Tuesday, January 26, 2010



I have been unceremoniously tagged by Supriya. Now mesa (Mesa is "Me Is" (c) DD)going to complete the tag.

10 things that make me smile

1) Finding matching pair of socks. [Guess what, It's moi lucky day]

2)Winning a bargain for second hand books.
[Books are books. No?]

3)Cousin swearing and deleting awesome games to make space for awesome awesome movies.

4)When mosquitoes bite at the real wrong places, and I can't scratch cuz its not table manners.

5) When the neighbor chick do yoga on her terrace, every day morning, which I feast on shamelessly in the morning with my hot coffee.

6)When the Chinese chicks talk in Englis in Kungfu movies. ["Ai yu cow ming?!!" for " Are you coming?"]

7)Girls in tutu.

8)Getting phone call, when in the shower. [ I actually smmmmiiiillllleee..Wide] and finding it to be some chick selling insurance.

9)Waking up to the high decibel sound of Tomatorrrrrrr(Read:Tomato).
Tomatorrrrrrr on a freaking foggy softy lazy Sunday morning at 7. AM

10)Folk of pink pigeons.


10 things that I just don't have the guts to do

1)Shave my awesome goatee.

2)Delete some cool folders on my machine.

3)Loose insanity.

4)Leave potato chips/Fried chicken unattended

5)Rent novels to friends. [ Most of the books in my library are shamelessly borrowed from friends]

6)Leave the gaming console to take a loo break. [Everyone who has a lil cousin would understand the feelings]

7) Talk in Kannada to DD and make a mistake. [Silence followed by high pitch eeeeeeeeee...wwwwwwhhhhaat yaaa...har har *snort *snort]

8) Refuse hugs from chicks. [ I am sensitive. No?]

9)My mind wandering into outer-space, losing it trajectory and crash landing between the mount of Venus.[ Well!! It usually happens while reading 'Sheldon Novels'.My thoughts actually suffocate to death between those mounts. Tragic...I know!! ]

10)Wear red underwear

I think with the whole of my heart think I did justice to the tag.

There is a whole lot of people out there who would never do a tag. SO,



Chocolate Lover said...

haha! nice tag sorcy :D

Sakshi said...

i tht girls in tutu would be number one....

Meenakshi said...

oh yeah..justice done to the tag.
wats girl in a tutu ?

finding the right pair of socks is ur lucky day - u surely are a bachelor dude. bu ha ha ha :)

Sorcerer said...


thank you for the comment
You dnt know whats GIRL in TUTU?

its number one in my thoughts though.

@chocolate lover
thank you for the comment chocolatey

Saadi said...

So basically nething concerning the opposite sex makes u happy?

Ur such a simple man, Sorcy!!! :p

Quirky said...

Yes you did do justice to the tag.. N plz oh plz tell me how to win a bargain..maybe you could do a post on that!

N that tutu again...Eyeroll

N tot agree with Saadi!

Dame Folle said...

Why wont you wear red undies? Saxy, I say! ;-)

Shas said...

Nice answers.
Its really fun bargaining for second hand books.
What's girls in tutu?

Insignia said...

Whats with the red underwear?

PS the Pratsie said...

wonderfully done in your own ishtyle :d !!

rohini said...

Well the popular question goes again....Wat's the girls in tutu????

geeta said...

Finding matching pair of socks...gr8
loved reading your tag...
looks like I have missed your last post...you just write in a superfast speed ....so unable to catch you up...will try to increase my speed

supriya said...

Perfect justice to the tag..and it again goes along with my 10th point of "10 reasons to smile"... :) !!!
thank you for the answers...!!

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

LMAO...Its so easy to please u :)

Four Dinners said...

Nobody...but nobody...has an awesome goatee.

It is physically (and hairilly) impossible.



Antarman said...

Nice to see amen doing a tag, so far I have sen only girls doing it.

Megha said...

:) what's tutu ? Hope there's no math involved here ;)

sulagna said...

if a mosquito bites you and you bent down to scratch the place and your red undie shows..i know you are living up to the tag..

and you like pink pigeons..awww:)( this exclamation of awww from me on your blog is a rear sight..very rare)

Sorcerer said...

rear sight always makes me happy

TUTU? Okay! I think I wiill have to do a blog post on that

Well!! most men do do the tag.I just wanna show that Men can do too.

like gravity?

yeah!! Iam pleased by your comment

you are welcome..
thanks for the comment

yeah..A blog a day keep the therapist away
thanks for the comment

Tutu? You dont know TUTU?
Gwad!!! I will do a blog post on TUTU

@PS the Pratsie
Thank you for the comment and yeah..the awesome E-cards.I owe you one...err..2 actually

Red is my most hated color.
so..there goes..secret revealed

you said it.. you know that feeling after winning the bargain..like..can we bargain again..and get it much lower..
thats..something which always bothers me

Oye!! long time..no see here..
Red undies? Saxy?

thank you for the comment(default)

yeah I am gonna do a tag on TUTU and then on bargain.
its easy ..act totally senseless and dumb.
in my case..I dont act..i live

lol! hey!!everything about the opposite sex brings smile to me.not smile...GRiiiin
aye..me simple like (e=mc^2)^2

санжог said...

the tutu's getting famous...only it's too tight!! and boy....the girls here are naughty!! I like it!! At least saucer didn't get slapped talking about 69er, we firmly believe in that number!! We are straight BTW...so wipe that grin off your faces!!

I just can't imagine how horrible you'd be feeling while that girl's doing her yoga! and you got to stare!! I feel for you man!!

Me said...

voila! nice weird things that make u smile. really? there are things, you, sorcerer dont have the guts to do??

Sorcerer said...

me innocent and humble. No?

Anonymous said...

lol! I find it amusing how "10 things that make me smile" mostly holds chicks!

Chhaya said...


loved this.

btw, i have a bad news for u!
You have been tagged again ;)

details @ my blog

Chhaya said...


loved this.

btw, i have a bad news for u!
You have been tagged again ;)

details @ my blog

Sorcerer said...

haha..okay..lemme check that tag

aye aye..
thanks for the comment

Neethu said...

ok whats with these bloggers and red undies? are you chronicwriters cousin or sthg?:P

Sorcerer said...

chronic writer?

Me no cousin of no chronic
whats STHG?

D said...

Mesa is NOT my copyright... don get me into trouble...

and wat u mean talk to me in kannada and make a mistake huh?

Sorcerer said...

a lawyer is a lawyer is a lawyer
i said..talk to you in kannada without making mistake