Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Ram****: Get out of here. Ya know!! There's something called Real Life?

Sorcerer: Send me the screen shot and I may believe.


Poornima: So you are writing a blog post on Egyptians?

Sorcerer:Aye aye!!

Poornima: Like you gonna tell how they made..Pyramids..

Sorcerer:Naa!! Everyone knows that, they select a hill first and then they chisel that hill in pyramid shape.

Poornima: And are you gonna say..Mummies are girls, who suffocated themselves and died, cuz they didn't know how to wear Saree.

Sorcerer: That cou
ld be a possibility! Wow!! What the Hell are you GENIUS doing in engineering college? Get out and start a blog! I don't like talents getting wasted in engineering colleges.

Sorcerer: What you doing?

Susie:Drawing mouth parts of cockroach , in my sister's record book.

Sorcerer: Drawing yourself soosie?


санжог: i guess so, its better to underplay a bit

Sorcerer: Underplay..like play down there?

санжог/: rrrrrrrrrrright!!

Sorcerer: its called oral sex sanju not underplay.

Sorcerer: Moving out for lunch. Ciao!!

j****: Rub tummy for luck!!

Sorcerer: Would you let me do that?

J****: Just..Just.log off!!


Sa****: Oye!! when he talks like that na..I get itching..thingy..AARRRGGHH!!

Sa****: And yeah Sorcy..Geniass!!! Don't tell me to change underwear.it's an old lame joke.

Sorcerer:How about you using itch guard?

D:Awwwwwww but true, there are plenty of other err, mermaids in the ocean.

Sorcerer: Do they smell like people?

n00bChick: I have a pet cat.Do you have pet?

Sorcerer: I have a hairy leg.I pet it, when I feel like petting a pet and I say Meow..or Bow bow..depending on my mindset, while I am at it.

I was planning to make my blog more interactive and this guy 'Saurabh', suggested this great idea of "people can post their awesome problems in the comments and you may reply to them in any awesome way you want!"

And I was thinking!! This is a better way to achieve Nirvana..wow!

So dear blog readers, In my humble (I can see someone rolling eyes) effort to make my blog the Wall-mart and e-bay of problems..errr..I mean..thingies.. you can send me your 'awesome problems/suggestions/questions' which is to be published on this blog, in this email adress:. I would try my level best to help you run into the nearby wall.



Anonymous said...

lol Kollaaam :D .....looking forward to read the replies of those 'awesome' problems , 'suggestions' etc :)

SindhuBhairavi said...

May god bless all the advice seekers!! :)

Sorcerer said...


athey!! annan kunjinum thannal ayathu nnallo. appo oru kai nokkam ennu nireechu.

thanks for the comment

hmm..sharikkum !
thanks for the comment!

Saadi said...

I wud've loved to see the noob who u pawned with the petting remark!!

Sorcerer said...

n00b chicks..its always open season!!
all you need is a shotgun with tranquilizers .. and a team to hunt in packs.

Me said...

i have great hope in poornima..just.. just dont muffle her when she comes up with brilliant conv. im sure it was sheer injustice in the case of soosie... she wud hav definitely given the tac for your tick which you gloriously disposed..didn u sorrrrceyyyy ???

Sorcerer said...

well!! nope! I would say its first time poornima scoring over me..
Soosie!! well!! she did that.. evasive maneuver but was not efficient.

Ya know..these scoring..is like One in a Billion Billion Brazillion chance they get to score over me..So Iam just posting it here to encourage them
har har har*snort *snort!

Doc said...

Very interesting!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the visit and the comment :)

Jaunty anima said...

You and ur oneliners..when are you getting them patented??!!;)

Chocolate Lover said...

hahahahaha! LOL
loved it :D

Sorcerer said...

@januty anima
Can I PATENT one Liners?
Hmm..My official LAWYER that would be "D".. said I cannot patent them.
aha!! Wait..lemme renegotiate with my official lawyer..with threats!!

may be I should sell them to Tshirt companies.

Muaahaha!! I would be reeeeeeeeccch..Soooo reccch that I can buy oil wells and lots of camels..
thank you Jaunty for this great idea!!

