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If I asked you "Do you believe in ghost?"

1)Naa..I don’t believe them unless they show it on Discovery channel.
2)Yeah.I was chased by one in my dreams.
4)Yeah man..I have encountered em! They don't use mouth freshners.
5)All of the above.

I mean, your answer could be any of these.

Well, see they do exist other than in episodes of "Haunted". The best part about ghost stories is, everyone has a story to tell,heard,unheard,read in newspaper and then we boil it down to this simple word "Mystery".

I believe that there is a lot of supernatural stuff that happens around us, some, scientific community says has the answer; and some they say are best left unsolved.

So here is my version; and this happened at Bangalore, last IPL season.
This happened at that night when we had IPL Finals. After my Rajasthan Royals winning the match, I was returning home on my buddy’s bike.I was so happy cuz, Shane Warne did his magic and my team won.

I was cruising down the road, empty street watched me pass with its sharp neon eyes.The display on my watch read 1:30 Am, too late after the post match analyses with friends.
I turned to a narrow strip of road and there I saw a lady in white front of me coming towards me, in the middle of the road. Being in an IT city, I didn’t give it her my attention; until my bike came to an abrupt halt near her. The fuel gauge on bike was on FULL. I throttled her[bike] up, it’s just frozen, the bike was dead.

I know it’s not a dream,cuz I could feel the chill wind on my skin and it should never be a dream when you got a cute chic smiling at you. The whole situation was creepy. Chic or not, I was in a real bad situation. Dead of the night; middle of the road; thirsty for water.
This woman came towards me,” If you could drop me on the highway..."-That would be my stars-"playing it Bogart".

It’s not a good situation I was really in. There I was trying all my practical knowledge about bikes on that bike to get it started. I was getting angry, upset because it was cold and I was thirsty, just wanted to get home somehow; also having a chic menace. She was nagging me saying. "Please give me lift" [Makes you remember that Adnanan sami Song:"Mujchko bhee tho lift kara de"]

Can't she see me doing "Trouble Shooting" on that bike? She should know that they dont come with F1 button."Madam, I, can’t get this thing started.alright.If you could continue your catwalk a few more meters you would reach your place."- I said the above sentence in much more gentle form in simple English to her.

She was replying like She doesn’t even care to hear what I was saying. She must be married. Got adapted to the ways of "life"
then comes the emotional black mailing like "If it’s your sister..Would you do this to her?"
"Errr..For your kind information madam, I don't have a sister"- I replied to that emosnal blackmailing with my silence.

Nobody wanna have an argument with a woman in the middle of the road at night, at an isolated spot when the cops come blaring their sirens. The best thing was to stay calm and keep the noise level low- at least.
I sighed and told her "Madam, this’s got some problem, its not startin,as you can see."
"If you agree that you will drop me on the highway, it will start" said the woman.I just want to get out of that situation and get home.I just shook my head and pressed the "Start" button and the engine roared to life.
-Sigh of relief-..

Do I believe in miracles? Not yet until I get home in one piece losing my payload(Stranger woman)...

There WE were cruising down the road. I looked into the rear view mirror I could see her sitting with her eyes closed, mumbling something. Sure, she is cute
Funny! I couldn’t feel her weight on the bike.


We were on the highway. I asked her to get off she didn’t.

~"I will not be told where I can go and where I cannot go!" -Cleopatra~

she said.".Please one more block up front and I will get off near the church."
"Keep Calm dude"..I said to myself.."All laws are made to protect woman"
I don't wanna get into trouble. what if she screamed?


I took her to the church road and she said, to take the left road, I took the left.I made no arguments as I just want to drop her off some place.She must be enjoying this backseat driving
The best part of the place is, over to the left is the Church cemetery.
I rode my bike a few more meters forward and she asked me to stop. I stopped and she got down and walked away, not saying a single word.

Phew!I watched her disappear behind a tree in front of me, a few meters way.....And then again...the bike didn’t start.The bike was dead AGAIN.NOOOOOOOOOOOO...This is when you scream and shout. Sure enough, I dont want to wake up the dead in the cemetery.

In a situation like this, the best possible way is to keep the bike some place and walk or phone a buddy for help.I pulled out my mobile phone only to find it switched off-battery drained.
I thought, there must be a home nearby where I can park the bike and then collect it next morning.May be I could ask the same woman, a small favor, to keep the bike at her place, also able to dial my friend from her place or use her phone.I got off the bike and walked towards the tree.
Behind that tree, the path stopped. There was a crack on the cemetery compound wall. That part of the wall had collapsed.Did she go into the cemetery compound? I can't really believe it.In a way, we should not worry about people who are dead, it’s the live one whom we should be scared of.Aint it?
one thing is for sure, all those philosophies of life dont weigh too much with fear in such situations. I was in a real situation. What else could I do?

I climbed into the cemetery compound. The mud under my feet sank at each step. I don't know how dead smell like, But the air did smell rotten. The air was cold, tall grasses. At a distance I could hear dogs howling in its off-key harmony like an evil chant for the worship of souls. The moonlight playing tic-tac-toe with the shadows, bathing the many granite graves in its icy cold frozen sadness.A gentle wind ruffled up my hair.
I think I heard a weep..Yes it was a weep carried by the wind towards my left. I turned my head towards the left. I saw a figure kneeling beside a grave with head in her hand.Is it the same woman I dropped off?Who would be doing such a thing? A psycho of some kind?

