Saturday, March 6, 2010

.:: KIDS ::.

Ps: Kids look cute from a reasonable distance.

Location: Ground Zero [My Cave]

I was busy gaming on my machine, and this lil kid wanders into the NO FLY ZONE.
I watched through the corner of my eyes, the 2ft plus a few inch carbon life form moving towards me.

Lil Kid: :)


Lil Kid:What you dooing?

The kids are too smart these days..That "What you dooooing " is supposed to be my line; and according to me the kid is supposed to say gaa..gaaa..ggooo.gooo.


Just to scare the kid out of my room, I gave a beeg smile, which of course didn't work because of the Holly Wood graphics effect on kids these days.
This lil kid, was like an archeologist, wandering through an ancient city.;walking through my room and changing the default settings on the book shelf, etc etc
I just wanted to know whose chromosome is bouncing around in my room; so I called out for a stat check to my mom.


Mom:It's just a lil kid.

Yes, She knows how to shut me up. Thank you mom for assuring me that there is no need for panic as It's just a LIL KID!!!!!!.
Everyone knows that a lil kid,stands out in a bachelors room.It's like a penguin in SAHARA desert.
I was not able to concentrate on the game cuz, I had to keep an eye on the lil kid .
Oh let me tell you,,my room has many sharp edged.


I thought it would be proper, if I could get some kind of background info on this kid. It helps in starting a good conversation.You know!!


Mom:She is the cousin of that girl who rides that red scoo...

See...She really know how to shut me up.

Okay!Soo.. the situation calls for awesome diplomacy.

The kid was staring at the stack of light reads such as UNIX Manual and JAVA Bible. here for vacation?

[Amazing conversation startup!]

Lil kid:Yeah.

The lil kid said that and came near me.

On my machine, I was still trying hard to overtake the Bozo in front of me. If it was not for the kid standing there; I would have shouted swear words at the *@()*)(@*)($ trying to push me off the cliff. I know, its stupid like air humping on the dance floor with a hot chick in front of you; but anyway..such shouts are standard procedures in the gaming cult.

The lil kid gave me a beeg grin and then without warning, pressed the reset button on my machine with the cute lil finger.
You must have thought, I would have gone crazy with anger..but..nope, the whole gooey apparatus inside the skull lighted up whole different circuit.
The first thought that came to my mind was "GOD!!! I aint looking scary at all!!!" . I was not worried about the lost game; I was worried about my looks.

Lil kid:[ROFL]

Me:[ Counting till infinity to keep calm ,voice neutral and cooooool]Errr... You are not supposed to do that.

Lil kid: I do it all the time when my bro is working on the machine.


Poor guy!This is what happens when you do bad karma. Carbon forms like this get born as younger siblings. *sigh.

Me:Actually, it's bad for the machine.

Lil Kid:Nope.It goes blank , beeps and then starts.

So according to the Lil kid, the reset button is the computer's horn.

"The ability to win an argument is an inbuilt feature in the female species."- Hence Proved.
The format for the win is simple.. it can be summarized as "Whut...everrrrrrrrr...I won"

The machine logged me back on and I was back gaming..
The Lil Girl kid [The gender is no more a suspense] having accomplished her technical thingy on my machine decided to entertain me with her ability to climb on the window.
Whenever I see a kid climbing on windows and doors; it affirms my belief in the theory of reverse Darwinism.

Me:Get down! You may fall.

Lil Girl Kid:I won't.

"Confidence for some woman is just like her parking skills- I won't"
Well!! Hence Proved.


I thought I would 'socialize' with this kid, an interesting specimen you see.

Me:So what do they call you at home?

Lil Girl Kid:Nimmy.

Me:Do you study? [ I meant to ask if she was in some preschool, and where she learned this awesome ability to swing from the window frame to next.]

Lil Girl Kid:Do you?

"Match a question with another question..and duct taped the guy!"
And a guy..questions only the brand of the beer.


Lil Girl Kid: My Swa*** 'chechi' [Translation:Sister] has many of such books.

Me:Which Swa***? [ Yeah!! As if I don't know]

-Here there be silence-

"Female species are under the oath that, they will disregard any query from a male about another of their own species"

She had managed to find fossilized remains of a pen from an X,Y location in my room. I think the pen managed to work cuz..

Lil Girl Kid:Do you have paper?

Me:Nope! I don't think so. [ Read:Can't you see..I am busy here chasing virtual cars!Huh!]

Lil Girl Kid:[ Looking at the clean white bedsheet].Okay!!

Me:Awriiiiiiiggghhtt!!!! I will get you one.
Yes! I paused the game, came out of my room, 'searched' for a few blank pages and gave it to her.

