Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today, I comes into my blog and what do I see.....

My followers thingy have covered a milestone. Yes 100 plus, it is.
When I was the 100th follower, of a famous US Blogger, I got a special edification.(Read about it here) from Allie.

According to the theory named "Butterfly effect", I have to edify my 100th follower. It's one way to a perfect round figure. (100 has 2 round figures i.e "0" ].

Ladies and gentlemen

[Drum Roll]
[Camera Flashes]


Me is the 100th follower of my blog. Well!! not me, but Me. [Strange language English is]


New year is round the corner, hardly a corner anymore. This is time when we look back[ A break from looking at the "back"], at all the sins and good things we did the previous year and say "Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! Yii-hah!". Then we make resolutions which we never intent to follow.

My wingman, maha rishi maha bloggi sri sri Sanjog broadcast a message to all of us(ECF Comrades), which I am sharing with you all.

Dear Idiots,

This is my major broadcast to all you dim-wits, and some of whom I know wear their t-shirts inside out. I just want to say that you all are lunatic, and belong to mental asylum. May be there isn't one where you all would be accepted any way.

I cannot write it in words, but I know you dim-wits are reading between the lines. I LOVE YOU ALL, and miss you a lot too. In 2009 we did some crazy ass shit, and It was one of the best times of my life.

Without you misfits, I wouldn't be able to categorize myself among being a successful person. But I tell you what, I am a proud SON OF A BITCH, and I am proud of the friendship that we all share.

Without you idiots i wouldn't have had all that I have.Nothing can tear us apa
rt except a pretty girl in a tutu.
Have a freaky new year, and don't drink and drive.
First get drunk and then drive.


Fellow Insane,
TeaCeeyeSh mental asylum inmate.


This, awesome letter prompted me to write a let
ter to my inmates and also my blog readers, who come to my blog to watch me running into walls. [ I am so touched ].
So here I go..

'Ello, baby.
[ What do ya expect from me, other than lurrrve]

For those who don't know from whom this message is coming from, permit me to introduce myself, My name is ze Sorcerer, commander of the Armies of the ECF, General of the TeaCeeyeSh, loyal servant to the true emperor, Holy Juggie. fadah to a commune, husband to a Compaq laptop. And I will have my graphics card, in this year or the next.

2009, is zipping past us like Ferrari in the Monte Carlo Formula 1 Circuit. Fellow mates, we have done crazy shit, but since we are all skunks, we've learned 'ow to 'old our breath for a long time.Good no, in shit? There, was misunderstandings and how we hoped the miss was actually above standing wearing a micro mini.Dashing, no?
Like the old saying, bird of the same feather wait for ze car to poop together on it, we have 'ffectively used our teamwork skill to create more shit. Strong will, are we not?

In ze coming year, we should have more ECF meets in ze Transit Mall. Let us see, how much longer we can sit there,with just one coca cola, without bein royally thrown out. Yeah!! Team, lets break our own record of 3 hours and 45 Minutes. Juggie, in the year 2010, I want to put all my autographed coca cola cups on ebay. It's for charity. I am hungry, you see.

My Comrades, you people are the reason why, the world is tilted on its axis. It's God's way to, protect our delicate heads from the extreme rays of ze sun. Without you, I would be constantly in touch with the reality, thus getting my rightful place in some mucky mental asylum, with nurses, past their expiry date. Thank you for pointing that gun on to my head (Oh the funny theengs those fellows do to me!)and making me take the red pill. Now I see, pink elephants with Rakhi Savant, wearing fluorescent yellow polka bikini. Romantic, no?With out you all, I would feel like a peace without pigeons.

2009 has been the year where my blogging actually, picked up its pace. I thank all my fellow bloggers and my blog followers to continue their support in the coming year. Your comments actually helped me a lot, in perfecting my blogging thingy.

May ze coming years, breeng more prosperity into our lives. May us be blessed by ze 'eaven!. Ay Caramba!.For all you pink pigeons in love, May Zee cabbage of your love NOT run away from you zee corn-beef. May you all find everything, you are searching for even withoud ze lights.

