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Coconut and Life. The unknown parallel, that's the title I can think about a real coconut.

In this blog post, we are going to find out the intricate link between coconut and human life.Coconuts is what 'distinguishes' Kerala from the rest of the world. A mallu is always proud of their coconuts. Poets have written awesomely beautiful lines about these 'lovely bunches'. Coconuts are trademark symbol for many things natural.
Mostly, coconuts are found on coconut trees and is usually green in color when in their teens.

These coconuts fall down to earth because of some totally unforeseen reasons or because of bad luck of the person standing under it. The uses of coconuts are endless.

1)Coconuts are used to solve disputes between God and humans.

2)Coconut oil is applied on head to reflect sunlight, thus keeping the head of a typical mallu cool.

3)Coconut husk is used to wash cars, elephants and kids.

4)Coconuts are also used to solve disputes between 2 humans.

5)Coconut shell can be used as 'organic bra.'

6)Coconut shell with hole can be used as 'organic feeding bra'.

7)Communism thanks coconut leaves for it's amazing ability to protect protesters from sunlight.

8)Coconut tree is used as construction material, vantage point for capturing Video of mallu babes bathing in river or to escape from hyperactive neighbor dog 'Pintu Mon'.

Yes, the use of coconut is endless.

Okay. I am supposed to compare coconut with life.

In life, problems falls on our head, just like a coconut.Right? Totally unpredicted random event.Now when a problem falls down on our head, it kinda hurts. What everyone does then is, look at the problem. Stare it for quiet a long time, [Till vision becomes clear].

We identify the problem, and we see that It is of course like the coconut hard to crack. Some people take time to appreciate the problem. They look at it from different angles and view points, only to finally agree that it's definitely a thick hard shelled problem that they have in their hands.

Some people show the gutts to solve the problem by breaking the surface. Then they slowly dig their way, into the problem layer by layer, clearing the husk of the problem. As they do it, they are so enthusiastic.They go like "WOW!!This is like plucking a chicken."Now as they reach the core of the problem,which is the shell, most of them stop.Many lose interest and give up. Give up just before they achieve their goal..*sigh

There is an old saying, "Coconut is hardest just before the fleshy eatable stuff."- Sorcerer ; "Night is darkest just before the dawn."- Some wise guy.

This is when you need to put a bit more effort, take the problem in your hands and just a lil smash and solve it for ever, and literally mean it when you say "cherish the success of your effort."

I believe in this theory that you can learn a lot from the nature and discovery channel.

Note:You can't hatch a coconut by sitting on a it.


"I want my coconuts shaken and stirred"- Shakkeela in Kinnarathumbikal


Chanz said...


Uncommon Sense said...

lol.. nice comparision

shakela dailogue rocks, and the note is very important else someone would try to solve the problem by trying to hatch.. which is not the right way

chitra said...


Nice coconut recipe. Some time you get an extra bonus when you find the coconut bulb inside. It is pale yellow and extremely spongy and sweet. This would happen only on a very ripe coconut. I don't know what it is called in Malayalam.

Sorcerer said...

its called coconut fetus.
You eat it?

Now you never will


thank you..for the comment

I know..this post was a quickie one.

smitzy said...

nice analogy.. and an interesting read :)

Sakshi said...

Wow, never really thought like it. Good points to ponder.

Saadi said...

Coconuts are used to solve disputes between God and humans ~ No sense asking who wins! :p

Nice post, man!!

yojitA said...

ouch !!! omg ! how could u write soo much just like that/!! dude it was funnyyy!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL...OMG.....Sorci be like this always

Prameela said...

You on a trip down the Kerala lane or something ;)
Good one nevertheless:)

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susie said...

loved the analogies..

and the "note" bwahahahaha /)

Readers Dais said...

Hi Dude,
r u gonna beat the Mighty Bachannnn from the race to become the brand ambassador of KERALA...(nelliyampathi, lingi, coconut...)
Dont give him a tough period yaar, anyways waiting for more...

GsW said...

Errr....Dont forget that coconut is our district food.But I liked that last word which you hyperlinked....that one man which starts with S and ends in A...good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GsW said...

Errr....Dont forget that coconut is our district food.But I liked that last word which you hyperlinked....that one man which starts with S and ends in A...good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


D said...

teehee.....I know someone who is now gonna try hatching a coconut....:p

Rashmi said...

WOW! quite an insight wrt coconuts and life...
Where are you btw?
I suspect are you alive????

Siji said...

lmao....ur awesome man! hats off!:P

supriya said...

jai ho sorcy baba ki...for the ultimate coconut-puraan...!!

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thank you for the comment

thanks for the comment

YEah very much alive
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nee medikkum
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@REaders dias

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Pavam bachan.

hahahaha.. thanks for the comment

Yeah nuts..those are coco nuts.
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yeah.yeah.iam trying to be the brand ambassador on the blogosphere

Yeah sure thing.Afterall I am a mallu

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:) good good.. !!