Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was surprised, as one of the humor-blogger mentioned 'me' in 'her' blog. Only thing I did was, I followed her blog. I was her 100th blog follower.
It's my routine, to check the blogs I follow, almost everyday, when I am online and "YAY!!".
I got a special mention in her blog- Quiet surprised- I am.

Here's her blog link. This is where the action is today for me.So I thought, I would share my excitement with you, other than DELLA (My DELL P.C) and the half empty coffee cup.
Yeah!! I mean, whats more exciting, than a girl sayin, in her own words "pssst... Sorcerer... your prize actually is cool, but don't tell anyone"

Did I say she is cute and charming? Yeah she is.
[Hold your reigns boys!! shes got a Boy Friend and she calls him serial killer or kisser; I think Killer.]

To make the occasion more special, she gave us all, I mean her blog followers, a SPECIAL OFFER; like we can ask her to write a blog on "ANY TOPIC".
You know, how our brain works when a girl say "Pick any topic". My brain, was actually, being more cynical than usual on this task. It was giving me, all those ideas, which can be classified as 'NAUGHTY' or by Webster's as 'PERVERTED'.

Unlike U.S of A, Its mid afternoon here in India when I read her blog and I was scratchin my head,(No I don't have dandruff), for some weired topic to ask her to blog on.Brain Fatigue-I would like to call it.Some people, who know me, will disagree for sure on the 'BRAIN' part.

I went for a coffee.

Fellow comrades, in the Corporate Colosseum thought, I was deeply in conversation with my inner self. At least they were glad, that somebody or something had managed, to break through the fire wall, deep into my mind, that I am not bothering them at all today. In plain English, bugging them today.
Even someone commented "Silence is Golden." and I didn't even twitch, a muscle for that sarcastic comment on me.

Finally after much thought, (Read:Introspection and Retrospection), I came up with a topic for the welfare of human kind, which I would ask her to blog on.

For the faction of human kind, who want to share their gene to the gene pool, but is not in a position to do so because of certain 'psycho-gramattical' (It's a new word which I think would make it to the Webster's Dictionary some day) errors, we call it 'BIT-FLIP'. I dedicate this topic to you

Topic was :Dating for HOPELESS DUMMIES

Still not convinced was my inner-self, which soon was asking me all those 'Random questions' which looked like Microsoft Windows error messages.
I needed more Specific Topic..

Topic was :Dating Manual For Geeks

That is much a better topic.
Geeks, the most hyped creation of god, with the best configuration ever, always falls short of finding a mate to reproduce and fail to pass on the superior genes to the human gene pool while those 6 packs and 8 packs with twisted spinal cord wins over all those HOT chics and reproduce, proving the theory of "Survival of the Most Idiotic- Reverse Darwinism".


Yes!! This is a beginning to save the human gene pool.A mammoth effort, for which I am glad to have laid the foundation stone.

A manual, written by a cute chic ( I know some will disagee on that statement, But ALLIE, if you are reading this, consider those who disagree, to be evolved the wrong way. Happy?), for the GEEKS.

Those Geeks, who really want to check the credibility can check the credentials on her blog.

I think my faction of fellow human beings (Read:GEEKS), the manual for you, is in safe hands.

Lets keep our fingers crossed, till the Manual is out.

Moral of the Story is : If you find a good blog, comment on the blog posts and "Follow" it.


25th September 2009




санжог said...

lucky son of a geekland

Sorcerer said...

thanks :)

ubantu..our love!!

karthik said...

I had tremendous fun reading it comrade. Can't say more, for it would be nothing but a cliche. :D

Sorcerer said...

thanks for the comment :)

Dan* said...

lol.... gud work ;-)

Shruti Mukundan said...

moral noted. am glad i did it long time back with ur blog ;)

Sorcerer said...

THank you Dan!!

Errr..Did I miss that.
Can you send me the link,I would like to read,If I had missed it.
Anyway, I will surely go through the blog.
Thanks for the comment Shruthi.

Allie said...

Haha! You are hilarious! (I like the title of your post, too).

I'm writing the blog right now and it should be posted later today.

I had to narrow it down to focus on just one aspect of dating for dummies though - recognizing the right kind of girl to chase after and avoiding the wrong ones.

I think this is a huge problem for a lot of guys, and that they would be a lot more successful if they were given a few clues about what to look out for in a girl.

Thank you for linking to me, and I hope you find my post informative and entertaining.

Sorcerer said...

wow!! Lookie..whose here..
Thanks for the comment.

lookin forward for your post! :)

^RoOhAnI^ said...

Lol, is that the reason why u commented on mine? Ha ha good post there :)

Sorcerer said...

actually, bloggers should comment on each others work.try to give some inputs and encouragement.

simply that!

ALISHAH said...


Sorcerer said...


keep visitin

Malavikka said...

Nice moral:) Agree that bloggers need 2 keep encouraging on eanother:)

Sorcerer said...

yeah!!afterall; thats the one that keep the bloggers going.

Sammok said...

Reverse darwinism theory-rotfl.


Sorcerer said...

and we the living proofs.

angel from heaven said...

haha ok I think since you are enjoying awards so much I should give you the award for the best commenter on my blog!!

Sorcerer said...

hmm..I should write another thanks giving speech

Anonymous said...

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Sorcerer said...

one of those..rate my arse links?

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