Sunday, December 13, 2009


moron 1: I can't get it up. [ Talking about a stubborn server]

Genius: Gravity sucks.

moron 1:F[beep] you.

Genius:Get it up first.

Wiseone: Incest ..its something involving family right?

Sorcerer: incest, the only thing which some families enjoy doing together.

Once upon a time in a 'famous' Orkut community, the God's(read: Mods) said not to use swear words in the discussion threads.I don't remember the whole simile conversation.
So,life found a way.

n00b:(_*_) [ meaning kiss my arse ]

Sorcerer:</3 [Meaning chop off your balls]

Well, this way of discussion was more fun, any way.

Genius: I am not getting it.

Wiseone:You will never get it.



My cousin wanted a project for his final semester.

Cousin: Can you please help us with our project

Me: What kind of project are you looking at?

Cousin:Anything that's new, get us into a job, unique.

Me:Let's try something like encryption and things.

Hari(My cousin's friend): Whats encryption?

Me:You know, encrypt it unreadable. Only the person with the key can read it after decryption.

Hari:Okay!! something like my handwriting.

I woke up seeing a weird dream. I was fighting a monster kind of thing in a desert. I had a woman with me, I saved her from some pirates. Too much games , I know. Funny part is I was strangling my pillow, then my senses kicked in and I woke up.

Mom gave a weird look, when she saw me.
God!! Did I make some noise?

I plead not guilty.



My Foot? said...

(_*_) & the other one (involving "<" because of which HTML thinks I'm trying to use tags) shall be making waves!

Nipun said...

Gr8 wrk once again dude!!
D signs really r meaningful..
Hats off!!


Saurabh Panshikar said...


I can see where the bottom half of the dream is goin...

Uncommon Sense said...


sulagna said...

Sorci you make my day maan!! and this wise one..pls convey my respect to him

ode writer said...


Your friends are funny... so are you!

Keep it up...! :)

Sorcerer said...

yeah... mods cant say not to use smileys..

yeah..its hard to make weird signs though

you dont believe me too.. :(
I was just saving that poor lovely woman.

@uncommon sense
thanks for the comment
long see..

Yeah!! I will convey my regards!

@ode writer
:) thank you.. .

Megha said...

haha...what did your mother say ? ;)

Chanz said...

Gawd, I loved the first one. And I love </3.. chopped..

Chanz said...

awww... i wrote a long comment... But i get the comment itself got chopped.. maybe the </3 is acting like a tag... :(

And now I am going to spread the word.. The new sign will be famous..


Sorcerer said...

na..she didnt say anything...was kinda giving me that look.

yeah... we need to spread insanity.
its a career skill

Pratik Gupta said...

(_*_)....lets make it "IN"