Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ryan looked through the Scope of his M40A3 sniper rifle. He had a clear shot of the head that brought violence to his motherland.
Holding his breathe, he pressed the trigger.


Ryan felt his warm blood flow down his chest.

“Bogey down”- A shadow spoke.

“I am sorry”-Ryan thought as he fell.


Conscious: So a clean post after, lots of perverted ones.

Me: Well!! We are not perverts..

Conscious: Speak for yourself. I know I am not a pervert.

Me: So, Who gives me these ideas?

Conscious: I get held against my wishes.

Me:So, now its all MY fault. Well!! Fine.. shut up Now..alright..I made it up to you. Let me sleep in peace..or watch football or do what ever I like.

Conscious: Ooh!! This hostage game is sooo nice nice...

Me: Shut up and lets post this another awesomeness.



Gopsay said...

wondering how Ryan was still alive! Maybe it's a part of the perverted post! :P

Good one again! keep writing.. Wishing u gud luck.. :)


quirkfit said...

Read all the 55 fiction posts and I have only one thing to say - U DUMB F****** CONSCIOUS,GET THE HELL OUT OF SORCERER'S HEAD! We want some laughs here!!

Neeraj said...


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Ashwathy said...

good 55-ers :-)

Aditya said...

hehe I dont know why I find this psychoism funny :P

Well written! :)

SOrcerer said...

I dont like people getting killed..So...

I packed the conscious out for a long vacation.



thanks for the comment

psychosism is funny..

Megha said...


looking forward for some more awsomeness ;)

Sorcerer said...

Thanks for ze comment.

hmm..I have something more wickid in ze mind

Chatterbox said...

A wonderful 55-fiction :)

Am glad to see your conscious is still alive and it speaks occasionally.

Keep up the good work.


Sorcerer said...

Iam training it to speak in female voice..
but tries to speak..that goes into something like an automated system..

*Shreya* said...

good one, but, you dont 'push' a lipstick!!!!! you just turn the bottom. gotcha there :D

Sorcerer said...

err..she had one of those 'Manual Lipsticks'.

Anonymous said...

This was the best of the 55 ficctions so far. :)

angel from heaven said...

What can I say your conversations are just too unique I am lost for words!!!

susie said...

sorcy, u need to go out and get some fresh air.. :| ur conscious seems to b confused..

Zaofishan said...

Interesting :)

Meenakshi said...

loved the convo more than the fiction..

the fiction went above my head (the perverted ones never did)..Lesser mortal u see.. :)