Tuesday, March 16, 2010


How to feel like a Total Dumb ass early in the morning. A practical approach.

Morning, a wonderful time that gives you the momentum for the rest of the day. This blog post will teach you how to feel like a dumb ass all day long.

1)Wake up early in the morning.

2)Check mobile for 'missed call','Messages'.

3)Play "Nature park" on the mobile phone.

4)Get totally bored in less than 20 minutes. Explore 'SIM card' options,just out of sheer boredom.

5)Click through all options.

6)Accidentally activate "LAME JOKES " service option given by service provider by sending SMS.

7)Loose 30 INR in an instant.

8)Be surprised at how fast their computers are in deducting amount towards service charges.

9)Call up the customer care and cancel the activated service, and when asked explain to them how you can't stand their lame jokes.Sigh loudly and audibly.

Me:I want to cancel the Joke Service which I just now registered.

Customer Care:Why sir?

Me:I don't want that lame jokes to look dumb.Okay.

Customer care:Okay Sir.

Me:I mean..I didn't mean it that way..I meant..I am not dumb enough to read dumb jokes.

Customer Care:Understood Sir.

[Do they actually record these conversations?*sigh]

10)Stare up at the ceiling. Check the balance on phone again and again.

11)Feel like total dumb ass even before you set foot on earth from bed.

Awesome. No?

Send Good Morning messages too all friends detailing how you lost 30 INR.
Wait for their responses and encouragement to perform such actions through out the day.

Still feel like a total dumb ass and is in need of some enlightenment.

Blog about it and wait for some encouragement.


Genius[On Phone]: Okay baby. It should be color coded.
Genius[On Phone]:It's not?Hmm..Just reach back and guess which hole is which.

Us:*Ahem *ahem...


The upcoming engineers [My cousin's friends and me]; was randomly speaking about good things under the sun. At some point the whole conversation turned towards politics. Then we were cruising down the highways of MohanJe Daro and Harappa and the rich Indian Culture and things.
We were so awesomely proud about ourselves still managing to remember the Social Studies thingies we learned when we were kiddos.

When you put a bunch of intellectuals together, there is always a chance for disagreement when facts are stated.Right? We too had a disagreement over Ashok Sthambh. When you are with engineers, you better boil down your facts to the last of the decimal.

Intellectual 1:Haha ha..to you.

Intellectual 2: I know what is Ashok Sthambh .Okay!!

Intelectual 1:Oh yeah!! Tell us about it.

Intellectual 2:It has 4 lions. 1 lion is seen sitting with mouth cupped with hands, one is seen sitting with eyes cupped and one is seen sitting with its ears cupped.Since the 4th lion is behind we cant actually see what it is doing.

To give the n00bs some information about Ashok Sthambh.Click here

As you must have imagined, we were rolling on the floor and laughing. We were amazed how he managed to confuse the 3 wise monkeys with 4 lions.On top of it he was not really sure what the 4th Lion was doing.

Info on 3 wise monkeys



smitzy said...

yay!! first comment :D

ROFL @ the confusion of ashok sthamb. But sympathies too, it's been a long time since class 6th history classes :P

and yeah, the feeling dumb thing, it gets even better in my case. I had 10 bucks, I knew I had less balance, yet I decided to change my caller tune. After browsing for a LOOOOOONG time, I found the song and activated it. Firstly nothing happened. Secondly, the stupid service provider song got activated in place of my song. Thirdly no balance got cut. I was like YAY!! the next day I recharged for 20 bucks, and my balance isntantly went negative :(

talk abt feeling like the dumbest soul on earth!

Sakshi said...

i have done the phone fuck up, more than once. and at times when my balance is 35 rs, odd. So life is total shit.

Barbie Jones said...

You see,you need a girl-friend to tell your problems to when they crop up and you feel blue like this morning,she would really care and give you encouragement.Now you know why I don't want a boy-friend it's too much work.

I like what the 4th monkey is all about,and I know Marvin at http://
peanutbutterandpickles.blogspot.comwould as well.He writes about people having all kinds of sex with different partners in a week even, and yet they miserable.Sigh!I can just read it again and again what he writes and tears dwell up and I start sobbing he is such a beautiful man,even Hedda Gabler would like him I believe.

