Thursday, December 24, 2009


I thought, I would publish my first past of research on 'awesome come back lines.' This is kinda like a rough draft.

There are times, when you would be cornered psychologically by some people with good vocabulary. Just probe your cranium and come up with the best punch back, of course with words. Comeback lines are diplomatic solution to chain the hyperactive.

In modern world, Fcuk is the most widely used, understood and accepted word. It's a magic word in English which means everything.It means the same thing in every language.

Eg 1: Darn!! my car got fcuked.
Meaning, The car broke down.

Eg 2: I fcuked up my exam.
Meaning, another failed exam.

Eg 3: I fcuked it up with my girl friend.
Meaning, the relationship is on rocks and he aint gonna get that F.

Fcuk is the silver bullet-The universal mantra.

Some of these are tested on humans and has yielded the desired and amazing results Many of those who know me, know that I do my research on humans, in the high security lab at the premises of Chat Rooms. It is of course legal, and there is absolutely no shortage for n00bs.

Many think that chat rooms are place to dig chicks. Absolutely not. They are the place where we can get all types of humans to do research on. I learned a lot many things, cuz in there everyone knows everything. The awesome knowledge base.[ Don't forget to notice the sarcasm surrounding that statement]

I remember that evening, when a n00b chick came in when we were extremely bored. See!! When you do good things in life GOD gives you n00bs to pwn.
The conversation took a wickid turn when this n00b decided to satisfy us orally.

n00b: F[beep] You.
Sork: Without foreplay?

As you must have guessed the n00b dissolved into dark and void of the internet. Of course we had a good laugh on it.

Now, if you are a guy or a girl and another person of the same sex shouts at you the F word, you can make the "Mission Impossible" theme song in response.

One of my knowledgeable friend decided to play it a little low, when he got such an offer, online.

Stranger:F[beep] you.
Knowledgeable friend: Well!! I would pass that mating call.I don't want my kids to look like that anyway.

Various such instances of "hostile situation" has been nullified in smart ways and dumb ways. During my research on this "particular case F situation", I read in a manuscript where the guy replies to a Japanese chick " I would rather be raped by the monster of nostredame".

There is also this common, come back lines , like "Your place or mine?","After you take a bath... may be", " Hmm...Just when I was looking for a virgin to sacrifice."(Make sure that you say this to the right kinda of people depending on your ;) orientation).

"Dehumanizing the enemy is the prime strategy for victory in virtual war" -Ze(n) Sorcerer

Wiseguy:These ads on contraceptive pills on Television should be scrapped. It gives wrong message to people.

Genius: Hmm... Yeah I read somewhere that it could create issues with getting pregnant, like when a girl is ready for children she can't get pregnant.

Sorcerer:hmm.. That proves my theory that a woman runs windows. Case of Abort, Retry, Fail .



Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz the convo is quite interesting... may be i should try some of these lines :P

Saadi said...

Hahahaha...I've used the bath one already!! N a slightly modified version of the 'Ur place or mine'! ;)

Nehow...awesome write-up!! I'm so glad I discovered ur blog!!

Quirky said...

Lol @ eg 3! How Sorcy how? How do you think up such stuff everyday?

Jon said...

yup... the ultimate in versatile words!

thanks for the post... gave me a good laugh...

hope you don't mind me following along with this blog...

floreta said...

haha! heck yeah fuck is a nice word :P it's uniquely a noun, verb, AND adjective! it's everything!

Chocolate Lover said...


Merry christmas sorcey :)

Megha said...

lol.....i think humor is second to your name...

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

thank you buddy

I drink, apple juice in the morning.

thanks for following me buddy!!
thank you for the comment too

@chocolate lover
thank you for the comment

middle name actually!!
Sorc Humour error

Anonymous said...

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