Friday, April 9, 2010


Alien: (stairs at the window blankly ....sigh)

me: how romantic


: haha

me: you gonna implement *let me say a silent prayer

Alien: plz ask for peace for me :)

me:Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
be warned that, Alien is going for implementation.
11:12 AM

: :)i feel i have no brains
12:22 PM

me: every girl has brains
and human have brain so..don't worry


: i work or write more on d mental level and yes it is worth the punch.

me: That's with me too its more on the 'mental' level but on medical terms.

Wiseguy_Gf:You guys are so disgusting.Cars, Bikes, IPL. blah blah blah blah

Wiseguy:Please don't praise us so much.You will ruin us.

n00b:blah blah..blah

Sorcerer:Is the light near the 'stupid lock' lit up on your keyboard?

n00b:What is a checksum Error?

Sorcerer:36 36 36 or anything along that line

Wise guy:I know why it is called Global Village

Sorcerer:Cuz..all the village idiots are online?



sulagna ™ said...

wise guys girlfriend hangs out with you guys?? and i pity the poor girl

Sorcerer said...

so you dont pity the wiseguy who takes TT injection for nail wounds[wounds cause by nail].

rohini said...

nice post....
U have been tagged...

Sam said...

I like the idea of global village. lol

Readers Dais said...

good ones ..

Megha said...

haha...The word alien reminds me of just 1 thing, movie - Aien v/s predators...that was the ugliest movie I have ever seen. But you Alien'atic conversation are just opposite, cool :)

Rishi said...

still funny as hell.. gr8 post

Sankoobaba said...

ha ha ha
funny and damn good!

Vintage Obsession said...

for some reason i like the time stamping :) nice!!:)

Rashmi said...

Why do i have a feeling that i know this alien???
Ahem ahem...

Sorcerer said...

hahahaha..Aha?So you know?

@vintage obsession
thanks for the visit and the comment

thank you for the comment
thanks buddy

yeah..this alien is mellowed down one

@Reader dias
thak you for the comment

thank you for the comment

thank you for the tag and the comment

NesQuarX said...

Gahahaha! Humorous as always! Good one Sorc.

supriya said...

good one sorcy...esp the checksum! and sorry for being an irregualar follower these days!

Barbie Jones said...

Mental level.I guess that means JABbing at ones opponent before delivering the "sucker" punch?May I be excluded from being the punching bag please and getting the JABs.

Sorcerer said...

@barbie Jones
Long see..
Thank you for the comment.

thank you for the comment

thanks for the comment