"They know how to get what they want- It's embedded."


In the evening the owner of one X chromosome came to pick her up. They found me reading an old copy of Reader's Digest magazine and she was drawing stick figures in MS Paint on the machine.

Kiddos Mom: Hi.


Kiddos Mom::Hope she was not much of a trouble.I mean..


Actually, she asked me the wrong question.The question should be "Hope she was not much of a threat."

"They really know how to ask the right question to get the answer they expect."

I had long proven the above theory, during those incredible physics periods.

These days, I had taken an immense interest in embedded systems.Hope one day, I can find a glitch in the design.


Four Dinners said...

That is one of the funniest and true posts I've read anywhere in ages!

Chocolate Lover said...

hehe! nice :P

Chanz said...

Gradually and gradually men are getting smarter... They are able to understand women.. But.. But but and a bigger 'butt'... we are still better off than u guys...

supriya said...

i loved the part where your mother shut you with the explanation of the kid's sister...!!! lmao....!!!

Anonymous said...

Stress buster your posts are ...
KEep writing!!!
I will keep visiting your blog again & again!!

Dame Folle said...

I don't know how you managed to control your temper Sorcy. GREAT!!!! Where are your feet?


Its awesome and bomblastic

Sakshi said...

You should maybe write a special book on understanding the theories of women.
You have very indepth knowledge abt them.

Sid said...

Man how did u keep ur cool... i wud hv lost it fr sure :D

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

"fossilized remains of a pen" , "whose chromosome was bouncin around", "carbon form".....wher do ya learn to talk lyk dat???,...havta teach me...

Anonymous said...

terrific terrific!!
really.. write a book :)

Uncommon Sense said...

hilarious as always, and adding all the new scientific terms chromosomes, and carbon life form.. had made things super cool..

keep writing

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Funny! And impressed at your patience!

Shimmer said...

Haahaha, i like ur sense of humor
i would have become a child torturin devil is any kid restarted my pc whle i was working on it.

u sure do have a lot of patience.
many kids come by ur room? :P

Saadi said...

Hahahahaha....i'm ROFL all over, man!!!


Readers Dais said...

Hi! Sorcy,

That was a nice one,uve put some thought to the subject yaar...intelligent and humurous,a great combo... loved it

Megha said...

LOL....a very refreshing post...awesome :)

smitzy said...

This was AWESOME!!!! hahahahaa I read it once and then reread it to get the full impact of it :D gr8 write up!!

Barbie Jones said...

She sure is a brave little girl swinging like that from one window frame to the next,I guess she must not have a hovering mom.Good for her mother.

Chandrika Shubham said...

lol. Enjoyed reading ur post. :)The best line of the article is 'Poor guy!This is what happens when you do bad karma. Carbon forms like this get born as younger siblings. *sigh.'

Best wishes. :)

Sorcerer said...

@chandrika Shubham
Thank you for the comment

thank you

thank you megha..

@readers dias
yeah! did some research..on that.:)

thank you buddy :)

kids..the problem with torture is the high decibel cry..
I would rather count till infinity than even think of torture.

thanks..oh Queen

yeah.trying to keep pace with the technology..
thanks for the comment

@buzzzzzzzzzzzz having a vacation or something?
:) thanks for the visit and the comment

counting till infinity with breathe control.flaring nostrils..

Observation..observation is the key madam!!
thanks for the comment

Oye!! neeyo?
thanks for the comment..
iniyum ivide okke thanne kanum lle?

haha..thanks for the comment..
Control Uday..Control!!!>.

thank you for the comment

Yeah!! she always does that.. She aced in that

I like that bigger buttt..and the part where woman are better off ..
I think i read the whole sentenc wrong..
yeah..yeah.!! I agree..

@chocolate lover
thank you thank you for the comment

thank you Sir, thank you for the inspiring comments like vodka 100% spirit.. 0 % water

sulagna ™ said...

i wonder when this concoction of chromosomes will quit thinking so hard about women..darling..we rule!! period..

we dont make things that hard...or do we ;) ;)

Sorcerer said...

hahahahaha..awesome.awesome comment


chitra said...

Nice post, so she really kept you own your toes.

Sorcerer said...

she sure did!

Pratik Gupta said...

I remember being stuck with 4 of my nephews alone - Kids Kids everywhere, Not a place to hide :)

Sorcerer said...


susie said...


loved the post and the theories.. yeah.. :P

SindhuBhairavi said...

Hey this is really really coool post!! loved every bit of it!! :) that kid is really cute :)

Sorcerer said...

thank you thank you thank you

thank you for the comment

raghav said...

another of ur classics

@ease said...

sorcy man...wht do u eat or drink... this one was jus too good...