Friday, March 5, 2010


Another of my awesome metaphors and similes or what ever it is called..PUN?

  • It was simple logic like wearing pants with zip backward when in San Fransisco.

  • The fighter pilot lost his 2 engines and a part of the wing, but still he managed to keep the aircraft afloat, by keeping the center of gravity at the center like Pamela Anderson running in Baywatch, on the wet beach.
[ See..D I managed to put that in a sentence ]
  • The management was behaving like a person watching woman's tennis with eyes closed and thinking of an entirely different situation.

  • He knows all her secrets like her window curtain.

  • It was her first time.She felt like a recharge coupon about to be scratched.

  • It was an age-old American tradition, like celebrities out in the public without wearing underwear.

  • He was too scared to take risk. He was like that person who would wear rubber gloves when having cyber-sex.

  • Her heartbeats began to rise when she saw him; She felt like Paris Hilton seeing color pink.

  • She broke his heart , just as easy as popping a bubble gum bubble.

  • The remote server crashed and it was a shitty situation. They missed the system administrator like toilet paper.


sulagna ™ said...

why this fetish with pam?? ha??? why???

Uncommon Sense said...

super awesome oneliners.. absolute genius

supriya said...

hats off boss...!!! lol..!!!

smitzy said...

oh yay!!! you're back to regular blogging.. Have been looking fwd to your posts :)

and as always, this was a masterpiece!!

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Boss..
hmmmmmm... those were really nice,u think a lot yaar.

geeta said...

Back with your regular dose ...that's cool...
nice oneliners...

Megha said...

each one is good :)

Four Dinners said...

The workings of your mind are a magnificent mystery to us all.

I will now pour another vodka and try again...;-)

chitra said...

Where are you these days, cannot find your posts regularly?

Barbie Jones said...

How about coming down south to live,it's so nice and warm here,beautiful nature beaches,mountains,warm&friendly Southerners and last but not least the most beautiful girls on earth,then we could have bubble gum popping competition in which I will beat you for sure,I know I am the master in that art,but maybe you're not up to the challenge,even though The Bold Guy seems to think so?

Ode Writer said...

hehehhe, mast one!

Reading your blog after agessssss.... glad to know, it's still worth coming back to! :) :)

Sorcerer said...

thanks for coming back and thanks for the comment

was busy with some projects and stuffs..
:) will post regularly

hahahaha..i liked your comments..hilarious..

vodka is really makes our thoughts..clear as vodka.

thank you for the comment

thanks for the comment

@readers dias
thanks for the comment..long time no.seee

@smitzy back to my usual slot

thanks :)

thank you thank you thank you

PAM? she is good in physics thats what I want to say!

Barbie Jones said...

Who is Pam?

Dame Folle said...


Sorcerer said...

thank you are right..a case of nuts it is ..

Pratik Gupta said...

"It was her first time.She felt like a recharge coupon about to be scratched."

Fk man! You have given me something to think while doing this boring recharge thing :P Thanks mate!