"Human mind is a terrible thing with or without the fuse"-Sorcerer

Jokes apart, the poor thing must have lost someone so dear and would have made her come here; the many prayers would not have saved it; so we all do rely on prayers for so many reasons even after; for the soul.
Was she crying or singing?Some kinds of hymn in some strange language-The language for the souls are always strange.The hymn went to its feverish pitch with rapid breathesThen the strangest of the thing happensShe slid open the top granite of the grave. I was so shocked even to move.She went inside the grave, gently walking down as if there are steps inside it. I heard more weeps.At times I felt like she was talking to someone inside the tomb. I read somewhere that the dead had plenty to say. And once they started, they would never shut up. Their words would keep you awake at night. This incident will keep me awake for many days to come. The conversations were muffled as if from the bottom of a well. Could only hear what the wind carried in my direction.I heard a song in slowest tempo; as if she was trying to put a baby to sleep.I had this urge to go near and look down the grave . I slowly made my first step towards it.
The song stopped.It fell silent.

Only the noise of cricket and other nocturnal insects and the wind ruffling up the leaves.

I stood frozen as I saw a movement above the grave. She had something in her hands. A small box which she held above her head.Now she was completely out of the grave and she held the box closer to her, as if hugging it.She moved towards me as if she was hovering on land.

She moved too close for comfort towards me, her face barely an inch away from mine. I could see the accusing stare in her eyes. My mouth was dry. I felt like I had no legs, felt like floating in the air.The wind blew out her hair, it swayed in air in its ghostly choreography.
Then she started talking. I would say..accusing.


Her eyes widened, and I her teethes clenched in anger and agony for her lost one.


If it’s a dream I would have woken up by now.

"Look here" said she and she opened the box

"God!!I ". I gasped for breathe. It smelled so rotten and smelled like real rotten meat or bad cheese.I held my breathe.
She tilted her head as if assessing my reaction. Her lips twisted in one direction.

She dipped her hand inside the box and took some stuffs from it. It looked greasy and dark.The gooey remains dripped off her long finger and nails as she lifted her hand out of it.
She moved closer and did the horrible thing.She wiped her hands on my shirt.

She started laughing loudly. It was not laughter, it was just the reflex to conceal her agony and anger.
She suddenly stopped.
Looked closer at me and Asked me a question.
Can you ..Guess..what she asked me?
I was so shocked and shaken when I heard that question
.I really...I really.....God!!!

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Shruti Mukundan said...

err! i cant believe i read that crap so seriously!!! out of all the things in the world ur Cleopatra turned out to be sales girl!! lol!!!

Dame Folle said...

What the deuce!!!

Aparajita Bhattacharya (Administrator) said...

Hell! You're crazy, Sorcy, seriously.

Sorcerer said...

Thank you ppl for your loving comments.

* I was worried about the dosage ya know!

angel from heaven said...

Brilliant simpy brilliant!!!Sorcy you rock and your posts are just so unique!!!!I would like to award you an award for the most innovative original post on your blog!! Simply superb.

Sorcerer said...

Thank you angel from heaven :)

Asha Tampa said...

Creepy, infuriating, and totally innovative! You sure know how to weave a story! Nice one, its been a long time since I came across your blog; very nice :-)

Sorcerer said...

Thank you Asha for the comment! :)

manjari said...

that was aweeeeesomeeee
loved it to the core!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lolz ..lolz ..lolz......
gosh!! i frgt readin ur blog 4 a while ,,,n wen i do ,,,i havta read dat long a post, wid patience ,,,,to lol ma head off!!!
worth evry minute i spent readin it..
lolzie lolzie ....

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment

@buzzz was kinda long post once I finished it.
didnt feel like cutting short.
nyway.nice to know that you ppl loved reading it

Lavanya Snigdha said...

Sorci told this "ghost story" to me last year on a very particularly breezy summer night...

After the last line of his story I promised him that I would be kicking him out of TCS and killing for sure in the near future...
Thanks for reminding this to me..

Sorcerer you are dead meat! :P

Sorcerer said...


"paaarticularly..beerzy saammmur naaaaait.."

yaa..yaaa..I reeemaambaarr..I reemaaammbaarrr..

and you were scared of cookie monsters..


Ankit said...

err! what was that

Netha Hussain said...

Nice one!!!!!Unique idea.......The final twist was just so superb!!!Enjoyed every sentence of it.......Keep writing...

Sorcerer said...

That was errr..Gas

Thank you..thank you thankyou

angel from heaven said...

simply superb!!!!

Gopalakrishnan said...

You just made me read without missing a line (and that too on the eve of an exam).. I know I won't finish studying for the exam coz you made me read the whole thing. Nice post! Sales woman.. in a grave yard at the gravest of hours.. lol.. Very funny and interesting idea. Just fantastic!!

Sorcerer said...

ya know..writing exam is all about creative writing.
ya univ used to give me mark n howmuch my answer papers weigh.
so..good luck

mk said...

you backstabber!!!...just at the point of climax such a twist!!!
...funny hilarious post!!!//
loved it...keep penning buddyyyy
(please ignore the term just come to my mind! by knowing the end)I just couldn't stop laughing!!

Sorcerer said...

Ha ha

C'mon.. happy to know that you ppl liked it
keep visitin the blog and drop in your comments

Anonymous said...

Read half the story...reminds me of some story I read in the book"The world's most haunted places on earth" by Jeff Belanger.

I do love to read the whole of this story.....but I guess I am going to do that tomorow...I am already scared and as I am still home alone,I don't wanna risk my peace of mind tonight too.

I don't know I beleive in ghosts are not ...I have seen them in my dreams,read them in books and I am a big fan of 'Haunted' on Dicovery.

Anonymous said...

Hey what was your reply to her ?? ;~)

The write up was so good..not a hint of humor until the last line :~P

Sorcerer said...

hey!!! thanks for reading my older posts..

nice to know that you liked it..
yeah this post was one oof my off the tangent ones

Anonymous said...

@ sorceror,

nice ... very nice :-)

cheers !

Aathira said...

Oh Man... I read it so seriously !!

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment.