Sunday, December 27, 2009


Blogspot doesn't allow me to name this blog post as CONVERSATIONS, that is the reason why I added an extra character (') to it in the title. I told this, just in case you have a wandering..errr..wondering mind like me.


Sorcerer: Hey! You aint gonna tell Susie the meaning of "Nada".

Sanjog: Is that a question?

Sorcerer:NOPE!! A THREAT


Wiseguy: Gotta buy my girl friend something for her birthday.

Sorcerer: Ooohh!!! is in the air.

Wiseguy: Love makes the world go round.. and round..

Sorcerer: Nope, It makes the world go up and down, depending on the whose on top.


We got invited to a luncheon, at the residence of our mentor. His wife, cooks awesome dishes.
The curry looked tempting with all those, nuts and things in it. It even had raisins in it (Atleast that's what I thought it was.), which I 'collected' from my share.
I bit on those camouflaged raisins and was all like a fire breathing dragon, except that I could not even make a noise or shout or run around screaming. It was some state of art chillies. Nano chilies, may be. Thanks to the corporate training, I was 'at calm'.

I wanted to warn my wing man, who was sitting at a far corner from, me about the hostiles in the curry. I messaged him on his cell-phone :" Those, lil round things are not actually raisins.Its chillies, stay clear of that." My friend, took his cell-phone, looked at the screen and kept it back.

I met the wing man, near the wash after we had our lunch.

Wingman: What was the message you send. Couldn't read it, my eyes were all teary.
Me: Oh! Just, delete the message.


CSR with Pretty voice: Good morning, I am calling from _____ insurance.

Me: What? Morning.So soon.

CSR with Pretty voice
: Good morning, I am calling from _____ insurance. I would like to

Me: You working on such a beautiful Saturday? Oh God!!

The phone line drops.



Anonymous said...

Those were interesting.

Chocolate Lover said...

nice as usual :D

SindhuBhairavi said...


pakshe aadhyathethu manassilayilla.. 'nada' ? budhi ichiri kuravaanu :)athu valla pishagu sangathi aano? :) aanenkil explain cheyyanda :)

yojitha said...

:D fun-nee

Anonymous said...

Whats the meaning of NAda????

What if Wing man read that message aloud! Hahaha that would have been even more funnier :~P

I really enjoyed this post!
But why din't Blogspot let u name it Conversations? Confused me :~(

Keep writing!
Happy Weekdays :P

Saadi said...

The last was freak'in awesome!! I wonder if the CSR with the pretty voice quit the job after tht!

Jon said...

t: don't explain anything to anyone

m: huh?

t: the minute you do all the critics will misquote one sentence you say and use it against you, while all the rational people will want to engage in conversation

m: oh... thanks for the advice

Rex Venom said...

Madness! Entertaining, though. And, dang it, I really want to try one of those chillies!
Rock on!

A New Beginning said...

Hey!! Thanks for the visit to my blog, youve got a great blog too, theres a very different feel to it...would love to come again!!
Best wishes for a great year ahead!! :)

Anonymous said...

Poor wingman! What does Nada mean anyways? :)))

Shruti Mukundan said...

hey thr!!

wassup?? u sure sound normal :)

i was little messed up with hell lot of things so was kinda outta blogger these days. back now.. i thought of updating myself in ur blog page but guess its gonna take me a month to finish off with the pending posts. wats d secret of this energy? u seem to b just all over it!!!

Gymnast said...

Lol..that made me smile. You sure have an interesting life.

sulagna said...

wingman..i like the name..waise do you flirt with CSR's chee chee Sorci???

Antarman said...

lol:)..nice specially that chilli one:)

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment.

I just wanted to "Enjoy" my saturday.

thank you for the comment.

nothing much..just the usual dose of insanity.

errrr... Nada ...Means "Nothing."

@new beginning
thanks for dropping by and commenting

chillies.. errrr... Dont tell me I didnt warn ya.

thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

nada...means.."NOTHing" null void.

thanks for the comment

Nada nnu chal oonnoolya tto.

@chocolate lover
thanks for the comment

thank you for dropping by

Bedazzled said...

lol!!liked the chilly story !!

Pratik Gupta said...

i am waiting for the insurance call to try this...

Megha said...

haha...the last one was the best

санжог said...

Man I like nano chillies. Aweshome dude.

Sorcerer said...

yeah yeah!! good no?

@pratik gupta
you should try that..and more
pst pst..i can give u a whole range of ideas

thank you..:)
i know everyone luuurrrves insurance calls

yeah nano chillies..come to kerala. I will find it for you.