Friday, November 27, 2009


Social networking, the new buzz word over the connected world. This service provided by many .coms are used to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships.
That's enough intro technically.
I don't use many social networking sites. Only place I am active is over Orkut which is owned and operated by Google.
This is where we pwn noobs in communities.

Social networking site allow us to create a profile where we can yap about anything in the 'About Me:' section. This is where we advertise ourselves shamelessly to the world. Some dumbness or awesomeness [ stupidity lies in the eyes of beholder].

Ps: Some of these profiles are found by my inmates in TeaCeeEsh!


About Me: Hi ! I m totally moody & foody .I live to eat.I njoy my life to the fullest . i love making freinds . open at ur own risk

and you ask..
"Open" What?
No thank you , I want to avoid communicative diseases.



Downloading Data from ORKUT SERVER.
Please wait........


Error...........The Name Entered Not Found In Human Data Base..
Suggested Search : Try "dude" in The Search Space For Better Result.....

This guy doesn't know that

To give you an idea refer the image below

You still don't believe me right? read it


3) This image is the contribution of 'ScarFace'. Thank you 'Scar Face'. [ Hope your scars get better]

1) "I am a kid, so Just don't argue!! Let the small kid win!!!

Shameless!! He is f[beepin] 17!! calls himself a small kid!! you should be illegally having beer by now.

2).at the end.. just the cute little next door kid!!Secret(If you want to know what cute really my dad's bf)

Cute lil KID!!! next door KID!!!..
Meeting your Dad's
BF to know about your meaning of CUTE!.. EEYAA EEEYA NOOO!!!
Now we can guess about the Cute lil Kid Next door!

No!! Thank you! I have my own definition for cute.

3)Ps:Girls dont show my pic to your mom, She might have a crush on me.

Let's rephrase it.
: Girls don't show my pic to your mom, she might crush me.
There ..that way it makes sense.



Brilliance. That's all I can say, sheer unadulterated brilliance.Genius!!


There's a lot out there with ascii and stuffs in it. well!! I will post more of it as it comes. World is a beeeg space, so like some people's craniums.



Uncommon Sense said...

nice timepass post

Rashmi said...

Haha, good research and very aptly put after thoughts ;)

Saadi said...

I wish tht 17 yr old would read this, he'd hav a fit!! :P

санжог said...

the kids want's others to meet his father's BF, so it is a fucked up family, like in those french movies.

"Meet my father's BF Hungwell Salami, he is great in bed, that's what my father says"


Saurabh Panshikar said...

LOL at above comment!

The post is simply awesome... Orkut is a breeding place for idiots like these... Even I had written a post on the strange names people put on Orkut.

Maybe you could write one about the stupid fraandsheep requests and pick up lines that galz get.....

I'm seriously planning to create a female profile!

Written said...

About me: I put my head in the shirt hole first everytime I'm planning to look civilized.


Reader: Sometimes I confuse the 4 holes and eliminate the problem by wrapping the damn thing around me.

Tehee :p

Great post man, I totally dug it.

Ashley said...

OMG!!! This post was seriously ROFL! :D

Your comebacks were too good.

And now I can call all the guys I dislike "dude" and smirk happily! Thanks! A ton. ;)

Anonymous said...

But what is written in your about me space in orkut ??

JUst curious :~D :~P
VEry curious R.G :)

Bedazzled said...

lol.. such profiles are such fun !! full entertainment value.. u must se some with profiles as long as some people's SOPs...

Sammok said...

sure, thanks for the put my pants on one leg at a time bit.

and you can put them on both legs at a time, no?