Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Nick names are awarded to persons, who show certain unique characteristics from the normal Homo Sapien behavior.Nick names are scientific names given to an individual by the society to uniquely identify that individual from the rest of the group. Nick names are also awarded to teachers and professors out of sheer frustration or amusement of the students, some of these names are passed down from generation to generation.

People with curly hair become 'Noddle Head'. People who always win arguments by stating laws and theorems become EDD[ Normally Called DD!! hmm..Where have I heard that before].

I know of a certain person named "Cuckoo Aneesh."

Your guess is right, his real name is Aneesh. So why is he named after the cuckoo bird. Well the person who gave him the nick name has obvious reasons for it.

Now, if you think that he sings well, Nope, thank God he does not. Actually, when God was handing out talents he was checking out the menu card of Eat at Saint's.

In order to understand how aptly he is named, let us see some fundamental details about cuckoo bird. Cuckoo bird is cunning, it sings beautifully and it lays its eggs in other bird's nest.
As I said, Cuckoo Aneesh, doesn't sing.[*Phew].
Cuckoo Aneesh is very cunning.Nope! He doesn't lay eggs and I don't mean 'cunning' in that sense. He lays his thick college text books in other people's bag. You know how hard it is to carry around 'Comprehensive' information. Cuckoo Aneesh knows that, normally a college goer carries a bag to 'advertise' that he is going to college. Naturally, if you come out of the home without the bag, you got to face the question "Where you going?". The bag is self explanatory.

Everyone who sees you in the morning with the bag, will come the conclusion, "Oh!! So this guy is going to college."
A bag gives you the 'student' status and enables you to claim the 'student concession' in public transport system.

Cuckoo Aneesh also knows that, the college goer never opens the bag, especially the inner 'compartments' of the bag, where he strategically deposits the eggs...I mean his books, So his books are safe like the mummified Egyptian thingies.

So an unsuspecting classmate of his will carry his thick text book everyday. All Cuckoo Aneesh needs to do is claim the textbook without his classmate's knowledge in the morning and deposit it back before his class mate goes home.

So for this unique characteristics of laying books in other people's bag he is given the nick 'Cuckoo' Aneesh.Cool. No?


Chhaya said...

Haha.. clever Aneesh ;)

PS: hvnt seen u around @ my place in a while ... ;)

siji said...

d bag is self-explanatory! hehe!
i let ma unsuspecting classmate carry ma bag 4 me!:)

Uncommon Sense said...

tht reminded of my days..

Aditya said...

lol and that poor classmate actually carried his books? That guy should have a better nick name for himself ;)

Rachna said...

Well, cuckoo Aneesh is really intelligent.

supriya said...

a shorter post ..this time...well done..! and about cuckoo aneesh..all credit goes to the the person who blessed him with this nick name..!!

Sorcerer said...

yeah! short post.
thanks for the comment

thank you

yeah..the classmate has a name and it's called my cousin.

thank you for the comment

should try that..its good no.

kinds busy these days..spending too lil time online..
I will surely visit your blog
thank you for the comment

Megha said...

has cuckoo aneesh read this post ?

you are not posting conversations much these days...why why ?

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Sorcy,
Short and nice, i think ul be able to tink of a series on nicknames,shud i send u some creepy names...ha..u will not need na, u have ur own warehouse right!!

SindhuBhairavi said...

hmm :) nice.. someone had been nicknamed Mougl... i wonder whats the story behind that :)