Monday, December 28, 2009


The year is coming to an end, I thought I would share with you words of awesome wisdom.

I don't even get paid for being good to people- Sorcerer to nice nice people.

Scandals and Sandals - Its the new way of politics - Sorcerer on shoe throwing trend in politics.

This election and its result is an eye opener for many asshole politicians; with all due respect to the vital organ of body - Sorcerer on election results.

when in doubt, do de bunk! - DD

Gone are those days of stand-up comedy..Now its comedy when it doesn't stand up- Sorcerer on Sex.

"Human mind is a terrible thing with or without the fuse"-Sorcerer

Saving the world from self destruction is soo much tough without Hollywood backing me up- Sorcerer on Saving the world

You, are an Idiot,pure, 100% natural, and bottled at the source- Sorcerer to Idiot

Wear helmet.Reflection of your bald head could start fire- Sorcerer to baldy

Girls!!, never tell a geek, you need "dual boot" for your system. It could be misunderstood in a whole "another" level.- Sorcerer on Dual Boot

Are contraceptives called the life guards of the pool called gene pool?- Sorcerer wondering on gene pool.



Rex Venom said...

Number 3: I never before thought how maligned that very important and, really, innocent body part has become.
Rock on!

KrystalKitty. said...

Number 5 : Gedillur=Bad mood Come Back lines for Stand Up comedy,har har.

Oldmonk_87 said...

Thats very kind of you Sorcerer. And I must apologize well in advance if any of what I write (In a fit of rage sometimes or rather a lack of maturity in the earlier years) comes as distasteful :D

yojitha said...

i agree with .1
hahahhahaa hhahahaha ha the third one!

i dont get it either whats with 11.

nice one altogether!!

Chocolate Lover said...

hahaha! LOL
no.2 and no.9 was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Good one..Keep them coming :~P
12 more to go and 3 more day!
Yes you can do it.

Meenakshi said...

lol. amusing quotes. loved the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th one..

Jaunty anima said...


sm said...


sulagna said...

sorcyyyyyy..yeh maine kal padh lia..aaj ki taza khabar kaha hai??

considering i am your loyal visitor who reads every blog would say on the last point..come to think of it,your birth certificate is like an apology letter from the condom factory

Pratik Gupta said...

ROFL on 3,7,9,2,4,1,5,8...oh heck..all of them!! :P

Sorcerer said...

yeah..thank you for the comment

thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment.and you lost me on apoligies

11 is very technical..very technical

@chocolate lover
thanks for the comment

12 more?
100 this year
errr... that means 4 posts a day
that meant a post every 6 hours
that means..iam good with dividin in math.
thats a good sign..
thanks for the commment

thanks for the comment

@jaunty anima
:)i want to patent em.*sigh
thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

:) for ze comment

thank you thank you for visiting and commenting comrade

D said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, i toatallly agree with Sulagna.......:p

Megha said...

good one :)

Sorcerer said...

we are planning a coup on certain someone. you in?

thank you for ze comment senorita!

D said...

hahahahaha oooh yeah... i'm totally IN!!!!

Rushabhh Gandhi said...


You are gooooodd!!! :::)

Sorcerer said...

Muaahahahaha!! now I got ze Devils Advocate on my side..buaahahahaha!!!

Lets play the Hotel California backwards...
dats just a start D..Jusht a shtart!!!

@Rushabh Gandhi
Thank you for saying that. you see