Monday, November 23, 2009


You know those bad days, when there is nothing good on telivision. Ofcourse there are movies, but funny fact is that you could even remember the movie dialogues.


The next entertainment is internet, the thing with limited bandwidth and unlimited entertainment. But since my buddy is busy torrenting some awesome movies, I am not allowed anywhere near it, a 10 feet square area in approximate terms.


Why am I at this place?

Two simple reasons.
My buddy Sri, has his own theory on armegeddon and has kept packets and packets of potatoe chips and gallons and gallons of sprite.His home is an awesome place to chomp on potatoe chips and glug on sprite.

second reason is very simple, weekend is the only time when we people can get together.

"When you do good things in life, God gives you someone to bug when you are bored."- Sorcerer

Enter Raghu


Raghu:So Hows my new look?

Me & Sri: *Yawn

Raghu: I shaved off my beard and I kinda look.....


Me:Hey!! your chin ass is now exposed.[ Ref: Pic Below]

<--[This is Pic Below]

Raghu: WHAT?

Me: Chin ass or ass chin.I dont know how its called, but there is an ass on your face now and its showing.

Raghu: It is not chin ass. It is technically not called that way.It is called double chin.

Sri:NO!! Double chin is one behind the other.

Me:You mean a Gay chin?

Raghu:Its not double chin then.It is called something else.

Me: Lets google it up

Sri: You are not going anywhere near the computer SORCY!!

Me:Alright! You people want to live in ignorance, then let it be.

Raghu: My girl friend said its kinda cute .

Me: Now she has a reason when she calls you an "You ASS", cuz its on your face. One thing I liked about her is honesty.

Sri: May be its not chin ass, May be its chin valley

Me:Or Chin clevege. But..My friends I would go with the 'Chin Ass' word cuz that word suits it more.




Gregory said...

lol its good to start the day with a laff

Sorcerer said...

thanks for comment dude :)

Daisy said...

Oh my! HA HA HA! This really gave me a good laugh! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Saadi said...

Hahahaha...i SO own this!!! One of my friend has a 'ass-chin' as well...n we make soo mch fun of it!!

Once he made a mistake of saying 'it runs in the family' and we jst looked at eachother wondering who's gonna say it?


Btw, wat movies r u dling?

Sorcerer said...

nice one...that was

thankyou for the comment!

Anonymous said...

You guys are murder on each other.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA this one is really so funny!
Wonder what Raghu must be going through :)

And I like your quote, when you do good things,god dives you some one to bug.

IS it that When we do bad things,God gives us people who bug?

Keep writing...Keep me happy and laughing!
Archana...(Sorcy whats your NAME?)

carissajaded said...

So.. whats the verdict? Did ya google it? I think I'm going to.. I've always just called it a chin butt...

Love the site! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

this is one kick-chin-ass post! enjoyed it.

How bout gifting him a G-String for his birthday?

mantiz said...

dude.... this made my day! :D

санжог said...

Look who's talking, people here's a NEWS FLASH let me tell you, Sorcerer the great, the one and only too has a "Chin ass", I call it "Ball Chinian", I too am one of them.

so here is the correction: We are the guys with 2 sets of balls, Ball Chinian.

Please watch MIB-2 for further reference.
And yeah, My comment is stupid, i am just following what sorcerer said "When you do good things in life, God gives you someone to bug when you are bored."- Sorcerer.

All HAIL SORCERER, "Chin arse"

Sorcerer said...

Ball chinian? okay..thats cool and yeah I know you have my photo thingy..if you look close its...not a ball chin thingy.its DIMPLE.. not really a ball..may be a ball with hald the air let out..

thanks dude for the comment..long seee..

ya know are the one who gives me awesome ideas..that..could be the next!

thank ya mate for ze comment

Yeah..I know..
its murder..but also called buggin


Nice to know that you liked it..:)

DD said...

Oye!! don't pass off ur own chin-ass for a chin-dimple.. You TOLD me u had a chin ass!!!!
tin tin tin
*points n laughs*

Megha said...

Raghu's gf found it cute ;) I can guess why...

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

lol lol....>>>ROFL!!!
chin cleavage!!!!

Chatterbox said...

That must have been great fun with loads of Potato chips and Sprite to relish.

Thanks for a hilarious read :)

Keep writing!


Sorcerer said...

let me tell ya..
chin Dimple and chin ass are totally different.

thats what he says..but we found it well funny!!


yeah chin cleavege..still dont know the technical term..some one told me cleft or something..but chin ass is easy to pronounce.

thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

Chin Ass it is... Let there be a new dictionary entry. No good phrase shall remain unpublished!

Anonymous said...

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