@chocolate lover!
:) thanks for dropping by and the comment

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahab that was ROFL...
you really do have some interesting convos :P

Quirky said...

I dono who was supposed to roll eyes but I def. did !

Rotfl @ last line.

N oh, I'm Poornimaz fan!

Sakshi said...

Underplay!!! OLral Sex, can you guys be a lil more polished and use the word 'foreplay' instead...!!! :P

And, well, you did give solution to my problem..!! Toss the coin.

susie said...

sorcy good news for u.. poori is coming up with her bling bling blogspot soon only prob she needs a much polished name for it.. and as for the cockroach thing.. gee jus wait .. u r in for a BIG surprise.. :P mwahahaa

good work sorc..:D

rohini said...

great work Sorc, so from now we will be waiting fora problem to arise , just to get a Lot-Pot solutions/////great move.. do u need any good wishes.....naahhhhh....u dont need it....

Shimmer said...

" don't like talents getting wasted in engineering colleges "

Loll!!, I was about to enter one.. God saved me.. haaha!

that was a really funny post :)

geeta said...

funny oneliners....n lively as well..
keep going...

Nipun said...

I love your conversations.
How do u bring that humor?

*still laughing*



P.s. Don't make it a playground of worries dude...

Uncommon Sense said...

caxhor one was the best

Oxymoron said...

awesome man....how do you manage do it again and again...loved the noob chick and caxhor ones..

Anonymous said...

How do u come up with these things on a daily basis? :))

The mummy stuff is hilarious

bondgal_rulz said...

Loved them all. :)

Pratik Gupta said...

" I have a hairy leg.I pet it, when I feel like petting a pet" ...eew eew, we engineers are so gross..no wonder we never get a girl :(

Queenmatrai said...

I am just sitting here imagining you petting your hairy legs...Now thats a sentance I never thought I'd hear myself say...

PS the Pratsie said...

always always love readig ur blog !!! :D

Sorcerer said...

you..it was supposed to be you.

guys!? polished?
*looks in the dictionary..
oops!! didnt find the word polished

Yeah!! I already suggested the name for her blog..'BLING BLING RESUME'
cockroach!! haha.. breeng em on!

yeah!! my stars are having a good time saving my rear!! need wishes..lots of it*for the stars

yeah!! engg college makes us lazy. no?

thank you for the comment

nope.I wont make it a play ground of worries..Muaahahaa!! this is gonna be the minefield of worries.. then we will point and laugh at em..what say?

yeah! thats sanjog! my fellow inmate and my intellectual guru!

drink mineral water everyday..atleast a bottle. this wiill supply your body with most wanted minerals to stay weird.

I don't do much..my friend.no? they wont let me keep quiet.
I always wanted to do something productive like..saving the world

thank you for the comment

@pratik gupta
but on the brighter side..think about the possibilities.. we can pet our leg.
we dont need to feed it.
it wont bite
it wont poop on the floor..

we .pppl rock!!

hmm.. wonderful .no?
imagining me petting my hairy leg.

hey!! long time..no see?
where you been.
thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

Meenakshi said...

hehehe.. good convos.. I expect to have a good laugh every time I come to your blog and you almost never disappoint me.. good!

looking forward to the remedies coming up for the problems to be sent on mail :)

Sorcerer said...

yeah! I think theres no problem with the world. nobody emailed me.so far

I am keeping my inbox open.
thanks for the comment

The Holy Lama said...

The pharoah below the neck was missing, so they cut a lion's head and fitted it.

Sorcerer said...

@ The Holy Lama
hmm...thats an awesome theory!
*Claps Claps

Chanz said...

oh sorcy...... I love your blog. It just brings a smile on my face... :)

Sorcerer said...

thank you :)

санжог said...

@ everyone who thought i was talking dirty

Hey i really meant underplay, we were talking something serious, and talking to saucer always ends up with something to do with, bra, panties, pussy, sex, oral sex, porn, i want a girlfriend right now, and so on and so forth.

I liked the saree one!! and your pet leg!! Saucer your mind works in a mysterious way (mostly towards sex) but you are awesome man!!

Sorcerer said...

yeah yeah !! and who talks about girl in TUTU?

thank you buddy for the inspirational comments