Tuesday, March 9, 2010


sulagna: hi

me: *Faints
2:11 PM
Where you been ?

sulagna: angry
vr angry
u keep quite u

me: Happy womans day

n00b:No chicks talk to me online.


n00b:Any easy way to get a girl friend?

Sorcerer:Put nail polish on your favorite hand.


Gelf Returned Chick:So, my friends asked me why, I was not driving vehicle over here.


Gelf Returned Chick: Ya know how hard it is to drive on Indian roads.

Sorcerer:hmmm..And you told 'em you prefer to drive those voice controlled locomotives.

Gelf Returned Chick:Well!! errr..

Sorcerer:Camels.... Ya know..those found in the Gelf deserts.

n00b:Which is the most sensitive part of a male?

Sorcerer:Errr..Ears, according to a bachelor, cuz we need to pick the faintest sound signal of someone walking in.

n00b: Is porn download legal?

Genius:Tell me your opinion about Big Bang Theory..

Ra***: So did you wish your mom on Woman's Day?


Ra***:Just make a call and wish her, even though she hasn't achieved much by bringing you up.

Sorcerer:Geee!! Nicee...

Genius:Where you going?

Sorcerer:Your ass just broadcasted at a lower audible frequency, but the message was loud and clear.



M@ria said...

Ha ha ha..the agony uncle :) I love ur sensitive Ears! but v women hav our 6th sense :-D

sulagna ™ said...

kaminey ;P

Chanz said...

Sorcy, your posts leave me speechless.. I mean, seriously man.. Have you got some extraordinary organs or wat (apart from the ears, ofcourse)

Saadi said...

To the dude who asked you about downloading porn.....tell him he just won the award of "Best Noob Ever!!!!"

supriya said...

thankyou for telling the secret of most sensitive part of men...lmao...!!!

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment
haha..the secret is out

yeah..sure.I will tell her next time.

extra ordinary organs. *ahem *ahem
:) thanks for the comment

Seee.notice the irony!!!

thanks for the comment
6th sense...errr..

rohini said...

sensitive part are ears.....thnx for telling....i dout it though...

Sorcerer said...

That is a valid point
thank you for the comment

sulagna ™ said...

and sorci..i know about your sensitive parts they always stand up to any feminine vibe around..

seriously no puns intended here

Sorcerer said...

*shakes the head in disbelief!

scarlet pimpernel said...

kalippu blog
muttu post
kerala road rules adipoli
i always wanted to beat up a k.s.r.t.c. bus driver

The Holy Lama said...

And did you call mom, Sensitive ears?

smitzy said...

hehehe sensitive part is ears?? They should tell that in biology classes in school.. I never knew :P

Anonymous said...

ROFL .... Sorci , beware probably your friends may be conspiring against you

Sakshi said...

Sensitive ears, sorcy, you give perspective, like really.

Chocolate Lover said...

hehehehehehe! LOL

geeta said...

Did you wish your Mom on woman's day.?
Anyways again a fun filled conversation...

SindhuBhairavi said...

:) as always.. am returning with a smile!

Aditya said...

The last one was a killer! Hilarious as usual :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Nailpolish on your fav hand :O
madness.. haha!!

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lower audible frequency.....ROFL!!

Anonymous said...

Red color for nail polish works best. Kidding.

On a general note why is a Mom responsible if the kid is not well brought up? To an extent I would put it 10% Mom, but 90% Kid since at the end of the day the kid makes the choice to listen or not to listen. A lot of teenagers rebel, and act stupid.

I do wonder how the little kids of today will turn out 20 years later I can't even begin to imagine.


Barbie Jones said...

Socrer is totally Extra Ordinary I'll have you know,he sure ain't no Johnny come lately run of the mill average Joe.


Gud post...

Sorcerer said...

thank you

thanks for the comment

yeah..those silent killer types

yeah! true no?


thank you for the comment :)

thanks for the comment

@chocolate lover
thank you for the comment

haha..yeah I do

yeah..they do..but..so far managed to dodge it
thanks for the comment buddy

actually, technology wasnt much advanced then..

thanks for the comment

chitra said...

I am a bit late.
Did you wish your mom for bringing up such a WONDERFUL son.

Sorcerer said...

hahahaha..yeah.she knows that without saying..
she would give me those looks..whenever the topics on that

Funny no?

susie said...

the last one was a killer and the nailpolish one too :P

Sorcerer said...

errr..you want me to get killed?

swapnanjali said...

that nail polish one is good one :)

Sorcerer said...

thank you for the comment