Wednesday, December 2, 2009



"Don't bang your ball on the wall. You are dirtying it."


Ro** : I feel so heavy in my heart

Ron**: I recommend Helium


Wiseone(on phone):Yes...No......errrr..No...Yes....

Sorcerer(To himself): When you have a girl friend, you learn to talk in Boolean.


Ed: Wiseone!!! Why are your eyes red and swollen?

Sorcy: He got sperm in his eyes.

[ High decibel Ed Native laugh]

Wiseone: Idiot!! Its pollen. I am allergic to pollen grains...what you call em..Pollen grains..right?

Sorcy:Its flower sperm in layman's term.

Wiseguy:next time don't ask me how to do it.Just figure it out yourself.

Genius:How do I do that?


"If everyone lookin for God, won't he feel like we are stalking him?" - Sorcerer wondering on God.



санжог said...

don't bang the ball, coz you can't with the wall.

you are on Vodka today.

Aditya said...

Brilliant one liners!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Heavy in heart? Iron rich food did it for him!

And Google says : "undiat"

as in Diet v/s Undiet!

susie said...

[:D] [:d]

Karthik said...

flower sperm????
lol.. :D
Wonderful one liners!

Uncommon Sense said...

smart lines

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha Flower sperm :P

angel from heaven said...

lolz you should be a biology teacher!!!You have agood way of explaining nature!!!

ode writer said...

now that the formality of the first comment is done with (phew!)... all i can say is

LOLOLOLOLOL !!... i mean, really... who would think of pollen grains as flower sperms :|

and stalking GOD !!... Man, you have a really different mind in there!!

Keep it up yaa... Enjoy Maadi :)

ode writer said...

btw btw btw... sharing this on Facebook!

don't come to kill me, if some random people start visiting this blog! :P

Sorcerer said...

thank you :)
nope..Iam quiet harmless
i even cut my nails

ode writer said...

it's the gun and the hacking process am worried about :|