Thursday, January 7, 2010



Him:Hey dude!!

Me:Wassssaap?Long time no see.

Him:Yeah! You aint been 'ere. You tell me,

Me:Nuddin much, just the same ol stuffs.

Him:So!!*wink Why you here? Followed some cute chic, and finally ended up here?

Me:C'mon!! Ya know me.Just came to see ya.

Him:Whats the plan?

Me:Hmm... let me see.. err..Just hang out here for some time.

Him:Till the chicks come?

Me:See!! That's what you think.I came to see you.

Him:So..there must be something.Tell me.

Me:Nothing much in particular. You think that way?

Him:Don't give me your usual "Evasive maneuver". okay.

Me:Alright! You are the boss.

Him:Why is your wing-men standing outside? Don't they want to see me?


Him:I think the engineering college girls left early, tell em. I really don't want em to get
disappointed standing there in front of me.

Me:It's alright.They got used to that.

Him:They?What do you want?

Me:Thankfully, I am a man of simple needs and I think I am just okay right now.

Him:Tell me a lie.

Me:A life upgrade?

Him:A girl friend?

Me:Hey!! A girl friend is not called "upgrade". That's called an "extension pack".I just asked for something more apart from this usual life..Excite me with a new Merc and things like that...

Him:What do you exactly mean.What's do you want?

Me:I saw your kid,Said "Hi" to him, on my way in.

Him:Yeah!He told me that you are on the way in and Stop your evasive maneuver Sorci.Huh!

Me:Do you ever give everything I ask for? C'mon!! Don't get me started.Alright?

Him:Now you are talking... keep em coming.

Me:ya know, I..feel like that kid, who wished for a firetruck for Christmas and ended up getting a
blue sweater. It's blue sweater, year after year.

Him:So you need a sweater?

Me:Do I look like "I need a blue sweater?" You are sarcarstic.

Him:It's sarcastic. Not Sar Car stic.

Me:See. that's what!The moment, I want to ask you something and you bring up the faults and I end up asking for forgiveness for the mistake, rather than ask for 'new things'.

Him:Weird. Aint it? How human mind works.

Me:Okay!You said it, You always have a way of saying it. You don't even listen.


I came out of the temple. What a fine morning to have a debate.



Anonymous said...

@ sorcy,

oh ok ...

cheers !

sulagna said...

i knew it ..i knew it was to end in something unexpected....and a girlfriend is not an "extention pack" ..she erects you to a higher level in life !!! no puns intended here..

acha you wrote this on my blog


what is that??muah or haha??

Sorcerer said...

muahahaha is evil laugh

you disappointed me when you said ."no pun intended"



thanks for the visit :)

Meenakshi said...

so now I know that God has debates with guys. He is ultra cool and sweet to girls(to me always).

***sweet evil grin.

Sorcerer said...

Yeah...steel on steel

Oxymoron said...

i was expecting some kind of a twist and it was a good one....couldn't get who was the son..

Oxymoron said...
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Oxymoron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sorcerer said...


Shiva temple Lord Ganesh would be the son..

Chocolate Lover said...

nice post :)

Nona said...

"Him" is brutal!

Anonymous said...

Haha !
I liked it :)
God doesn't listen.But good he spoke to you atleast...He doesnt speak nor talk to me:(

;~) LOl

Fun reading it.
KEep writing!

Anonymous said...

@ sorcy,

i think wearing a sweater in this winter time is better, than expecting some life upgrade. sipping coffee and enjoying a cigarette is the best thing one can do.

i hope his kids are having fun and leading good lives.

cheers !

Anonymous said...

Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

Anonymous said...
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Quirky said...

Sorcy!!!!!! You went to a temple!! How did this happen?!Enda deyvamme ;)

Anonymous said...

@ quirky,

i am asking out of curiosity.

endi, you dating someone ?

this is called bachelors life.

cheers !

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) ithu othiri nannayittundu.. :)loved reading it.. one thing is that urs is a blog where i actuallly read the posts more than once just to laugh again! this one.. actually after reading the end i read it from the beginning again.. nannnnyaairikkunnu!!! :)

a new post from you is always a pleasure to see!thanks for posting daily.. !

