Saturday, November 21, 2009


I don't know why I am writing this. I mean, it was a weird day. Woke up with a f[beep]ed up dream. Too many Hollywood late nights on TV.
You know at times, we get these flashbacks, like those seen in movies, with color and muted sound. Everything had started out as black and white. Somewhere it went blurry, the colors started to run, got smudged and gray. Faces and you start remembering them!

Certain incidents in life, good or bad, leave a scar on your soul. It's something like this, we try hard to get climb out of the hole and at an instant we just fall back. What do they call this? Genius of a hole!

I am going to tell you about my First Time.(Real incident) Yeah! most of the time you end up being f[beep]ed up. The pain comes after, if it was in a bus, like mine. [wink]. You never know what happens in a travel. Aint ya?

The bus had offloaded almost all passengers at the previous stop. Me and a "few" passengers have punched our ticket to the final leg.

We started our journey, for another 40 Kms to the final disembarkment point.

It happens so fast, technical term will be "a quickie?"
I was enjoyin the "ride”. It was real, Real good. We were almost there. It was awesome with fun music in the background.

Two Barrel rolls and then I hear scream and gasps..
Get out..Get out..NOW!!!!!

It's's gonna...!!

Alright!! I have to move out!

Then...I moved out..and jumped outta the broken window.

That’s my first experience in a Bus accident.

Whenever they show such crashes in movies, the movie goes into a slow motion mode. I used to wonder why.

Yes! its something like that when you are in such situations from the first person perspective.
Time is relative to the observer. When you're in mess-ups like this, the time around you kinda freezes, you could see the glass pieces flying around, the sound of it breaking and the smell of gasoline in the air. Its as if your senses has attained a new clarity.
You wont feel pain. Your cuts would bleed but you would feel no pain. You get this sudden adrenalin rush to save your skin, which is holding you together. You suddenly become more powerful than you really are. You could lift anything off your feet to let it free and kicking.


When you are in the clear, you look back at the wreck. You are glad, you smile at it, which could well, have been your coffin.

Incidents like this in our life, brings a new vantage point into your life. Deep inside you, you feel more powerful. It teach you a bit more about life, which you forgot or never cared to learn.

I got out of my bed remembering these words "What doesn’t kill you, Make you strong."



санжог said...

man, wow, really lucky to be alive.

I still question the last sentence, if the bus didn't kill you does not mean you can now have an accident with a bull-dozer.

so no what does not kill you, gives you another chance to stay away.

Sorcerer said...

err..bulldozer.. ya know always go from one extreme to another.. aint ya Soldier? can say that too.

and yeah it was lucky.we could have made the next days news headlines.
Well..ya know my policies with the media..I keep a low profile..
*phew..that was close mate

Saadi said...

Wow!! Tht's pretty scary....glad to kno ur all fine and safe!!

N yeah...i gotta agree with the санжог!

Anonymous said...

It makes us stronger, but it scars us mentally too.


Anonymous said...

Glad you were not hurt and safe.

Hey but contradictory to what you said,When I met with my first accident the time just flew. Like I was not really aware of what was happening though I could see everthing.
But that was an amazing experience :~)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

lucky to have to alive mate...

We'd have lost a cool blogger! lol

I wouldn't mind if you'd post from heaven / hell though

vineet said...

holy lord u r saved n safe,..lucky ecsape frm the fist of death..watevr it was i thnk dat aactually adds up another adventre in urlife..lovely post n d endingwas nice wth d quote u mentioned..keep writin

Ashley said...

Oh! That must have been scary...
Did everyone including you get out safe?
"What doesn’t kill you, Makes you strong."..I hope it has...

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

"What doesn’t kill you, Makes you strong."
lyk dat!!
wen did dem grey cells strtd wrkin..huh???:P

Angela said...

I enjoy your humor, great site. Looking forward to your next post.