Thursday, November 5, 2009


Some Conversations to begin the month with.

Sorcerer:Hey!! I made a new mathematical equation.

Supriya: cool.

Sorcerer: Its complicated. You can apply that equation to a person's mobile number and find out, how long that person will live on this planet.

Supriya: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice try!!

Sorcerer: Ouch!!! This will go down in the history books as Sorcerer's Equation#834983443Ab


E&EBozo is an Electrical&Electronics guy!

E&EBozo: Hey!! Help me with something.

Geniass:Ohkay!! Tell me what ya want? Am I surprised?

E&EBozo:There is this Chick in my class, I am planning to hit on, Need a cheesy line for text message.

Geniass:(*closes eyes ,in contemplation.) Tell me about her.

E&EBozo: She is cute. She is voluptous.She is genius.

Geniass: Hmm....Genius according to you, right?

E&EBozo:Are you gonna help me or not?

Geniass:Text her "For your headlights, I am the Thomas Edison of love. Come into my life and take away the darkness."

E&EBozo: :|

never disappoints me.

Sorcerer: Hey fellas.. whats you talkin about?

Win:aah. we were talkin about cancer and things and now its just the boobs. That is more interesting.

Sorcerer:(.)(.) s.Hmm..?.

Win:I want those bigger.

Sorcerer: [big](.)(.)[/big].. There you go!!




санжог said...

HA HA HA HA HA it like --->(_&_) constipated arse (_?_) confused arse. (_!_) tight arse.

these are not mine some genius already invented them.

Sorcerer said...

thanks for ze comment

Asit Dhal said...

"For your headlights, I am the Thomas Edison of love. Come into my life and take away the darkness"

try my version out...

For your headlights, I am the electrician of brightness and focus.
Let me get into ur life and maintain it forever.

Tulika Verma said...


TJ Lubrano said...

Hahaha funny! He had to mark the tape!!

Cool post! Thanks so much for stopping by on my blog ^_^!


intrepidideas said...

Funny stuff here... Thanks for playing the word game. I liked your word.

Anonymous said...

Th numbers are confusing, the boobs are self explanatory.

Saurabh Panshikar said...

thomas edison of luuuuuuvvvvv!!!!



Mikes Sumondong said...

you made me laugh today!

Thanks a lot!

Saadi said...

Lordddd....everything comes down to boobs with u guys!! Reminds me of my clg gang...too bad we hav a high population of females in our clg...we hav to maintain ourselves at all times! :p

Sorcerer said...

@Asit Dhal
Tulika Verma
TJ Lubrano
Saurabh Panshikar
Mikes Sumondong

thanks for the comments comrades :)