Thursday, March 18, 2010


I was told [or warned] by my awesome readers to put a disclaimer or warning tag on my blog-post before I give awesome gyan.

So here it goes
Err..Feel free to try these pickup lines at your own risk.'
Note:There is no risk when you are standing sideways and a hand's length away while trying these lines on the chick you find in the pub.

Some of them are customized for e=mc^2 kind

  • Excuse me...Err...Is your name North? Cuz my compass is pointing in your direction.
  • Hello there Baby!! Are those firmwares real?
  • Ooh!! You turn my floppy disk into a 'hard' disk.
  • You have a greater gravitational pull than earth, I think I am locked in your orbit.
  • You look so hot, you would keep my lap more warm than my laptop.
  • Ooh la la..Can I mount my server on your rack?
  • Baby!! You overclock my heart.
  • I can't spell FCUK without U.
  • What's your name?I think I should call NASA and say I discovered new moons.
  • You slow the world around me like gaming on a machine with defective graphics driver.
  • Let's go to the parking bay and perform some 'illegal operation.'
  • Can I access your special folder?
  • Let's go to my shell and compile all night.
  • I can use my fingers for more than just Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  • What's your name?Err..I wanna shout your name when I have a buffer overflow.
  • You are like an HTML Structure. Small head and Huge body! [This will definitely work]
  • You are my cure for low blood pressure.Sugar!!
  • Gwad!! you just gave me a level 5 outbreak.
  • Us together will be like 2 hard drives on RAID1[RAID 1 mirrors the contents of the disks, making a form of 1:1 ratio realtime backup. ]
  • Baby!I won't let anything come in between our relationship, not even latex.
  • I can be 3 and you be 23.Let's go home and multiply.


These should work mostly! Use Axe Deo Spray as 'Plan -B'. There should always a plan B.
Plan C is the door with the sign 'EXIT' in bold red lettering. Period.



Uncommon Sense said...

floppy disk into hard disk was just too much.. cant spell fcuk without super, lets go to shell, illegal operation all of them super

Anonymous said...

Hey dude cool stuff

Chhaya said...


just cements my random thought that guys are weird :D

PS: i mean that in the cute way ;)

Rachna said...

I was splitting up laughing LOL

supriya said...

hhahhaahahaha...there i got a real IT guy...!!! lmao...!!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

The first few were the awesomest....

Chanz said...

M still lmao at "Excuse me...Err...Is your name North? Cuz my compass is pointing in your direction."

smitzy said...

"We could be sin2 X + cos2 X tonight. What say?"
you should say that to a blonde, and see her reaction, I bet it will be priceless just like this post of yours :D

DiDo said...

LOLL @ floppy disk... gawdddd loll

loved the multiply one too hehe

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

jeez....icnt say nothin!!!
priceless post for guys!!
:P ....ROFLLin......

Saadi said...

Somebody needs to try these Noobs arounds?! :p

M@ria said...

funny...very funny
dude! u can even put my fav one liner guru woody allen to shame :)

M@ria said...

and yes, u reaally really needed to put up that disclaimer! good job! play safe :)

Sakshi said...

Waah, what an idea sirjee...!!! Where do you come up with this gyaan? I am copying and pasting this post on my other blogs, TWM Online.
Due credit to you ofcourse..

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Sorcy,

coool dude,ha! ha! will those lines help us to log-in ??

Anonymous said...

Gug Job done you funny creature!!!!!!

GhOsT sCrIpT wRiTeR

Farila said...

LOL... suits well to the computerized world.

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment

hmm..will see you in person this weekend

@readers dias
hahaha..login? hmm..yeah hope they dont insist us to type CAPTCHA

thank you for spreading the awesoem gyan
we should always do that..share the information
thanks for the comment

hmm..i feel soo proud
*Sniff s*sniff
thanks for the comment

yeah..we should have some guinea noobs.Hmm..I am going to order a few from Yahoo Chat

thanks for the buzzz...

thank you for the comment

to a blond?
C'mon she would be like.."Oh yeah!!! I liked the X part..what you say?"

thanks for the comment

true no? truth is always soo funny

oye..where be you?

thank you for the comment

welcome to the real world
thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

thank you thank you

thanks for the comment dude ..

Lincoln said...

I read them on some website feew months ago....
first few are really gud...

Lavender said...

Haha the comparison is so amusing!
Solve problems between Gods and Humans? :O
Man, I'm quoting this line to everybody I know :)

Sorcerer said...

yeah the one Like sin xetc, thats the reason why i shared some here..thanks for the comment.
thanks for the comment.

susie said...

sorc.. i seriously have doubts regd the pickup lines but PLAN C would surely be very very helpful in case they backfire :P :P

Sumi said...

hiya! love the 3,5,15 and 16..m sure it'll work

some perv mind! :D

Sorcerer said...

they wont backfire..they are solid like windows 95

yeah everything will work Sumi.
I get the 'feeling' that this will all work\