Monday, December 14, 2009


Life would be much easier if we take time to retrospect and introspect (My New hobby) and then publish it for the whole world to learn from it.
These are some things I learned.

1)Don't ask a girl for her height and then talk about bonsai trees. They just log off.

2)Bachelor life may be a mess, but we still find matching pair of socks from the pile of cloths.
(It kinda rhymed, did you notice that?)

3)It's not advisable to give your new girl friend a 'Cook book' as a present.

"I would rather cook myself than die with bitterness in my mouth."- Mr.Poet

Hence Proved

4)In case you run out of toothpaste, Use shampoo, mouth will taste funny till you have your first cup of coffee.

5)Shampoo and dish washing liquid are the same, speaking at molecular levels, its all detergent.

6)According to statistics, 1 out of 3 people will die of smoking, the other 2 will just be immortal.

7)At times life is like that robot, that reads parameters from its environment, discard it and then runs onto the wall.

8)When words echo inside your head, you know its empty.

9)Google before asking stupid questions.

10)Some times, the voices inside your head talk so loud that you end up having a headache.

11)In life Fat chance and Slim Chance mean the same thing.

12) "Is wannabe a Halloween costume?"- Dew Drops

13)Don't think about life when having noodles, your thoughts get entangled with it.

14) Never call a woman fat,unless u want to commit suicide.

15)Look at her face when you are talking to a girl, no matter how big her heart is.

16) "You cant patent a,e,i,o,u SORCY!!!"- DD"

17)"Last man standing" is the game impotent people play.

18)There is life outside IRC(Internet Relay Chat), but cars too.

19)When fighting, never raise your hands, it leaves your midsection unprotected.

20)Don't say "Right back at ya SISTA!!! when someone says I love you"- Juggie



Megha said...

Isn't there anyone who has beaten you yet ? I mean a punch ?

Anonymous said...

Introspect and retrospect more....

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Last man standing is the one who pays the bill in the bar! -Yours truly

Karthik said...

"Look at her face when you are talking to a girl, no matter how big her heart is."
Sorry! We are the kinda people who give importance to beauty of the heart, not beauty of the face. :P
- Some author.

Too good, dude. Too good. :)

Nipun said...

Cool dude!!
These things really do happen..
Tested Okay..


Quirky said...

Rephrasing Megha's question: How many people have punched you?!

Bedazzled said...

lol!!! cook book for u r self is not a bad idea !

sulagna said...

heyii one more personal learning from my wild past..never get into a fight with an ugly *&^%$, they have nothing to loose

Uncommon Sense said...

nice, the cook book one was great

Vijay said...

Hi.. I just visited ur blog.. It sounds Great.. Hope u too will Visit my blog..

Chanz said...

Google doesnt answer one question

Do you mind if I knock your head off, if nobody has done that before..??? (Well I am actually carrying forward the question asked by Megha and Quirky)

Sorcerer said...

errr...I just got only one head, and I am totally harmless. I dont even bite and I cut my nails..

Thank you for the visit.and happy to know that my blog is making some sound and it is great.:)

cook book is actually tried by my friend but was not great..he said
nyway..thanks for the comment dood.

mud is good for skin..dont you know that.?>

errr... I do cook and I do cook well..Its creative cooking.but tastes food.good.

Till date..None!! its with wink magic.

yeah..Tested okay.but not tested on animals.

you wickid person..errrr..I bet you are single.

Well..lets hit the pub together once.

hm....thats wht I do these days.

hmm...i am an endangered species..nobody wanna bite me.

susie said...

err sorcy , wasnt that u who used detergent as shampoo when u ran out of it?? :P

Sorcerer said...

yes and iam proud of it.
not only me.. errr.... Juggie too would be.
see..wr dont go..crazy when we dont get matching color for footwear and lipstick..
its called ADAPTAION

Chanz said...

Yuckkk.. For heavens sake, plz go cut your nails..

Ashley said...

This is something I practice with grrrreat diligence.."Google before asking stupid questions." :D

And switch shampoo for toothpaste? Really? lol! :))
Awesome post!

Sorcerer said...

I said..I cut my nails.


yes,shampoo for toothpaste..try it once..its a great experience.!!

you will feel much better the rest of the day~!

ode writer said...

"Google before asking stupid questions" !!... i use that line a 100 times a day! :D

"When words echo inside your head, you know its empty - damn smart! :D


Sorcerer said...

@ode writer
YEah..thanks for the acknowledgement

D said...

Oye!!! u wanna start the whole men-adapt-better-because-they-use-shampoo-instead-of-toothpaste argument again?? hmmmmmmmm????

oooo and thankuuuu for tagging meee! :)

oh and u must be hearing a LOT of echoes in ur head na???

Sorcerer said...

hey.... you..DD..
remember my old post on you..
the KABOOM thngy? I have to remind you the whole conversation

aha!!! me hearing echoes? now..where have I heard that the first time?