Sunday, December 20, 2009


Due to the overwhelming response I received from my previous blog post on SPAM. I thought I would share something more about SPAM mails.


This spammer actually, coined a new term for the 'FIRST TIME'. Isn't this awesome!!!


This could be a physics major drop out, now spamming the world with his weird theories.


Get a team of 12 and they will dig an underground tunnel. Just give em each a play boy magazine.

Amplify? Okay!! That's a loud cock and some ones gonna shoot it for being such loud.

Now..Incest..that's the only thing some family do together.


Hmm... I never knew the 'Sex change' is a fashion trend.

Gal 1: Whats you buying new this summer?
Gal 2: I am gonna get myself new testicles this summer.


Now, this could be an entirely new career wing, or someone has to go back to school to learn the spelling.


Under paid naked teens and over worked home director.


How about modern dictionary?


The year is going to end! So I thought, I would randomly pick some posts for my new blog followers to read
1)Read about my encounter with

2)Read my 'Thank You Speech' on my first award

3)Read about the Smart Dog of our street


This pic, is my awesome fooditti (food+graffitti) I did in Transit Mall, Bangalore.



Anonymous said... ought to have about me page for your blog.

Sorcerer said...

I do have an about me page..
its way down on the right!!

Anonymous said...

If you email someone this blogpost of yours,I guess it will end up in the spam folder :~D
Thats an amazing work of fooditti I have ever seen :P

Anonymous said...

but, does it give an information which any new visitor seek to have about you?

Sorcerer said...

thank you!!! for the comment and thanks for appreciating my food art :)

@anonymous anonymous it is.
I will post an information page. :)

Anonymous said... got it right dude..
but, I like to be a little Anonymous for those who sounds anonymous to me :D

Sorcerer said...

yeah..I have disclosed my email address. For those who likes to contact me can contact me on that :)

Internet is void()
so email it is..

Rishi said...

didn't u get the Nigerians yet??

they'll donate their testosterone ball liquids for you if u click on their link and download the virus that comes along...

trust them. they say its the truth. no side effects on ur body...

Anonymous said...

@ sorceror,

i wonder why ladies would want a sex change !

probably they also want to dig-in imitating a playboy ?

but why ? ... yes, they are soft like butter and melt easily. when handled with care ...

so, is not allowing penetration, a motivation enough for them ? ... why do they want to break the walls with some toys, by changing their anatomy ?

they get directed at home, doggie style ... they entice, and protect themselves from infection ... with viagra, and gloves ... and they lovingly prepare the meal for their loved ones, till their loved ones lick their fingers, having a sumptuous meal.

curious case of women i would say !

cheers !

Saadi said...

Lol...hahahahaha....atleast it DID serve us a purpose...thanks to u! :d

Great post!!

Jaunty anima said...

cool fooditti!!!:)

angel from heaven said...

A brilliant set!! Well done sorcy for more added humour!! Simply the best!!!

Bedazzled said...

lol !! sex sells and sells very well !!

Chocolate Lover said...

LOL!! hehehe

sulagna said... been painting teh town red i see...and ohh the butter and boob combo,was a nice one....

PS: how come you get so many mails..hhmmm..makes me wonder what you "up" to??

Destiny's child... said...

fooditti is cute and about the post

Sorcerer said...

nigerians...naa...I intentionally left em off.
I dont want to encourage them..

errr...I was just kickin them on makin testicles a fashion statement.

heyyaa!! good to see you back on blogosphere..enjoyin Holidays outside the virtual world eh?
Thanks for commenting and going through the rest of my blog.

yeah... thanks :)
i love to get motivated...

hey!!! nice to see you taking your time and going through my blogposts..thank you :)

yeah!! its the core of survival..errr..for ad companies

@chocolate lover
thanks :)

well!!! we get so many mails...errr.. crawlers...BOTS...I call em Agent Smith and party..

@destiny's child
thanks for the comment :)and yeah :) for appreciating my artwork

Readers Dais said...


Hey y did u leave the sauce on the plate yaar?
cool one dude...

Sorcerer said...

@readers dias
it was the only thing that was kinda FREE!!!!

thank you:)

Uncommon Sense said...

that was super rocker!!fuckin hilarious

Sorcerer said...

@uncommon sense
spasibo comrade..