Wednesday, March 10, 2010


He was on his way for the exams. Like 98% of his fellow college mates [ 99% of statistics are made on the spot], he had used his ingenious skill and patience to make photocopies of answers for all 'expected' questions.

As a student of engineering his alliance with the technology is understandable. He believes in the theory that to survive the education hurdles of engineering, a typical engineering student should have sharp brain or sharp eyes. Both brain and eyes is a rarity, and according to the theory of evolution, one organ will always become vestigial during the course of study.

That morning he had dressed up early and indexed all clues on various part of his body, concealing it from the prying eyes of the examiner. Shirt collar, inner pockets, socks, shoes, belt buckle, everything became, data storage points. For some time he himself had become a GOOGLE server. His conscious metamorphed into that of a CIA agent who has to deliver top secret documents and was on a special mission.

He got out of his home. He gave pathetic looks to those chicks who were still, 'learning' by reading books while waiting for the bus. He thought about the 'applied' part in applied electronics, sadly, very sadly.
"Why can't they apply technology to daily life, tactically!!" He thought. He felt sad thinking about those 'engineers' who neglect wonderful technology like micro-photostat.

He sighed like the sorcerer who owns this blog.

The usual chatter of chicks didn't interest him much, cuz these days the chicks don't gossip much and was nothing interesting in that frequency, unlike other days. These days all he hear is 'resistance' and 'capacitance'; those words always scare a bachelor or any male for some 'undisclosed' reason..literally!!

He got into the bus. For him it seemed like a lucky day, as he got a seat. He tried to close his eyes and take a power nap. The problem with the design of human body is that, you can close your eyes but, its kinda impossible to mute the sound. He thought, it would have been better, the other way round.
How he wished he could watch those chicks with eyes wide open and manage to close his ears, like him watching FTV on mute while the whole family is asleep.


His mobile phone rang. He answered it. It was his bench mate.
The "YO" usual greetings was made.

"Ha ha ha ...Yeah I know..What to worry man?" His voice was beaming with confidence.

"Hmmm...Yeah..that's why engineers, our great senior engineers invented micro-photostat..amazing..I took almost all of the text book."

He looked at the chicks through the corner of the eyes, trying to see if any chicks was listening to his awesome conversation and his applied electronics way of solving 'exam' problem.

"Ha ha ha..the examiner would be some old guy, who would still be using carbon paper for photostat...Ha ha ha..". This statement comes out of the over confidence in the awesome phenomenon called the 'Generation gap'.

"Yeah!! yeah!! I have it all stacked between shirt collar, belt buckle, socks, shoes.Don't worry man..we will clear it through".

Saying that he disconnected the call.

Gave another look at the chicks and using his facial expression tried to convey that " HAHAHAHA!! You girls are so 1980's.. Learn from me. the genius."

He closed his eyes and was back in the frame with Nayanthara.

The examination hall had the usual feel of a cross between some place of worship and the waiting lounge of an ICU ward of a hospital.

An examiner, an old man walked in. He wore thick glasses, that meant, visual range of only a few feet. The heart of the college guy leaped as he thought of the endless possibility and Mr.God's way of giving bonus up one bonus.

He chuckled when he thought about the concept of virtual reality and the visual range of old man. He thought, for the old man he would look like a low resolution character in a PC.Game. He tried hard to control his laughter.

Our hero, the college student felt so confident that if he could copy without making much noise, he would pull through. Every male who is single, has a natural ability to perform various acts without making noise. It's an inbuilt skill.


The examiner walked towards him and just like a FBI officer he said "Hand over all the bits.".

The college student was like "WTF?" .How come he know that I was having bits? He thought.
He looked closely at the face of the examiner again.

His memory flashed back like the 70's movies,slowing down with an eeearie music.
"FCUK" he thought, "this man was the one who was sitting next to me in the bus."

Reluctantly he surrendered all the bits hidden in various part of his body to the examiner.

The examiner had a constipated grimace on his face, just like this blog writer.

The rest of the students in the examination hall had scared look on their faces. They had never encountered an examiner with Extra Sensory Perception before.


Uncommon Sense said...

lol.. awesome narration

Sorcerer said...

thank you buddy!

~ Lopa said...

hahaha, loved reading it... reminded me of my engineering days exam scenarios !
Very nice narration ... lol :D

@ease said...

filmy, very filmy. good work bro.

smitzy said...

HAHAHA brilliant!! extra sensory perception can be a deadly thing when its with the invigilators :D

rohini said...


buzzzzzzzzz... said...


Dewdrop said...

Ha ha... gud one... while reading, i thought the old man wud have ESP by which he'll catch the culprit... but urs is even better!

susie said...

hahahah now i get the "inner" meaning of the questions.. :P

Anonymous said...

'The examination hall had the usual feel of a cross between some place of worship and the waiting lounge of an ICU ward of a hospital.'

Thats classic!!


Kaveetaa Kaul said...

Great style..loved it. As for the anecdote reminded me of the Rk song 'aye Bhai zara dekh ke chalo aage hi nahin peechche bhi dayen hi nahin baayen bhi oopar hi nahin neeche bhi' never know where the invigilator may decide to pop up. A sorcerer bechara is only that not antaryami :)

Garima said...

As Awesome as always :)

I got the hint during the bus journey that the 'Hawk' must be somewhere around...btw is it a Fiction or an experience??? ;P

Sakshi said...

nakal ke liye bhi akal chaiye hoti hai... lesson in life...

supriya said...

over-confidence is quite expensive you see..! and show-offs might cost you a fortune..!! poor

chitra said...

That was a very good narration. We always think we are very smart.we must think there are much more smarter people than us.Then one feel not feel over confident.

Chanz said...

Haaaaaaaaa.... acha hua... trying to impress girls, huh..??

Sorcerer said...


true...very true


thanks for the comment

experience..from aguy


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yeah! true .no?
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yeah..they can be deadly
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Hari Nandakumar said...

Gud write up!!!!Keep going!!!!

Chhaya said...

i was LMAO reading this :D

went back to college days.

i never cud understand, if something was not applied, why were we ever made to study them? :P

Quest said...

I expected the twist to be preparing for the wrong exam subject :D

Four Dinners said...

Nice one!

I once tried writing answers on both my arms for a school exam. I didn't get caught but, as it was summer time and hot, when I peeked up my sleeve all I had was inky blobs all over my arms. Damn!

Sorcerer said...

hahaha.. old school methods!

twist in the tale
thanks for the comment

thanks for the comment

thank you buddy!