Tuesday, December 22, 2009


He stood there, waves lapping at his feet. There was this beautiful woman, a few feet away from him, enjoying her evening with the waves. She was gorgeous, a full figure. The jeans and the white shirt she wore was wet and stuck to her body, revealing her curves. Her shirt was a bit too short , according to him. As she raised her hand to make her hair, it revealed a bit of tattoo she had on the left of her soft white tummy. He wished for a bit more sunlight, though in twilight , the whole scene was more artistic.

She was drawing too much attention. Even the joggers who jogged by slowed down when they got her in focus . She went on with her playful ways, as if she was alone at the beach.

His lips curved in a cynical smile."Femme Fatale" - He murmured to himself


He sat there on the beach, enjoying the cold, sultry and salty sea wind on his face. He was looking at the silhouette of a departing sea vessel on the horizon. Through the corner of his eyes, he was occasionally watching the girl, "bounce" around on the beach.
After sometime, she took her shoes in her hands and walked towards the road, away from the beach.

He looked at his watch. He got up and walked towards the cheap hotel, he booked for tonight. His profession, allowed and afforded on him more luxuries. He was man of perfection. Perfection is what his job, required him to have. He doesn't want to blow his cover. It was his perfection in his execution and belief in his intuitions that had helped him survive this hardcore profession, while many simply failed , ended up and washed up, dead on beaches.

He walked into the hotel lobby. He chuckled at himself, as his eyes, scanned the number plates of the parked cars. He was living, his profession. May be such habits, gave him the survivability, in profession like these. He glanced back at the gate of the hotel one last time and entered the lobby. He walked towards the desk.

It was a cheap hotel, but was well maintained. He climbed the wooden stairs with wrought iron railing, a reminiscence of Portuguese era design. He had chosen a room facing the road that approached the beach. He entered the long corridor.

At the end of the corridor, next door to his room, he saw her, the girl from the beach, in the arms of another guy, lip locked. A florescent light flickered above them.That guy had another huge packet with him, clutched in his other hand. She had a different kind of packet in her hand.They went on with their playful ways, as the guy fumbled for the keyhole to the door and the girl for his lips.

He walked past them.
"Hmm...They are hungry!!", he thought, as he opened room to his door and went in, closing the door behind him.

He drew the curtains to the windows. The iron frame on them were rusty, by the sea winds. He drew a chair close to one window and sat with his night vision binoculars, focusing it on where he expected them to show up.

After an hour he heard voices from the other room. It sounded as if they both were excited.
He couldn't but over hear the conversation. He listened on, what if...

The Guy:Remove that.
She:Wait, Let me.
The Guy:I can't wait...
She: I know.


The Guy::Hmmm....oh yeah!!! Its sooo good.
She:hmmm..... You want it?
The Guy::Oh yeah!!! Its soo good!!
She:Bite on it!!!


She:It's soo hot.This is large..oooohh!!
The Guy::It's all for you dear.shhh....


She:Lick it!! I am feeling all sweaty, this one is real hot.
The Guy:Its sooo..goood!! Can I dip it in?
She:Yeah baby!! What you waiting for.


The Guy: I am ready for the juice.
She:hmmmm.yeah!!! Me want it.
The Guy:Have it all.
She:ooh!! This one is thick unlike the other day I had.


The Guy: Wow!! that was so good. I can't get enough of it.
She:Yeah! Move, I want to go and wash.


She: This is probably the best one I ever had.
The Guy: Yeah! Me too. It was hot and good.


He hadn't slept that night. It was not because of the excited and erotic voices from the other room.He was on a mission. He is used to life like this. He wanted a hot cup of coffee and a smoke. As he is on it he would contact the higher authorities, brief the committee on his finding last night and review the action plan for the day.

He came out of his room. The corridor smelled of spices and chicken.
Something, near the door next to him made him smile.
It was what remained of KFC HOT WINGS.

"So that was all the ooohhs and hmmms..about" he thought with a smile as he quickened his steps towards the stairs.


Ria said...

KFC chicken wings!!Lol....that had me in splits. :P

Sorcerer said...


yeah!!everyone get excited over food..
ever observed that it is similar to voices made while..err...hmm...


susie said...

ge hehehheeee..:P i knew i knew i knew.. :P

Chocolate Lover said...


Sorcerer said...

had double breakfast today scoozy?

@chocolate lover
thank you:)

Sammok said...

i saw that coming in the middle..

ha ha

- Sugar Cube - said...

lol..was kinda expecting it to end that way !

Tara said...

hhaaaa !!! great post though the ending laded as expected ...

My Foot? said...

Finally a story where it isn't all about the guy's mysterious job. The food part was slightly predictable, but I never expected it to be KFC's Hot Wings. Good one. Enjoyed it & now I'm hungry.

Karthik said...

hahaha.. lol..
it was awesome man. :)

Bedazzled said...

lol ! guessed that it was some food .. but not kfc !!

sulagna said...

sinner you are..ekdum sinner..khaane ka itna tamasha...hey bhagwaan!!

;) ;)

Smita said...

lol!! Good one!!!

I knew it had to do something with chicken but KFC? Hehehehe Good one

Sorcerer said...

Thank you for the comment.
yeah my readers know me well..i think..they are not falling for my old tricks

:) ha ha...thanks for the comment

KFC hot wings are now very famous..you see

thank you:)

yeah..its food for thought

thank you for the comment

hmm..i should be more cynical in my approach to my words
hmm...thank you for the comment

yeah!!in the middle? coming?
chee chee

cutestangel said...

Sorcy you are just so damn funny but I guessed the ending pretty early in your post.Good one though!!

Ode Writer said...

hehhehe, good one! reminded me of a Seinfeld Episode where Elaine makes ermmm.... wierd noices while having choclate, and George has a crush on her! :P

good one again!

Sorcerer said...

hmm... one day I am gonna surprise you all with a real erotics..
oops!! not a surprise any more

@ode writer
hmm... this one backfired ...

Manjari Singh said...

i thought it would b crab or some other sea food. KFC excites me too. hehheheheh

Megha said...

lol....good one :)

Sorcerer said...

see..food is excitment :)

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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