Friday, December 18, 2009


Edd introducing us (Me and wiseguy)to his colleague.

Edd:Meet, wiseguy,errr..the woman magnet of our group..and this is Sorcerer..
Sorcerer:errr..yeah..I am the other end of the magnet.

Edd: Hey dude, I got chicks messaging me on chat-rooms!!! Wow!!! .
Sorcerer:hmmm.. who knows.. it could be the mating season.
Edd: What should I tell them to impress them?
Sorcerer: Tell em you are the mail man or milk man, or cable guy, anyone who goes from house to house.

Susie: What does donkey eat other than grass?
Sorcerer: errr..How do I know what you eat, Scoozy?


Genius: What happened to your hair dude?
Wiseguy: My girlfriend wants to make me civilized.
Genius:So you brushed your teeth too?


Edd: Dude..ya know those Virgin people made Virgin Galactics. Space flight at a quarter dollars.
Genius: Yeah..that flight looks cool, We can see the stars from so close.
Sorcerer: There was this guy who taught us Hindi in school and he once showed me stars without even a f[beep]ing telescope.

Dewdrops: You know the concept of decimals?
Sorcerer:After the decimal we pay coins.

Genius: What all can we sell on ebay?
Genius: In that case, I have a million things to sell.
Wiseguy: Understand that Ebay is not the gene-pool.



Disguise said...

Your blog is so popular! :O
Haha, loved this post!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for visiting my blog and the comment :)

susie said...

uh sorcy.. this is cheating!! u din put up the whole convo..X-(

Bedazzled said...

Whacked out !!!.. other end of the magnet .. haa haa !!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Other end of the magnet! lol

Poles apart!

D said...

Other end of the magnet huh? hmmmmmmmmm

Sorcerer said...

well..I really dont want to talk about you having two breakfast to gain height.


yeah... soo... ya...soo...ya...sooo

Megha said...

susie's saying it's not the complete conversation

chocolate lover said...


Sorcerer said...

hmm..complete conversation...errr...
its about the GODs..
and you could have guessed who the God is

@chocolate lover


Anonymous said...

Good ones..
eating two breakfasts for height!! :~D

Saadi said...

Roflmao....i'm pretty damn sure there is nvr a dull moment with u in ne group whatsoever!!!

Loved the magnet end pun!

Sorcerer said...

haha...yeah..and more..

yeah..we ...are just insane..and we love being that way!!

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) :) :)