Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Guy1: wow! doood..look at that bus.I just feel like touching it.
*moves near the computer screen.

Sorcerer: Okay! did you hear the news that somebody like you was arrested for having sex with
a car or mailbox or something like that.



Sorcerer: Do you know that inverse of boob is poop?


Sorcerer: I may be bad with numbers, but I my friend is good with alphabets. b inverse is p.

Victim: does not work with capital letters.

Sorcerer: Go back to your stupid news paper.


Sorcerer: Hey!! What you think of this idea of levitation using human exhaust.

Mr Poo:Yeah, the idea of rocket humans using own biogas I had in mind too. But I have to disapoint you, this guy Chris Angel is using some tricks, its not real. I have seen a documentary about using fart as propellant ( I think the show is called Jackass and the scientist Steve O).The result was just burning Ass hair. No levitation.

Sorcerer: If this is possible..Game Over Airline Companies.. Muaahahahahaha!!


Darr***: I am a small talker.

Sent at 3:13 PM on Tuesday

Sorcerer: So you talk with font size 2?


Microphobia: Your fear, Her Frustration." - Sorcerer



Saadi said...


Awesome way to start the day....loved all the bits!!!

Especially the Inverse one...damn, it was sooo hard picking a favorite!!

Sorcerer said...

thanks buddy for the comment :)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Microphobia! LOL

I was like working my ass off at my office and this was a pleasant change!

Anonymous said...

Lol I always love your conversation related posts next to those invented quotes!

санжог said...

Sorcy man, where the hell do you get all this stuff man Aweshome, I am absolutely 110% think this post is AWESHOME DUDE

Sorcerer said...

:) blog post tastes good with coffee..try it..

:)conversations..i love em.
thanks for the comment

hey zitzyf... spasibo for the comment!

CRD said...

boy...u sure do know how NOT to keep webchats private :P


Sorcerer said...

haha.. i ask permizon before posting scripts.

its fun

Mr.Poo said...

Yes, that true, he asked for permizon, dispozon, compozon and condizon.