Uncommon Sense said...

yeh they record some of the conversations..

supriya said...

lol...cheers to engineers and their mind blowing concepts...lmao....!!

DiDo said...

lollll@ashok stambh...

and heyy did they deactivate those dumb jokes..?? hehe bt thts wot happens to me in the morning.. the firts thing i do is chk my fone for msgs.. and then if i dnt get any.. keep browsing stuff pheww.. addicted i guess

Saadi said...

Lol....pat the dude on the back for his version of Ashok Stambh....at least he managed to make us all laugh like crazy!

Chanz said...

LOL... You know what.. I love to fiddle with my phone in the bed... Amd god knows how many times have I lost my phone balance... Aaarrrgghhh...

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

LMAO>>>>jeez 3 monkeys!!

rohini said...

hahahah.....ashok stumbh....the confusion...and our laughter....

~ Lopa said...

lol, i have done that phone thing a few times.... too bored to do anything else u know...hehehe

and lol at Ashika Stambh :D

chitra said...

Ha ha... good one lion cupping ears, mouth and eyes.

Ghost Script Writer said...

Good One!!!!!!!!!!!!


HARI Nandakumar

D said...

Aren't you glad u have friends like me, who ha ha ha haed at ur DHUMBBness???? u made my day with that text message....

And ur friends are such geniasses Sorcy.... poor Ashok Stambh..
tho if the lions were actually to be doing what ur oh soo Intellectual friend described...it would make a cute pillar..the 4th monkey would be bored doing nothing tho...

bondgal_rulz said...

ROFLing @ the Ashok Stambh explanation!!! hahahahaha

Meenakshi said...

hehehe. :) Ashoka sthamb with the mysterious action of the fourth lion..

Meenakshi said...

and ur tip to feel dumb early in the morning doesn't work, especially we are using Postpaid..in that case, wee become MAJOR dumb at the end of every billing cycle. total.

Barbie Jones said...

I take back what I said about Marvin,it was irresponsible of me to see beauty in him when I do not know him, and especially not his wife.I do not believe I would have the grace to be around the two of them contributed by the hostility in them,but I'm glad they found each other,they belong together.It's not for me to judge them anyway,we all fall short of God's glory,after all.It's quite a task to have me cry twice in a row like he has with his writing.It's hard to believe the two posts were written by the same man.I wonder what happened?And I'd like to ask you,but I do not know if you know: What is the method he uses?It's worth studying.It's quite a craft,a honed skill he has developed,I must admit,and the same goes for you too sorecerare.I wonder if he is better looking than you though, and if you know why exactly Indian givers are called that and if you have natural plant pharmaceutical medicine in India?In Iceland we have moss called Fjallagros.

Rachna said...

I have had similar conversations with the cell phone service provider or even the banking call center. They are so utterly stupid, as you so rightly pointed out.

Barbie Jones said...

I made a mistake,I'm sorry, Fjallagros=Mountain Grass is lichen and it's good for what ails you,it's a home remedy my favorites,you know us moms,we climb up on top on the mountains to collect them,they taste really good.

Sorcerer said...

err...I really didnt understand most of what you said about some Mervin or something.
Anyway..thanks for the visit

thanks for the comment

thank you for the comment

thanks for the comment

yeah..i know..i know..I made you al soo proud..didnt I?

thanks for the comment

yeah..it was tha most amazing things I have heard so far this year..

thanks for the comment

thank you for the comment

thanks for the buzzzzz..


haha..so i think it happens with most of them..how much money will these telcos be making cuz of our boredom..
thanks for the comment

hey Doctor dude!!
thanks for the visit and the comment.

yeah they did..cancel the dumb jokes service.
thanks for the comment

yeah..you should have talked to a few..these upcoming ones..the college makes them really funny these days..
selling education did have some advantage afterall

thanks for the comment

hmm..i can understand the situation.
its what they call the sarcastic joke of telecom companies

haha..thats practical jokes...Did you activate that service by mistake?
thanks for the comment

Nipun said...

Stupid CCEs.
They suck!!

Engineers rock..:)
Kudos dude!!



susie said...

sorcccccccccc :D the post had me LMAO

and why do i have a very strong feeling that u have done something like activating "dumb jokes" ?? :P :P

engineers rawk! :D

Sorcerer said...


I told ya..Iam dealing with a few 'engineers' right now.