Sunday, October 18, 2009


This incidend happend a few days back.
I was standing in the balcony of my home, enjoying the drizzle of the rain and the cool wind.
It was almost 12:30 at night.The cool and awesome weather kept me awake. The Bangalore minutes ticked by.

There on the road, The Black Cat of our street, THE BLACK DOG, walked, scheming in his doggy mind to do some dirty doggy things near the gate to my home. The dog walked up and down the street like the needle of a speedo meter(Metaphor).

This Black Dog is a new addition to our street. He is hypder,(Highly Yintelligent Perverted Dog eveR).After a coup, he took over the street from the Amchi Local Dog and the small kids who play cricket in our street. He chooses the time, after we all go to sleep, to practice his vocalaroheoa with his team mates

Like every true story, my story also has a hero. Its not the super man who wears the undies over his pants. Its my neighbour.
Let me introduce the Hero Of Our Story. The 60 or so year old, retired uncle, who lives opposite to my home. Every night, when the streets are empty, he comes down from the second floor of his home, armed with a cigarette. He sits near the general store now closed after business for the day, enjoying his cigarette
Tonight he came and sat on the small cement platform near the shop. He started smoking his cigarette.

The black dog who rules the street after dark, comes and stands near our hero- the old uncle. The uncle used to pay tribute to the dog every evening, like chappathis, Biscuits etc for guarding our street from evil hands.

The dog, cuddled up near the lap of the seemingly harmless uncle.
I was watching the whole action from my balcony. They always say, dog is a man's best friend.I had my doubts with this dog.

Then It happened. "pppppppppppppppprrrrrrrrrffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttt." The uncle bellowed loudly,like the mating call of an African warthog, breaking the silence of a peaceful night.The loud sound echoed in the street, reverborated in such a way that, it could put a jet figter on afterburn to shame.

If the dog could talk

Dog: WTF? Dude!!! Its me...your blacky.How can you do this to me man?Yo man!! How can ya smoke it on my face man?

The dog, was so confused from the unpredictable and invisible backstab from a 60 year old man.
As I was lookin, I saw the dog jump on all its fours and it ran like the wind, breaking the sound barrior and everything in front of it. Virtually, the dog was flying?
It never even cared to look for the traffic.I leaned over the balcony, only to see the dog galloping and crossing into the next street, and to the adjacent street to it. There the street ended with a compound wall. The dog slowed down and it turned to look back for the first time after this enocunter with the invisible stink.

Thanks uncle, the dog, never bothered us that night. We all had a good sleep.

Dear uncle, we the proud citizen of the street, honour you by the title, "Air gun Murgan". Thank you, for your humble, 'down to earth' performance the other night,we all had a good night sleep.



susie said...

lol lol down-to -earth.. indeed...:P

awesome count rate - 1 (i was expecting more of the "awesomes" :P)

Sorcerer said...


Manjari Singh said...

he loud sound echoed in the street, reverborated in such a way that, it could put a jet figter on afterburn to shame.

Hahahha. funny

busstoped said...

Very Original but cool Keep up the Good work

roshrockshere said...

funny n nice..:-P

workhard said...

Cool post man!!!

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Dutch donut girl said...

Bwhahahaaaa! Funniest story ever! :)

Ashley said...

"Air gun Murgan"-LOL
Loved it! Loved it!

Sorerer said...

THank you for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

Cool post.. keep writing...

Anonymous said...

Is this story really about dogs, or about men who act like animals?

Secretia, I want to know the truth!

Anonymous said...

Feel so sorry for the dog.

Krishna Nagri said...

lol feeling sorry for the dog
but I liked him saying WTF? Dude!!!

Sammok said...

aw. pavam dog

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

hahaha....."air gun murugan" ,,dat's cruelly creative!!

Sorcerer said...


yeah..when ppl get old they dont have too much control over their fart muscles

what to do!!!