Vive la republique of Tea Cee yeSh.
Vive la republique of blogosphere.

Let us all stay together here like sandwich with peanut butter.



I R geniass.

Ps:* TeaCeeyeSh is not in anyway related to T.C.S



Me said...

oh! the 'me' got first to comment too...
thanks for the space in ur last post. im honoured too. and congrats on the 100th follower. now its 102 anyway, see the good luck i have brought in..
btw, reading ur older posts. hilarious all of 'em.
do write mercilessly, all thru 2010
happy newyear!!

Sorcerer said...

aye aye aye!!

nil said...

Hey there! Nice blog you got out there :)
Keep writing buddy!

*Shreya* said...

oh did I tell you I am jealous with a capital J????
Well i really am!

102. awezzzzzom!!!

Saadi said...

Congrats on the reaching the milestone!!!

N yea...awesome write-up!! ;)

Chocolate Lover said...

he sorcy,
congratulation for ur 100th follower.. ummm.. 102th follower ;)

Ramit said...

Hmmm, nice. Pretty lady too.

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) congrats.. am sure the number of followers are gonna increase again very soooon! looking forward to seeing more n more posts from u..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having the graphics card soon!So wat have you and wife decided to name it? lol

Happy new year!

sm said...

can we say
Picture abhi to baki hai

KrystalKitty. said...

Congratultions!100 followers that's pretty good,you're a smooth talker all right it's an approval issue.So she did not cut a dashing figure in the micro mini ,is that a fact?Maybe it was an impulse wearing,to see if she was not a sweet,innocent shy girl any longer or a desperate attempt to MANURE-MANEUVER to haunt the ostentatious Ferrari in a DIP-lomantic way.

Anonymous said...

LOL...hahah Congrats and Happy new year to u..Wishing you more support the coming year too...

Uncommon Sense said...

caramba! the finger print stuff was fucking orignal

Chocolate Lover said...

You are tagged.. again :p

Megha said...

Congrats!! and Happy new year to you :)

санжог said...

Oye Sorcy, For God Sakes This new year, I want to see you with a real girl friend.

Don't forget the merc too. Just wondering when you going to book it bro.

Sorcerer said...

dis newyear!! mesa very busy..vary vary busy..
merc... yeah!! ze merc..muaahahaha!!
yeah zen we will vrooooooooooooooom ze town..aye captain!!

spasibo for ze wishes and happy new year to you too..

@chocolate lover
wowwiee...ze tag.. i love ze tags..
thank u

thank you mate:)

thanks for ze comment

@krystal kitty
i loved your dip-lomatic usage.
thanks for ze comment

haaam...itz der..its der..more to come
thanks for the comment

my wife...? oh ze laptop.. well I call her the graphics card.aaahh...

thank you, for the wishes

yeah.yeah!! pretty lady..tooo..
you see..
thank you for the comment

Hey man.. how are ya?
thanks for dropping by and commenting .buddy

wow!! you look fab in green.
i love that florescent touch..

yeah..dats whaut mesa gonna do.
aye aye..
thanks for ze comment

Chocolate Lover said...

You have been awarded again :D

Sorcerer said...

@chocolate lover
thank you :)

Shanu said...


This was hilarious..loved it :)

*Shreya* said...

green? i? whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? huh?

Tavish Chadha said...

Well within a day you have 3 more followers! You can add my name to in that now... so its 104! :)

you have a very nice blog...

wish you a very happy new year!


Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

Yeah!! you said you were J, with capital J
J makes people look green.

thank you tavish for following me and commenting on my post :)

*Shreya* said...

Oh THAT green oh okay. yeahahhahahahahaahha i am SO green i could green-o-fy!

Me said...

emmm...errrr....ummmm.....did some one mention me..?? *wink wink*

Sorcerer said...

yeah!! you are Green.. meaning environ'mental' friendly

haha :)

Anonymous said...


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