Saurabh Panshikar said...

haha! I just imagined you at the temple like the scene from the Movie "Naastik" lol

Gr8 post but wats all the non-english stff in the comments?

Insignia said...

You had such a long conversation huh??
HIM has lot of time...good good..

Whats with that blue sweater in particular?

:-) Good one!!

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. :-)

bondgal_rulz said...

Debates are always good. And when they are with God, even awesome-er. ;)

Fun read. :)


Sid said...

Ahh good you went on a Thursday morning... he gets really busy on weekends. Went there last weekend and was pushed out by a guard :(

Vaise dude by management science in a negotiation u start small... maybe u shud hv asked for a change of color of the sweater, then upgraded it 2 a jacket n so on :P

Nipun said...

As expected, Sir Sorcy can't go without a twist in the tale.
How do you do that?



Anya said...

Amazing post :-)


Four Dinners said...

If you don't give me some of what you're on I will sulk.

So there.

Barbie Jones said...

That's teriffic when we come to the conclusion that we have made a trrrible mistake, we are genuanly sorry and ask for forgivness,it feels so great especially if there is a lot of snot and crying involved with it.You are so blessed to have come to the knowledge of the mistake you made and you are in touch with your feelgings,all will end well then.Mark my word.You dive deep in the haf (pronounced half)=sea and you look teriffic too,I know sight unseen,because there is something about you that I like a la "There is something about Mary",you are calm to boot which I admire seeing as I am "High Strung"which leaves me temporary insane and I have "A Wild Spirit".I need me laid back man,very late back man.Do you know of one that occurs to you?I don't want no "It's Raining Men" scene,one is good enough sko=you see.

You will make all your woman's dream come true.Tucked away somewhere and is gentle on her mind like in the movie "Field's of Dream".Build it and what?"Onion Fields" is not as cheerful of a movie,but cruel and an unusual punishment, but I can take it and that's a fact.You've got any baby songs just for me?I want be offended if you don't.Have you ever been to Majorca?How about good old North America, Canada?"That's on the house".How teriffic!

Bullshee said...

I wonder how "cool" God actually is...

sulagna said...

ahh common why woyuld u expect her to give you an erection in life..she is anyways an extention pack

*sticking out my tongue*

and no muhahaha is not evil laugh ...i believe its muahh

chalo chalo dont lie...

Anonymous said...

Nice! The only thing that made me smile (erm, laugh actually)today, it being Month close and all. Hmph.
But once again, Nice!!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

aaah!! are

*blush blush

@barbie jones
absolutely right., we humans are bound to do mistake and we end up asking for forgivness,,rather than new wishes..

*gives him the vodka

thank you for the comment

@nipun twisted..chasing its tale.

@bullshee times he is aint so cool.

yeah i knw..its hard to see chicks on weekdays. but the thing is..we can see them in their natural spelndor.. hope you got my drift
sweater? jacket?
errr...asking for MErc here

thank you for the comment

yeah.. basically, its been a long time since I have seen gotta talk a lot. you see..

thank you for the comment

haha..its malayalam.we mallu's talk leik dat.

thank you for the comment :)
nanni, nalla namaskaram.

haha.. see. I go to temple, if there is a 'payasam' thing.

eee Milma Milk allatha payasam thinu oru special taste ane.. Appo athu miss akkan pattuo?

payasam illatha oru paripadikkum njan pokarilla.
Pinne daivathinodu, njan payasam kudikkan vannatha..onnum thonnaruthe nnu engineya aa mughathu nokki parayua..

pinne blog postil njan payasam kudikkana poyee nnum engineya parayua? Adonda... njan sathyam ivide parayannu nireeche.


yeah..How credit crunch affected porn?
Let me tell you this..not they even have a story line and twisted ending.
you dont want me to explain ya?

coffee is awesome for winter.. i know.. I asked for a merc actually

don't worry!! next time I see him.I will tell him to talk to you..

@nona times..

thank you for the comment

Quirky said...

Lol.. ninnakku muzhu vatta ;) N I'm sure I'm the 'billionth' person saying that !

Megha said...

This time you just hit it!

Awesome ending :)

Sorcerer said...

athey, athondu alle e-lokathil jeevichu pone?.
sathyam alle?

thank you..thank you!!:)