Thursday, December 3, 2009


I thought I would do a little bit of introspection and retrospection on what my blog readers liked on my blog. It's always nice because you would be successful blogger if you really understand what readers look for, in your blog. Being an analyst myself, and playing with the data all the time and reading between them, this was a walk in the park. Here I present my analysis report to you, my dear readers.

1) My awesome writeup titled Relax and Dream brought in 6 comments.

This was a blog about, how we sneaked out porn from the castle. Well, porn always find its way into your network and to your (Optional Read:dirty) mind


2) Next blog post was about, some usual insane off the tangent conversations we had. Well the people says, humans are the only ones who can communicate in many forms. Well I don't know about human pheromones(in gaseous state), as such communications are usually not much entertained.
But, I believe in communication, and I post some here(of course with permission)

This blog post named 'Conversation' brought in just another 6 comments


3) Cricket!! In this blog post, I wrote about a guy getting hit on his balls by a ball, which was unintentionally done.
Seems like everyone liked it. I got a whopping 13 comments

Yeah! So my analysis states that everyone likes reading writeup about a guy getting hit on his balls.How Funny!!( Please note the sarcasm surrounding the statement.)

Well what a world.

May be I should write a book. 1001Ways To Save Your Nuts. This book will not be about saving your nuts from freezing winter. This book will have complete collection of tips and tricks to save the nuts for the sake of humankind.

My blog post has nothing to do with proposing to a girl, But still, a citizen has to do what a citizen gotta do..Right?
This caution is just the beginning, the shape of things to come.(My book)


1) Don't email me pics of your nuts. I am writing a scientific journal, not a comedy thriller.



Piggy Little said...

HA HA HA HA!!! :) i likes.

quirkfit said...

Now that was funny n u got just 2 comments?! Damn u ppl flood him with comments!!

Uncommon Sense said...

funny analysis

Saurabh Panshikar said...

#4 lol! great! maybe you should use the word "Free Porn" in your title! You're bound to get a large number of comments.....

I hope you get more comments to this post.... Coz I don't wanna read another post about some guy who gets hurt in places where it hurts the most..... Just because he din read your so called book!

Ashley said...

Hmmm...Some good analysis that...

I noticed something too..I have not commented in any of the posts that you have chosen to analyze...I wonder what that would speak about my choice of posts... :)

So I went thru the posts of urs that I had commented on and turns out they were all posts that got an avg of 10 comments (Incl urs)...

Which in turn would mean that you should write posts that I can comment on...If you want to get more comments that is.. :p

Psst: Think about it! :D

Now lets see how many comments you get on this one....

Sorcerer said...

THats an awesome insight..
well.. yeah I would try to write more customized posts

yeah!!! me too hopin so

hmm...thanks for the comment

:) iam waiting for it
thanks for the comment

thank youfor the comment!