER.

C'mon, magic Internets. You've never failed me before...


*Juggie..I miss those Autographed Cocal Cola Cups. [*sighs.]